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Harry Potter Abuse Poem

My name is Harry and I am four.

There are several locks on my door.

They don't keep people out, but they keep me in.

I'm very hungry and extremely thin.

I don't know how long it has been since I've last eaten.

I must be horrible and I must be a freak.

Why else am I not allowed to eat?

My aunt says I'm dirty and my uncle hits me.

I have bruises from my head to my feet.

Quiet now, Uncle Vernon is coming, wielding a belt, so I know he's going to leave a welt

I hide in my cupboard, being as quiet as I can be, hoping that he won't find me.

Too late now, he's found me, the pain explodes all around.

My arms are snapped and my legs are broken.

But my Uncle takes just one more trophy token.

Between my legs, an ache starts to build.

I scream and scream until I'm beaten still.

Uncle Vernon seems so proud of me.

Is it because I have broken my knee?

I don't know and I do not care.

I want this pain to end and I want this world to be fair.

Life is too hard for me to simply bare.

I close my eyes and slowly slip to sleep, not knowing that I was going to be reaped.

My name is Harry and I am four.

Tonight my uncle left me dying on the floor.

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