Written for the Gryffindor House Challenge at Hogwarts Online Forum and Bizarre Pairings or the Works Challenge at HPFF Forum :)This is going to be a Multi-Chaptered fic – so do press the little alert button on the left =D

Thanks to the amazing Mew for the brillant beta work =D

Pairing: Marcus/Katie

Prompt: Not without a fight

She entered the pitch, bracing herself for the worst. She knew it would be difficult to survive with them, but she refused to give up - not without a fight, she thought. He stood there, and sneered when she came in his view. Typical girls - always late.

"Bell, if you ever wanna play any decent Quidditch Tournament, leave your girly attitude at home. It was rather gracious of us boys to allow you on our team as a reserve - make sure you don't disappoint us."

She blew her hair out of her face and folded her arms across her chest. "Gracious my arse, Flint. I was the bloody best on trials - you had no option but to take me," she shot back.

"Tutshill Tornadoes always have options, Bell. Never forget that. You came to us, not the other way round. Now stop arguing with your dear captain, who selected you, and start your warm-up. Twenty rounds around the pitch - NOW!" Marcus bellowed. These Gryffindors - he had never liked them much and past rivalry was rather hard to overcome. Damn the pathetic crowd who had turned up for the trials - Bell had outscored all of them, and he had little choice but to select her - a girl. Girls weren't supposed to play Quidditch, weren't supposed to like getting all messy and dirty, at least not in his dictionary, but Bell - he couldn't keep his eyes off her when she flew around the field. He would be lying if he said she was anything short of brilliant - and he hated her for that.

"Move your ass, Bell. Looking pretty won't save you from being hit by a Bludger!"

"Stop fascinating about Wood!"

She tried to ignore his harsh comments, tried to concentrate on her game but it was becoming increasingly difficult. She never had much spunk in life and the little she had seemed to have lost itself after the war, but he seemed to evoke feelings of zeal in her. She thought of shouting back at him, telling him to shut up, but Pucey's beater back caught her eye. So she did what she thought the old Katie would have done - she grabbed the Beater's bat from Pucey, and hit the bludger with all her strength, sending it flying towards Flint.

"OWWWWW!" he gulped in pain, as the Bludger hit him straight in the stomach.

"Move your ass a little faster, Flint. You are not pretty enough that you will be saved from being hit by a Bludger," she said sweetly, laughing when he growled at her. Oh, yes. It was going to be a "lovely" team they'd make together.