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The alien six-changer was free to roam all of Cybertron as a Cybertronian. Even then, he was seldom seen, and those who had heard about him being around knew he brought ill tidings when he showed up. He made his way the best way he knew how: To remain anonymous… and since he had no name besides what they called him at Novacron, it was really easy. There were ways to get in touch with him, yet when tracked, led nowhere. He did jobs for some, never truly revealing himself to those he did work for.

One thing was always true about the stories about him. He had blue optics, which confused all of them it seemed. Everything else could have been fabricated. At times when he wandered, he heard others talking about him. Half of them he had to laugh at just because they were so slagging ridiculous and some of them he was downright pissed about. Seems he even appeared in places he knew he hadn't been. The six-changer often wondered why he'd missed out on whatever went down if he was the star.

Lugnut was his latest kill. He knew he was going after someone important, an officer, but he did not care about his targets so long as he was paid – and this job was paying very well. Little had he known that killing Lugnut would lead to his third and final birth.

…The Decepticon known as Sixshot.

The teal and white mech was well aware that something wasn't right when he woke up. His processors hurt and he was not in the street where he knew he'd been jumped. His optics came into focus on his HUD, which was warning him that his weapons were disabled. He looked around, finding himself in a room – more notably, a cell, and for a moment, he wondered how long he was here. Okay, so maybe he wasn't as impenetrable as he first thought… Assuming Shockwave was behind this, he was going to let the fucker live… until now.

Rolling to the side, a distinct feeling hit his processor. He'd been drugged. Of course, he didn't think it was that bad, though. He happened to look up, seeing a blue and white mech glaring at him through the energy bars that held him. Quickswitch growled darkly upon seeing Shockwave standing beside the blue and white mech also looking down at him.

The six-changer moved to sit. Just as he did, he realized he might have been more drugged than he first thought. He shifted and looked darkly toward Shockwave, who eyed him smugly and said, "You will work for me. You will do as I say. Is that understood?"

'As if, you oversize laser beam …' Quickswitch thought to himself, then chuffed at Shockwave, "Oh yeah? Wanna tell me that while you're in here?" He would gladly rip him into a million pieces, downright pissed that these Decepticons thought they could do such a thing to him and not expect consequences for doing so. Did they not know whom they were messing with? – Of course they did.

A mocking laugh resonated from Shockwave as he spoke, "Disable the bars."

Quickswitch watched, trying to judge if he could get out before Shockwave came in. As soon as the Commander of Kaon stepped in, the bars were replaced and he grunted in annoyance. The six-changer rose slowly and bristled, insulted that the mech laughed in his face. Prepared for a confrontation with Shockwave, the six-changer did his best to remain as still as possible even though he felt he could fall at any given moment. Wait… What was this? What had they drugged him with?

Ignoring the affect of the drug and using his anger to bolster him, Quickswitch lunged at Shockwave. His body was sluggish and he surprised himself when he nearly fell. A sudden, horrible pain shot from his back, making him yelp. When he hit the floor, he realized his armor cracked from an obviously slam to the back from Shockwave. "You fool!" he heard the mech say loudly. How did he miss? What was wrong with him?

He felt wobbly and pushed through the pain that was now subsiding, standing. Quickly he lunged at Shockwave again – his fury being his only drive now, yet he completely missed – again. He felt Shockwave grab him and use his momentum to throw him into the opposite wall. Dizzied up from whatever they'd pumped into him, Quickswitch didn't move. He knew when he was screwed.

He vaguely heard Shockwave say something about Mindwipe fixing him. For a moment, he figured they were talking about his injuries… until it dawned on him. Quickswitch gave Shockwave a look of disgust that was hidden by his faceplate. "You think, slagger," he grumbled too low for them to hear and started drifting back into recharge, too pissed and tired to care what these mechs thought they were going to do with him. He'd deal with it later.

