Pairing: Spike/Xander mainly... sorta... kinda... Hard to explain just read lol. Also a lot of side pairings. Too many to list right now and honestly not all of them set in stone.

Rating: M to be safe

Warnings: Language, Blood and gore, M/m sexual activity,

Summery: Master thief, con-artist and murderer Spike gets into a high stakes game of Cat and Mouse with young rising star FBI agent Alexander Harris. But when Spike sets his sights on stealing Xander it gets hard to tell who's the Cat and who's the Mouse. (Human A/U)

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That was the only word for what Spike was feeling as he looked at the boy standing not too far away nervously looking up at the towering building before him like a little boy on his first day of school.

Pure electricity coursing through his veins, throughout his entire body.

Just from looking at the boy from behind.

Now arousal he would expect. The boy was more than a bit of all right. Dark shaggy brown hair, broad shoulders and Spike was willing to bet that under that baggy suit he had an impressive body. Yes arousal he expected.

Spike tore his eyes away to look around. You would think if a wanted criminal stood outside the bleedin FBI headquarters said criminal wouldn't have to wait fifteen bloody minutes! It wasn't as if he didn't stand out like a fucking sore thumb in this crowd of suits. Spike rolled his eyes; you would think that standing in a crowd of supposed brilliant crime fighters would entertain Spike a bit. But no he was twiddling his bloody thumbs! What use was taunting the buggers with the fact that they'll never be able to convict ya if they can't even catch ya in the first place? If this was the best law enforcement had to offer it was no wonder he'd been causing mayhem solo for two years now.

At least he had something to look at while he waited. He looked back up to see brown eyes looking at him with shock.


If he had thought looking at the boy from behind sent shocks through him that was nothing. The boy was young, fresh from his bloody training probably, an innocent look to him and those eyes... good god those eyes.

The boy turned away from him and tapped an older agent on the shoulder "Excuse me?"

Mmmm the boy had a nice voice, the kind of voice that made Spike wonder what it would sound like screaming his name. Whether in pain or pleasure he couldn't decide just yet.

The older man turned "Yes?"

"Uh... Isn't that William Pratt?"

Both heads turned to look at him and Spike just waved and smirked. Well well well so out of all the agents it was the boy who spotted him. Impressive.

The older agent groaned "Not this again." he sighed "I'll go alert Finn. Hopefully this time we can put that bastard away." he started walking away gesturing at two guards who nodded. He turned back to the boy "Oh and kid." the boy turned "Good eyes"

The boy smiled brightly at the compliment and Spike felt another jolt of electricity. Scream in pleasure, he decided. Definitely pleasure.

The boy had turned back now and was looking at Spike intensely as the two guards came and cuffed him "Oi!" he yelled but never taking his eyes off the boy "Watch the hands ya brutes." His response was a tightening of the cuffs and a shove to the back "Oh yes that's civilized that." he mumbled.

"Xander!" Two female voices yelled and the boy broke eye contact. Spike saw two women running up a Redhead and a brunet who looked more like a fashion model than a FBI agent.

"Where the hell have you been?" Fashion model said.

"Sorry Cordy I uh..." the boy- No Xander glanced at Spike "Got distracted"

"We were worried" The red head said

"Wills calm down. What's going to happen to me outside of the FBI headquarters?" Xander asked a goofy grin on his face.

Spike passed by just then "Oh yes nothin' dangerous out here pet." the red head gapped at him as he went through the door.

"Is that-"

But Spike heard no more as the door shut. He hopped this trail was one of the quicker ones because he had things to do. Like find out about a certain dark haired browned eyed boy and why even now he still felt the aftershocks of electricty meeting his eyes had given him.

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