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It seemed to be only this place in the Milky Way that creatures were born not of organic flesh, but metal. Most said it was the composites on which the planets were made of. A rare element they called Energon. Things could be processed into Energon, but the element itself was plentiful here. The planets themselves were few and far between, some of the closest being as far as hundreds of what humans call 'light years' away.

His existence before Cybertron was quite remarkable and one would have to wonder how he managed to live through it. He wasn't just a slave at some point in his life; he was born into slavery. For his world, known as Ky'ron, was much different than Cybertron, and slavery was much accepted and widely used. Whereas on Cybertron; it was considered immoral and frowned upon. The technology was just as great, but the two different worlds, were certainly that. Different.

His race was multi-changers. A few had as high as eight different modes, while most had 3 to 6. The higher the number a mech could change into, the lesser chance of it occurring. Therefore, the teal mech was already born with an uncommon ability.

As multi-changers grow, they grow into their new forms. Being only born with one, they were almost always some form of bi-pedal mode. Usually they did not choose their modes, however if something fascinated them enough, the mode would most often be that which rapt their attention.

He was born at a femme camp that was deep in the wilderness. Each breeding owner had their own stock of femmes for breeding and birthing. The Sparklings were born here, and when all of their modes were indentified, they were kept either for breeding, or whatever the owner chose to do with them, or they were sold.

This particular owner was trying for higher alternative modes, so he would find the best he could and breed his femmes for this purpose only. He also tried for some of the finest looking mechs and femmes, and optic color. He never inbred, and when he sold his stock, he made sure they went to decent owners. Like most owners, he cared about his stock and where it went.

He was actually present at the six-changer's birth. He'd come to care for his femmes and check on them when one of them showed signs of spark-birth, he stayed to see the creation come into the world. When the owner gazed upon the newborn, he saw a very beautiful Sparkling and was even happier to find it was a male. "We may keep him no matter his modes, would you like that?" the owner asked gently, pleased.

"Yes! Thank you, Sire!" the femme's copper-colored optics lit up with pride and she smiled gratefully.

"He is very pretty and his optics are blue, which also goes well with his color. I think he would make a fine stud someday."

"Yes, he would," The femme replied. She would be proud to have a Sparkling that would be used so greatly in the future.

"What will you call him?"


The mech's bright future was quickly shot down, when he came of age. He got an attitude about him. One that was frowned upon. He disobeyed at times, and was sometimes punished for his actions. His owner never severely hurt him, but he had isolated him until he began talking to himself.

His femme creator was unhappy with his attitude as well, and he seemed to be bothered by it, but he did nothing to curb it. When it came to when he was to be bred, he became aggressive with the femmes and after a few days, had even killed one of them. It was an accident, of course, but his aggressive nature was undesirable. Plus, in his time with the femmes, he hadn't produced anything. The owner was upset to find that such a fine mech was unable to breed.

After talking to some different owners, Quickswitch was sold. His owner was sad to let him go, but the one he sold him to swore he would make some use of him. This new owner would use him around his own land. He already knew Quickswitch couldn't reproduce, so he was useless to any breeders, but he was still strong and would make a good worker.

However, Quickswitch was quickly deemed uncontrollable. He did not listen to his orders as he should, and he often talked back at his new owner. When the owner spoke to his previous owner about his behavior, it was decided that he would be sold. This owner, however, really didn't mind who his slaves went to, so it was no surprise that Quickswitch ended up with a not-so-good owner.

Quickswitch's next owner was the owner of the largest gladiatorial dealer on the market. He trained gladiators that he sometimes resold to bigger businesses and military if the mech proved himself in fights. These fights were entertainment for the owners, and some profited in bets.

Sometimes he bought mechs to ensure his prized fighters would win, and when he selected Quickswitch, he was actually going for a possible trainer. He would use this mech to train his better ones. After reading his profile, he already knew this mech would also be difficult. With a grin, the new owner knew that would soon change, and perhaps he could resell him for a profit later on – if he lived.

Quickswitch hadn't known what it was like to have one of the owners that were less decent, but he quickly found out. He was beaten when he did not listen and tortured beyond what his imagination could put him through. Because of this, Quickswitch became uncaring and his training soon turned into vicious fights, some of which he had killed the mech he was sparring with. At first this was overlooked, because this mech had no skills to actually take down one of their fighters. However, the more he learned about fighting, the more powerful he became and he began slurring in skills, even though he could pull them off precisely.

When Quickswitch was soon a name used when winning, other militaries had gotten wind of such a mech and they could certainly use him. When offered the right price, Quickswitch was sold again, this time, the life he had before would be considered pretty bearable to what these owners had in mind.

"What is your name, youngling?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Because if you don't I will make you wish you did the first time I asked,"

It took him a moment to respond, as if he were actually going to challenge the thought, but then replied, "Quickswitch,"

When they first got their hands on Quickswitch, he was laid out on a table while they modified him. They lowered the response of his pain receptors and then took him into a room where he was wired and then those pain receptors were set off until he stopped screaming – which sometimes took days. This was the sign that he'd gotten used to it or found a way around it. They believed if he could not feel pain, he would not slow down.

His processors were then messed with. He was hooked up to another machine that had nodes all over his head and down his spine. With this, it would ensure that his firewalls could not be broken by any conventional means. They believed that if others couldn't get into his mind, they could not torture him for information.

They then placed him in a room and then used special guns on him to inject him with different things. Sometimes they were similar to Heroin and other strong, addictive drugs on Earth and some were compared to downers and other drugs. When they used the addictive drugs, they let him suffer through withdrawals until he did not withdrawal from them at all. They believed that if drugs were ineffective, he could not be used in this way, nor would he ever get lost in this way.

They then put him in another room, where they starved him. They watched him while he began dying and would then feed him. They did this to him until he could go mass amounts of time on little sustenance. While in what they called 'starvation mode', his skills were less effective and he wasn't as strong, but he could still do serious damage. They found this out when they came back to a practically destroyed room. They believed that a soldier that was in an Energonless place could survive that much longer and do their assignment.

When he passed his tests, he was then implanted with weapons. And not just a few weapons. By the time he was done counting, he had over 20, which he hadn't even known could be possible. They'd installed them all on him in different places and in different modes, made sure that the weapons could be put away when not in use and that they would not impede him in any way.

Afterwards, he had received his armor. This armor was a strong alloy that was used only for operations that they would place him in. It wasn't indestructible by any means, but it took a beating before it needed fixed or replaced. He was also given a retractable Heads up display visor and a facemask which, when in place, could not even be pried open if he didn't want it.

He was then sent on missions. The more missions they sent him on, the less he obeyed and the more pissed off he became. He was forced to wear a collar that would cripple him and bring him down if they needed to stop him. That is, until that too failed. For they had trained Quickswitch perhaps a little too well. On the other hand, maybe it was the training from his gladiatorial days.

All of the grueling torture took its toll on him. It had been many, many revolutions that Quickswitch had suffered. He became such a problem that they had to keep him isolated in a room that he could not escape for their own safety. Deciding he wouldn't listen to his commands, they had no choice but to erase him, or what they thought was erasure. Unfortunately, they could not shake the disobedient streak from him, and thus he had to go. They would leave him on some planet that they wouldn't know him and he would hopefully die. They made sure he did not know his name and they believed by his answers that he would be a toaster, but unbeknownst to them, Quickswitch kept all of his training and his modes.

Before they put him into the portal, they blinded him, injected him with a deadly serum and sent him through with no clear destination, forever losing him into the galaxy itself.

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