He didn't know how much time had gone by. All he knew is they'd woken him up and now Shockwave held him by the arm. Truth be told, Shockwave was the only thing keeping him steady. The General had him injected with something again – he just didn't care now. Too loopy to even attempt standing on his own, he let Sir Optic support his weight. He then heard Shockwave call for one of his followers, "Mindwipe!"

Said mech approached the two. Quickswitch recognized him from somewhere, but he couldn't place him at the moment. With a bow, Mindwipe spoke, "You requested me, My Lord?"

"This mech will be your next task." Shockwave said, yanking him just a bit much, almost making him fall. He barely caught a glimpse of the other mech looking him up and down. Feeling his being thrust forward, Quickswitch then felt himself beginning to fall, but the other mech managed to stabilize him. Lucky him, because that fall might have hurt.

Mindwipe nodded, "Is there anything I should know?" Quickswitch looked between the two. He wanted to just sit down and relax. Why were they babbling crap and what task was Shockwave talking about?

He heard Shockwave pause and looked up only to see him giving a displeased glare in his direction, "He is to be obedient and follow all orders given to him. Give him a designation."

"Oh, he'll be obedient, alright…" He heard the one Shockwave called 'Mindwipe' reply.

Quickswitch didn't know what to think. He felt himself tugged a bit by the other mech and then pulled enough to started walking. While he walked to wherever this mech was tugging him, he did wonder a few things… Just what did these mechs think they were going to do to him? What were they talking about? Unfortunately, for him, he was too drugged up to protest.

Wait… obedient? To who or what, exactly? Huh?

He felt the restrictions before he'd even woken fully. He was strapped down. Several times, he tried to pull his body free, but they had him good. He also felt he wasn't drugged this time. At least now he knew the difference and wished he could control it better. "Now what?" he asked, looking around.

Another mech only glared at him from the side. There was a look to him; one that Quickswitch knew wasn't reassuring in any way. They were up to something and he already figured he wasn't going to like it. A feeling began forming in his Spark – one telling him to flee. He began tugging at his binds, and the more he could not get free, the more he panicked.

"Welcome to the Decepticons," Somehow, Quickswitch knew a world of hell would be unleashed upon him and there wasn't a damned thing he could do about it but hope he didn't suffer for long.

Injecting a live Energon line with a special serum, they knocked him out then began procedure for adding him into the Decepticons and downloaded what information they could – they were baffled when he came up incompatible with their programming. They were just as surprised when they came across firewalls that couldn't be breached but they would worry about that later. This was also how they discovered that some parts of Sixshot's processor was fried from a previous injury.

He was taken below Kaon to a top secret facility that only mechs with Megatron and Shockwave's personal clearance was allowed – which weren't very many. This would be the place they would get their new prize under control.

The six-changer didn't know how much time had gone by. He woke, once again finding himself in a cell. This was a different cell, though. It had energy even in the floors, which were slightly risen off of what appeared to be a mirror.

"Ah, you're awake," He heard Mindwipe say.

Quickswitch took in his surroundings, wondering what this place was. "What is it you want from me?"

"Well, for now, I want to know how many modes you have,"


"Yeah, not likely." Mindwipe replied cynically, "I didn't think you would tell me the truth anyway, so I put you in here. Your body won't lie to me,"

Quickswitch only glared as he watched the pseudo-Psion approach with the pole. "How do you plan to accomplish that?"

"This prod has a specific current going to it and a cog-specific intrusion program that will tell me everything I want to know. By you being in this cell, it will force you to transform for me." He paused and stabbed the mech, who reared back in pain, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you… It's gonna hurt."

'Do what?' Whatever he tried, he could not get away from that poker thing. The second time it made contact, he felt the burning pain as it started in his head and trickled down his spinal structure. He swore he could feel every seam and gyro burn with the sensation. The more it did, the more it hurt, and he whimpered while he felt his body trying to shift without his command. Errors streamed over his HUD about his transformation sequences. If he didn't catch it right, he could end up deformed and he knew it – these morons obviously didn't. Doing his best to hold onto his transformation, another jolt sent him into a full change. When his body was done, the six-changer was in his first beast form.

