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Pairing: Kadaj/Yuffie.
Warning: AU. Very Fluffy and innocent. Not much else, but you might need to be completely mad to understand it. :)
Summary: The Cetra forced her to take the enemy under her wing and to help him, at least, that's what she would tell anyone who found out.

..::Three of Three::..

..::Innocence of a Child::..

Yuffie smiled as she pushed the doors to the church open, waving over her shoulder to thank Cloud for the ride. Of course, she had told him that she was here to take care of Aerith's flowers, but in reality, she had moved Kadaj to this location once he regained a bit of his strength. She would have walked here but she didn't want Kadaj to be waiting on her, she was late by half an hour, and Cloud was going by the church so it all worked out. He had been a bit hesitate to take her there, claiming that she was up to no good, but Tifa had given him a look that clearly read that if he didn't, she would probably cut him off from the nightly activities that Yuffie could hear them having, and he changed his mind about the situation.

She stepped inside the church and closed the door behind her, glancing around for the silver haired teen. Expecting him to be investigating the flowers, like he had been for the past few days, she was surprised to see him sitting on one of the wooden pews. She sneakily approached the green eyed young man, observing his behaviors which astonished her more then seeing him anywhere other then next to the bright colored blossoms. The man's hands were folded in front of him and resting on his lap, his head was lowered and eyes seemed to be closed — oddly enough it appeared that he was praying or something. Yuffie blinked a few times while slipping a hand on her hip; "Kadaj?"

"Huh," he glanced over his shoulder at her, "Oh, Yuffie."

"Yup," she grinned while bouncing to the spot next to him, sitting. Her coffee colored eyes scanned over his ashen expression, realizing how young he looked in the middle of this. She had thought it before, when he was fighting Cloud, that he looked too young for battle. It had probably been the same thing that many thought about her, maybe that was why she was beginning to feel this odd closeness to him. "Brought you some stuff, big guy!"

"Really," he blinked as he tilted his head, watching her fling her bag in front of her and begin to dig through it. "Did you bring me more chocolates?"

"Tifa said that having chocolate everyday is bad for you, so I figured that I wouldn't poison you… yet!" She gave a sly smile as she tugged out a change of clothes for the boy in his late teens, tossing them to him before turning back to her bag and pulling out two lunch boxes. "Just clothes and food, big guy! Hope you like the lunch I brought, Tifa made it like normal after I begged and pleaded."

The boy took both and scanned over the box, "What did she make this time?"

"Remember what I made the first time," she pauses as he nods in agreement. "Well its that!"

He smiled oddly, "Good!"

"Mhm," she returned the smile as they both opened the boxes and began to feast of the food inside. She watched him out of the corner of her eye, slowing down her eating as she realized how his body no longer trembled from weakness. She noticed how his movements were fluid, much like they had been when he fought Cloud, and how the color had long since returned to his face. She mentally cursed herself from not noticing this sooner, biting her lip at the thought of what to do now—he was better, he would get bored soon being here and at some point she had to return back to Wutai. Still the young ninja did not want to consider any of those things just yet, she still wanted to have to take care of him; even if she didn't want to admit it. "Kadaj, what did you do today?"

"This lady came into the church today, to talk to me," he answered as he shoved a riceball into his mouth, chewing it up quickly. Yuffie noted how unconsidered he seemed by the thought that someone other then her had visited him, just innocently munch away at the food that she had brought him. It frightened her. "The lady from the life stream."

"What lady from the life stream," she questioned quickly, studying him carefully.

"The one who told me that she would give me to someone, who could stop the pain," He answered while poking at a rice ball, almost like he was embarrassed to admit that he had been in any sort of agony. "The one in the pink."

She whispered in shock, "Aerith…"

"Yeah," he nodded instantly at the sound of the name. "That's her, Yuffie."

Yuffie felt her heart racing, "What'd she want?"

"She helped me understand," he answered with slight uncertainty.

The ninja blinked; "Huh?"

