Legend of Raven: Twilight Beast Boy

Chapter 1: Midnight to Twilight

Titans Tower. Midnight. The whole city was quiet, except for the mind of a certain green hero. His brain was a mass of wires, each firing off in different directions and making his head spin. But at the sound of laughter, his thoughts ran off like a herd of horses. He got up and went to the hall. "Starfire," he called. "Is that you?" The laughter came again, this time clearer. "Raven? Did you finally get a sense of humor?" Beast Boy followed the noise and went into the kitchen/common room. He walked around and saw nothing, but heard breathing, and the occasional chuckle. "Who's there?" he said louder. "Show yourself." "Okay," came the impish voice. Beast Boy turned to face the large window. Where his reflection would be, was a strange figure. It appeared feminine, was about four feet tall and floated so she was eye level with him. It also had a strange hat that came up into two horn-like objects, and came down covering part of the left side of her face. She had a toothy smile. Beast Boy stepped backwards in shock. "So you're the great purple eyed beast I've been searching for." Beast Boy stood still for a second and ran to the alarm. He turned around to see if it was still there, it wasn't, but a large glowing had grown from the floor and reached for him, grabbing his foot. Beast Boy turned into a snake and slipped through the hands grasp. He reached the alarm, pushing the button. The Tower awoke, the sirens going off, the flashing light bathing the room in red. Beast Boy turned and saw the hand was clenched in a fist. With only enough reaction time to swear to himself, the hand hit him across the face, knocking him out. The hand dragged his lifeless body across the floor and through the portal, it closing as the doors opened, allowing the team in.

Beast Boy awoke in a field, the sky a strange color. He went to stand, but he noticed he was in a new form, one he had never taken before. It was like a wolf, but it was larger, stronger, and had keener sense then he had ever felt before. He tried to change back, but was unable to. So, a strong smell came to his attention. It came stronger and stronger, Beast Boy turning his head in the direction of the secant. He saw a strange creature coming towards him, running on all fours, like a gorilla. Beast Boy saw it was grayish, with a large shield like plate where its head would've been. Beast Boy turned to run, but the figure caught up with him, knocking him out again.