"Ah, a beast…" the pseudo-Psion spoke with loathe. Although Mindwipe couldn't honestly say that he'd ever seen a beast mech quite like him before, "figures. I have heard of a few beast mechs here and there, but something tells me there's more to you…"

Quickswitch was exhausted from the ordeal of only one of those forced transformations. His body shivered uncontrollably and he ached all over. The beast like mech's head hung in tiredness as his optics threatened to go offline. He didn't even have it in him to take root mode, he wanted to recharge here and now and he would have, except he saw Mindwipe coming at him with the prod again. He tried to back up but his body wouldn't allow him to move, petrified in weakness. "No… not right now," he said weakly. "I can't… I can't take it…"

"That's the point," Mindwipe hissed and he struck the six-changer again.

Quickswitch let out a scream as his body was violently set to transform again. His optics flickered and every seam in his body felt like they might rip apart. He felt the next transformation begin against his will into his jet form. He went through this until Mindwipe got his answer. For the first time, the six-changer's modes would all be identified with him. Because of his numerous modes, he would also receive his new designation, Sixshot. Mindwipe was happy with the results he'd gotten so far. He told Shockwave about what he'd found out.

Sixshot was carried to his new chambers. He was offline, his system to weak to continue.

He woke, finding himself strapped down. This seemed to be a common way for him to wake up, and he knew it wasn't going to be something that he'd want to do that day, like say, run away… They'd wired him with nodes on different pain receptors in his claws and legs and it was all hooked up somewhere around his neck. He could not even move his head. He dared open his optics to see where he was and maybe what they had done to him.

Mechs turned at the sickening scream they heard from below them. It was one of those screams that for just a split second, one would feel bad for the soul for them to let out such a sound. Seldom was anything like that heard. They figured an Autobot was being interrogated.

Sixshot held onto his sanity, at least he liked to believe so. For some reason, they must have figured this was supposed to get him to bend, but it only served to piss him off. He would not bend to their will, no matter the cost. He was not some tool to be used and he would make it as painfully clear as he possibly could for these freaks.

Over time, Sixshot became harder and harder to control as he adapted to what they did to him. They would hurt him, he would get pissed off and instead of break for them – break the room he was being held in. And then, sometimes, the pain they would inflict seemed to do nothing at all. More and more ways had to be thought up on how to control the wild six-changer, because he was getting worse. They were making him stronger willed and more tolerable to things any normal mech, even Megatron himself wouldn't be able to stand. Pit, even Shockwave himself was beginning to think the mech was numb.

Shortly after, a holding cell had been modified specifically for Sixshot by the Decepticon medic of the time. It had scanners and medical systems that monitored him at all times while in there and gave real-time readings. It was sometimes the only way to study him, because he'd become so… uncontrollable.

Dark blue optics lit the back of the cell. He wasn't letting anyone in alive. Even with his weapons disabled, he was a force to be reckoned with. For his stubbornness, they tortured him until his conscience was all he had left – wishing they would just put him out of his misery. It had been a couple of joors and now… now they came to try to take him again. They thought he was close to being broken. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Shockwave glared at the door. There was only a small, barred window to which he could see in and the prisoner could see out. The Commander of Kaon stepped closer, his single optic glaring the mech who'd been in solitary confinement for over 20 joors. He was beginning to think his time had been wasted. Everything they had tried… and this mech would not break and nor would he die. It was as if he was some kind of engineered supermech. "In the name of Unicron, you will obey me, Sixshot…"

Sixshot lunged at the small window, slamming his body against it with an unbearably loud crash. The six-changer was snarling like some monster, his optics had a crazy look to them, one with hatred and the wish to destroy. He proceeded to attack the door with all he could, trying to get at the mech who'd doomed him to this life.

Some time later, an emergency lock down had been tripped in the holomatter arena. The trip had gotten the attention of security and two of the specialized officers barged into the control room to see Sixshot through the glass trying to break his way out and so far, he was doing a damned good job of it. "What in the name of… What happened?"

"LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Sixshot's voice carried from the arena speaker.