Oddly enough, the young silver does not answer the ninja, he only places his meal box next to him on the pew. He turned his body slightly and leaned forward, towards the young ninja that had been caring for him, a gentle look in his childish—but deadly—green eyes. The ninja stiffened slightly while everything processes within her brain, realizing that more and more it appeared that Kadaj was going to kiss her. Just the thought causes her cheeks to heat up, though the heat rises as she notices how close his lips are to hers. He whispers, "She helped me understand why I continue this act… she assisted me in understanding all these thoughts that I seem to have developed, little ninja."

"Wh-what," she swallows hard in embarrassment. "Wh-what ar-are you ta-talking ab-about?"

"Don't laugh stupid," he responses before doing the unthinkable. His lips press against hers, she could feel the warmth and demanding nature of the remnant, his arms snaking around her waist and pulling her close to deepen the lip lock. Her eyes gently close, she leans forward and returns the kiss to the young male. It might not have been everything that Yuffie always thought her first kiss would be but it was sweet and gentle, although held a demanding and sensational spirit to it. His touch was very simple, the way his fingers massaged at her back to keep her in place, it was passionate and wise for a young being, yet there was still an uncertainty to what he was doing. It was obviously something new to them both, yet both were too stubborn to admit it.

The bliss that Kadaj started was also ended by the silver, much to Yuffie's dismay, as he pulled away from the young ninja and caught her gaze. Both were breathing a bit heavily, neither obviously used to being cut off from oxygen for any long length of time, especially by another person in such a manner. Still the silver kept his gaze locked with hers, his ashen lips twitching upward into an almost curious yet chilling smirk. "Kisaragi…?"

"Kadaj," she bit her lip—looking about thirteen.

"You didn't like it," he questioned quietly, his smirk fading from his ashen expression. "You would prefer it to be that red eyed man, no?"

"No," she disagreed; Vincent had been the last person on her mind during that, truth be told. "That's not it!"

His smirk returned to him instantly, "So you love me too?"

"What," Yuffie's jaw dropped as her face heated up. "I-I-I-!"

"I will take that as a yes," he announced proudly. He didn't seem bothered by the fact that Yuffie sat there, mouth gapped open and eyes widened to the size that made her possibly look like a cartoon. "You are now mine and no one else is allowed to have you. You will never leave me alone, Yuffie Kisaragi."

"Why I—" The little ninja stopped her rant once she realized that she wasn't angry, her expression softened and eyes drifted to the side. "I would never leave you, Kadaj, no matter what."

Standing in the doorway of the church, bright lights behind them, were the figures of two beings that were watching the scene play out. Aerith standing in front of the door with a bright smile on her face, Zack is nearby and leaning against the doorframe with one of his famous smirks on his face. Yuffie senses them as she feels Kadaj pull her into an embrace, his head resting against her shoulder, and turns her gaze over to the two. She watches as Aerith places a finger to her lips and gives a small wink, then turns and walks through the door; probably exiting to the Life Stream. Zack, on the other hand, pushes off the wooden frame and grins childishly. He speaks quietly, doubtlessly for the first time in his life, "The innocence of a child."

Just as he gives a wink to the two, Kadaj oblivious to his presence, Aerith's small hand reaches through the doorway. Grabbing the back of his uniform, the young cetra pulls her lover through the open doors and into the light, despite his protests. Yuffie smiles at the sight and resists the urge to shake her head, only to rest it against the silver head on her shoulder. She moves her arms around the comforting form that has her locked in a protective embrace; everything is too blissful to break with questions and concerns of how this was going to work out. Besides, Yuffie liked to live in the present—and she had a feeling that was how things were going to work out from now on.

Author's Note: The last part and it's not that wonderful. However, we finally get to see a moment of pure embarrassment for Kadaj and Yuffie, well Yuffie anyway. I gave Kadaj a bit more of the personality we love from him; his demanding and childish nature that is. Once again, I still don't think I can write Zack. *insert embarrassed laugh here* No matter what everyone said, Zack is such a pain to write. I might make another KadajxYuffie one shot or something. Not entirely sure. (: Hope it was enjoyable!