Sorry to my readers, but I will try to update before I leave, and will update as soon as I'm back.

One quick note, though it will become more obvious in later chapters, my story takes place after Ocarina of Time in the Zelda Universe. The Princess Zelda of my story is the Princess Zelda of Ocarina of Time, just grown up. I have her as now about 37. Link is… Well I can't say or I'd give it away. The Hero's shade (the guy who teaches you the seven moves in Twilight Princess) is replaced by Slade, who was once a part of the Zelda Universe, before being sent to the Titans Universe. There will be no Midna/Beast Boy relationship. Sorry to the guy who keeps PMing me about that. N-O NO. Also, to Rainbowbutterflyningas101, first, please PM me with your guess, so I can say if you are right or wrong, without letting people know what the answer is. Also, reading your bio, I just want to say that canon relationships in the Comics for Teen Titans are BB/Raven, and Terra/Deathstroke. Yeah. Can you spell L-O-L-I-T-A?

Anyway, I will update as soon as I can. Thanks!