The ones in the control room winced as he smashed into various parts of the arena and used beams to hit things with. "He-he's not listening! I can't get him down!" the panicking mech turned to his superior, who was glaring out at the mech that was using his body to ram into the walls as well.

"YOU SLAGGERS WILL PAY!" the enraged six-changer cried.

"Use the stupid collar before he busts through, idiot!"

The nervous technician glanced between the damage Sixshot was inflicting on the arena and his superior, "I've tried! It's ineffective, sir! He must have broken it somehow!"

"Great. Must I do everything myself? Put a call out to Shockwave, he's gonna wanna hear about this." the mech growled and stepped toward the door to the room, grabbing a special kind of gun. He opened the door just as the technician called for the Commander of Kaon. He waited until a point the feral mech went still. Sixshot let out a cry in pain as the shot hit its mark. The security officer watched as the six-changer reared up and turned for him and charged. Luckily for the security mech, before Sixshot could get to him, the door shut.

Sixshot paced the mirror, which he knew they were watching him. It's the only thing he'd left alone – so far. He stopped when he realized something was very wrong. He looked around his body in confusion, confusion the other mechs saw instantly from inside. "What did you do to him?"

"I froze his transformation cog," the other replied. "Even he isn't immune to that,"

Sixshot sat down on his haunches looking straight into the mirror. In this form, he was stronger and he could tear things up so much better. "Nice one… can't stop me so you stick me in one form – the wrong form. Well genius, now how do you plan to stop me?"

The mech who'd shot him tapped the communicator, "You'll find out soon enough,"

Shockwave entered the control room and looked across at the mayhem, "Can't leave you simpletons alone with him for 5 breems. This is unacceptable. Did you also get him with the paralyzing serum?"

"It should take affect very soon,"

Pissed off at them, he began ramming and swinging at the mirror. They hadn't loaded him with weapons, as this was a melee combat training system, so he used what he could of himself as a weapon. His tail whipped, hitting the window was as much force as he could throw in one punch. They were confident until the supposedly unbreakable window cracked. "Slag, he's gonna get in here!"

"No he won't. He's slowing down. When I tell you to, open the door." Shockwave moved into position and loaded something into a small laser in his arm. "Now,"

A few breems later, Shockwave walked up to the six-changer who was growling at him. He put his foot over the side of Sixshot's face, pressing him into the ground. "You still do not wish to listen… well then, let's see how you are after a few joors of no sustenance, you will rethink this attitude you have." He turned to Mindwipe, "Put him in solitary… see how he likes it there."

Megatron walked up just as Sixshot was being dragged away. He was becoming impatient on Shockwave's delivery of said six-changer. "Perhaps I should lower your rank, Shockwave. If you cannot control one simple mech, how can I let you lead my armies?"

Antennae shifted on Shockwave's head, showing slight annoyance, "I beg your pardon, but I am beginning to believe he is not just 'one simple mech', Lord Megatron." He got a hidden dark look to his optic, having one other option he could try, "I will break him."

After a week of no Energon, Sixshot was checked. To their surprise, he didn't seem to be suffering at all. He didn't even appear to be sluggish. He was pissed though.

The medic who had Sixshot's information had also checked on him. There was still a lot about him he did not know, and he seemed to learn something new every day. He was surprised that Sixshot was still in decent functioning condition for how long he'd been without sustenance. "You surprise me every day, Sixshot,"

"Lemme outta here and I'll surprise you how quickly I kill you as well." Sixshot said.

The medic continued to use the scanners in the cell to study Sixshot. He quirked an optic at how his systems were now functioning. He was still able to function decently and his systems were running in almost a hibernated state.

"You see this here?" Mindwipe asked, pointing to a dark place on a scan of Sixshot's processor. He'd called Shockwave in previously to tell him about his next best idea. He'd been skimming Sixshot's medical information when it occurred to him.

"What about it?" Shockwave asked in annoyance, not really wanting to hear another one of this stupid psion's ideas.

