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Megumi sat up in her bed gasping, the room in complete darkness, with the distinct feeling that something was terribly wrong. She glanced at her clock apprehensively. Four in the morning.

She shook wavy brown hair out of her eyes, resigning herself to the fact she wouldn't be able to go to sleep again. She'd already had this problem before and there was only one remedy for it. She'd just go to the living room, try to write a new song, and make herself some hot chocolate.

On her way there, she heard whispers coming from the living room.

"For God's sake, let them sleep a while longer! At least give them one more peaceful night!"

Ryuu-nii? Megumi frowned. Ryuu never got that angry, or if he did, it was very rarely. And who was he talking to?

She peeked her head into the living to see Ryuu talking to her parent's lawyers.

"Miss Yamamoto?" Ryuu turned at the lawyer's voice, shock in his eyes.

"Megumi, head on back to bed," Ryuu instructed gently, his smile not quite reaching his eyes. "It's too early to be up." 'Ryuu-nii, what's going on?' Megumi scribbled, not moving, and looking at Ryuu in confusion.

"It's not fair to hide it from them," one of the lawyers said conceitedly, inviting Ryuu's death glare in return.

"They'll just find out soon enough," The other continued.

Megumi tugged on Ryuu's sleeve to get his attention and held up her sketch board. 'Ryuu-nii, what are they talking about?' Megumi had written, utterly confused. Had something happened to her parents? Were they in trouble somewhere? If so, why was Ryuu hiding it from her?

"Your parents are dead." The shock was so great, Megumi couldn't even be sure who had said it as her eyes widened.

"God, couldn't you be gentle?" Ryuu growled.

"There's no kind way to say it," The lawyer replied, diverting his attention back to Megumi. "Miss Yamamoto, your parent's will states that you are their primary heir. Unfortunately…"

Megumi couldn't focus her eyes, and stared at the wall. It wasn't possible, it wasn't… Her parents… her overly excitable mom, and loving father… gone forever? Impossible…

"…No money for at least a month, and we have to go through the belongings at the house. Of course you can always stay…" The words didn't register in her head. Who cared about money, or belongings, or the house? Her parents were dead, did they think she'd honestly care about the other stuff right now?

"Get out," Ryuu ordered the lawyers, taking one glance at Megumi. "You can give the details later." They hesitated, obviously worried about protocol. "Out!"

Protocol and rules are nothing against an angry Ryuu. They left quickly, exchanging frightened looks.

Megumi felt like she couldn't breath. Panic and grief built up in her small body, searching for a release, but none came. The tears didn't rise, but she was blinded all the same. She couldn't see Ryuu looking into her eyes worriedly, or wrap his arms around her unconsciously shaking body, or hear his voice murmur in her ear.

Megumi welcomed the darkness surrounding her, closing around her, and moments later, she collapsed, and knew no more.

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