"I-I think I can modify that part, which was destroyed a long time ago. I can make him obedient by an implant. If my memory serves me right, this is perhaps why he's been so uncontrollable. I believe this part of his processor that was destroyed, obviously destroyed that as well." Well, when one doesn't know all of the facts – like someone being not of their planet, one can make all the assumptions they want. He just didn't know how bad of an assumption he would make.

Shockwave thought about it a moment. In fact, he had a little something he could add to that. He didn't take long to decide, "Do it. Come by the headquarters later, I'll have something ready and waiting for you to add to that."

He could feel differences, let alone wanting to see them. They'd implanted him with different upgrades and added to some of his weapons. Barely comprehending that he was even in a room, he couldn't focus his optics well. So dizzied up by the drugs they were pumping into him, he couldn't even tell up from down and he did not care. It was kind of fun. The lights had weird effects going on too.

"What is your designation, soldier?"

He heard a voice. He knew that voice. He didn't care at the moment who it was, though. Why did he ask him such a stupid question? He knew his name. "Sixshot,"

"Very good Sixshot,"

He didn't know what to make of it, really. The six-changer watched as Mindwipe opened his torso. The slight feeling of weightlessness too him over and his head flopped, trying to reorient his processors and focus his optics, though he still knew Mindwipe was up to something, "What are you gonna do to me?"

"I'm going to reprogram your Spark, Sixshot,"

"Oh… okay," Sixshot replied. He wasn't sure why he didn't care, he just didn't. "Don't break anything," and that was the last thing he said before he was put into stasis lock for the procedure.

His blue optics stared from the darkness that held him. He made no movement, watching the two enter. Shockwave had told him to remain here, and so he did. "You said he's been fixed?" Megatron asked as he glanced over where he knew the hidden six-changer was standing.

"Yes, sir," Shockwave replied, stepping up to Sixshot, "You will bow to him, he is your leader."

"I live to serve," Sixshot stated.

To Megatron's surprise, Sixshot stepped forward and wasn't threatening in any way and he actually bowed. Megatron stared into the six-changer's optics. They were cold, bitter and deadly. This, he liked. It was just in time for when he needed a new weapon against Optimus. "What did you do to him, Shockwave?"

Shockwave kept to himself the modification he'd offered Mindwipe. "He will obey any order without remorse. Be very careful how you use him, my lord, when controlled, his power is beyond what we originally thought. Further information will be provided," His voice held a tone, telling Megatron to meet with him later.

Megatron sized the six-changer up, "Show me what he can do, Shockwave,"

"As you wish," Shockwave turned and motioned to Sixshot, "To the arena with you,"

Sixshot followed without a hitch. He didn't act as though he was a mindless drone or stupid, but he did seem to not talk as often. The arena was sometimes just as deadly as the real thing because real weaponry is used. When they arrived, Shockwave grinned, watching Sixshot enter the danger zone, "There isn't a force that can take him down. I've thrown everything this computer can give and he walks away. I think… he could even kill a combiner. Imagine Optimus Prime's fall when he has no more teams to use against you…" Shockwave grinned at Megatron's widening smirk. "Astrotrain has uploaded a new program, one that mimics a moderate combiner," he said as he pressed a button.

Sixshot readied himself for what was coming. They'd put him here before for training, so he got into position to take it down.

Megatron watched in jaw-dropped surprise at how Sixshot worked. He watched the mech take on more than even he could and still come up nearly unscathed. He had so many weapons over his body and chose his modes for each job. The more he watched, the more he grinned, "Perfect," he purred, already making a list in his mind of the mechs he wish to have destroyed.

"We haven't gotten to the best part yet,"

Inside the arena, Sixshot eagerly awaited more training. He loved this stuff. To his surprise, something else showed up and he was thrown for a loop. Five mechs were out in front of him, and doing what he was trained, the mech prepared to take them all on. Instead of their attack, they did something different. There was a sound, and then they all started changing and grouping together to make a monster bigger than himself. Wait a minute… this wasn't in the program… "Hey! What's the bright idea!"

"New test, Sixshot," Shockwave told him. "This is what you call a combiner team. It's a moderate combiner, so do watch yourself."

Sixshot turned to look at the mirror in surprise and annoyance, "Why haven't I heard of it before?"

"Always expect the unexpected. Combiners are made up of five mechs. They are the strongest fighters out there. They can even make or break a fight. Let's see if you could take one down alone,"

Sixshot sized up the giant, "You said moderate? What's heavy?" Before he was answered, he found himself on the defense of the combiner thing. He actually paid attention to how it went together and he also paid attention to the flare at its chest when the Spark ignited.

Megatron and Shockwave watched as Sixshot tore into the holomatter combiner. He used logical skills and his weapons to get himself up and onto its back where it had a harder time hitting him and he could work on getting the five mechs separate by getting to the nervous system of the behemoth. After the combiner broke apart, he picked off the dizzied and injured team, leaving none of them alive. To their surprise, Sixshot walked away with several minor injuries. "I'm done now,"

"You performed flawlessly." Shockwave told the six-changer through the intercom.

"That's a matter of opinion." The six-changer huffed.

Inside the control room, both Megatron and Shockwave were impressed beyond words, neither having expected Sixshot to do it. "Who did you say engineered him?" Megatron asked with a dark grin.

"I'm not for certain,"

"Make him disappear. I have much use for him."

Shockwave gave him a look and nodded. "It shall be done."

While Sixshot spent his life hidden, the outside world believed the six-changer of Novacron was gone, and even could have been killed. No one knew that he was being reformed into someone more dangerous.

Sixshot was from then on a living weapon for Megatron, doing his bidding and obeying his every order. For orns, Megatron sent Sixshot on assassination missions, having decided to bring the six-changer to the battlefield if a combiner would be there and there was one time Optimus himself had seen one of his own combiner team taken down by what looked to be a single mech. The other Autobots watched, none of them able to identify him or believe what had happened.

Sixshot was Megatron's ultimate weapon that no one believed could exist because there was just no proof. Megatron was pleasantly surprised when those of his own Decepticons thought Sixshot was fabricated. He would surely win against the Autobots and he was confident Cybertron and the Allspark would belong to him.

…That is until Sixshot encountered two new Autobot recruits and who he found to be later, twin brothers, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

They had interrupted his mission by intercepting him somewhere he hadn't expected it. They also didn't expect him, so all in all, it was a pretty big surprise for everyone. The smaller red mech looked up at him in shock. "We weren't expecting back up," he said to his brother, watching the whirling smoke and dust, "Hey! That you, Downshift?" he called.

Sixshot tilted his head as he came closer. They were rather young to be at a place like this – no contest. He was pissed that they'd intercepted him and they were going to die for it. Because of them, he might miss his target, which was none other than Ironhide.

The golden one got down, not recognizing him. "Whoa! That's not Downshift, who is he?"

"Who's Downshift?" Sixshot asked from the dust before he appeared. His stance was threatening. The two looked at his attack confusedly. It must have been his optics.

"What? Who in the Pit are you?" the red one asked quickly, realizing that wasn't Downshift.

"They call me Sixshot,"

"Sixshot?" Sideswipe echoed, "Never heard of you!" Sixshot watched them both stand up and prepare to defend themselves, although they were still giving each other unsure glances.

"That's the whole point." The six-changer pounced them both in their confusion, holding them by their torsos against the ground. He didn't care if they knew his name; they weren't going to live to tell anyone.

They were strong for their size and age. "Oh, no, I don't slagging think so! I am too young to die!" the yellow one yelled. There was a scream in anger and then he aimed his arm at Sixshot's head, stunning the six-changer with a blast of energy.

Sixshot only registered that something hit him and knocked out his vision and hearing on that side of his head and he reared back away from the processor-shattering pain. He barely felt the gold one get free when he shied. He dropped right there, nearly landing on the red one as he scuttled under him. He couldn't think, he couldn't hear, he couldn't really see anything but light and then he saw nothing.

The six-changer laid on the ground for a good several breems. Lucky for him, no one had returned. He sat up slowly, trying to remember what he was doing. And then he remembered. He was going to kill Ironhide. Why was he going to kill him? Megatron had ordered him to. So, why hadn't he killed him? 'Oh yeah…' Sixshot eyed into the distance, angry the Autobots had gotten away.

Unfortunately, he returned to Megatron having missed his opportunity because he'd been knocked out.

It was that shot that changed him… It started out as a whisper, something that only bothered him once in a while. Defiance. He felt he was going crazy because he didn't wish to obey Megatron's commands. It was like a fight within his mind, deciding which to follow.

Rebelliousness. Then he began to wonder… Why was he following that loser's orders after what they'd done to him? Something had obviously been wrong with him before, but what? He was being controlled, that much he figured, yet he was following them willingly. That really didn't make sense when he thought about it. Either way, now that he was aware of his own decisions basically, he decided to play their game. What were they going to do? Try to break him again? Eh, he'd swing it until he came up with a better idea. Besides, there really wasn't much difference in being a Decepticon or being neutral besides the stamp and he certainly was stronger than he was before so the Decepticons did something good at least.

He continued for orns to work for Megatron. Megatron would send him on missions and he would go, but once in a while, he would not get his target right away or he'd let them go, testing his boundaries. He had to do this right if he was gonna go along with them and let them think they still controlled him. He came up with excuses or just didn't report at all. A few times, he could have done away with Optimus Prime himself in one easy shot, but he didn't.

In time, he became unpredictable, sometimes appearing more docile than one would expect and then turn around and kill someone right beside him without a second thought. If anything, he was viewed as what humans might call bi-polar. He had to laugh when Mindwipe was the one scolded for his behavior.

Sixshot stood in Megatron's throne room with Shockwave. They were discussing his next mission, something he wasn't even really paying attention to anyway. Shockwave wasn't expecting it, and neither was anyone else. He remembered Shockwave being the one to drag him into this mess and he also remembered that he wanted to kill him. Now was as good of a time as any.

The six-changer charged at Shockwave with a scream in anger. He would have succeeded in killing him too if he hadn't been hit in the side by something or someone rather large. He felt himself being grabbed at but all he cared about was getting a kill shot, which didn't work. He'd been subdued by two other large mechs and Megatron himself. The shot he had prepared for Shockwave nearly took off Megatron's head instead, because in the surprise of his arm being moved, he instinctively fired.

After the attack, Sixshot found himself suspended in the air by shackles. He was also shackled to the floor. From there he remembered Megatron and Shockwave both entering the room. They'd brought someone else, but he didn't remember who. He tried to pull free a couple of times, but he had no strength – they'd drugged him again.

"How dare you attack me!" He heard Shockwave yell and then felt as something – most likely his hand cracked against his face. He then felt his head lifted as Shockwave glared into his visor. "Mindwipe told me that implant wouldn't fail so it's obviously something else,"

Sixshot gazed into nothingness, not wanting to hear what the mech had to say; only that he would get on with whatever he was going to do to him. He knew he was in for it. His processors were pretty messed up, but he could make out the prods and electrical whips not far off.

Shockwave grinned, watching Sixshot look at the table. "You will be punished for attacking me,"

By the time Shockwave was done, Sixshot hurt everywhere and he couldn't move. They'd made sure they didn't kill him, but they beat the living scrap out of him until he only wished he was dead.

From then on, Sixshot didn't try anything else like that. And it wasn't even from fear of repercussion, but more because it just wasn't worth it. Instead, when sent on missions, he refused to go. He would sometimes just up and disappear and there wasn't a Decepticon that could find him if he didn't want found and finally he disappeared and didn't return. He was free.

This 'glitch' that Mindwipe called it was wearing quickly on Megatron and Shockwave's patience and also caused need for their soon to be new recruit, Soundwave: Someone they were sure could fix Sixshot's processors and bring him back fully under their control.

So there you have it. Poor guy can't catch a break... or can he...?