Kurt walked down the hall to his locker, and he felt his phone vibrate in his skinny jeans. He plucked the phone out and smiled, Blaine had sent him another text. Kurt was smiling so broadly he didn't notice Karofsky walking down the hallway toward him, eyes gleaming. Karofsky rammed his shoulder into Kurt's, forcing him into his locker, books spilling onto his lap.

Kurt picked up his phone and read Blaine's message. "Courage." It read. Kurt nodded, jumped to his feet, and ran after the bully. He wiped away the collected tears from his eyes, and pushed into the boy's locker room.

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" Kurt screamed at the other boy.

"I think you're confused, fag, this is the boy's locker room." Karofsky smirked and grabbed a tee out of his locker.

"LISTEN TO ME!" Kurt yelled, looking into his eyes. "You're disgusting and hurtful, and there is no way I will take your crap anymore." Kurt shrieked, forcing Karofsky back against his locker.

"You're just a scared little kid who takes all his worries out on another. Tell me, what have I done to you?" Kurt's tears were overflowing.

"Don't push me!" Karofsky pushed Kurt away and slammed his fists into his locker.

"Stop acting like this!" Kurt moved back in front of him again, daring him to push or punch him. But Karofsky did neither. He moved in close enough for Kurt to smell his breath, and he kissed him. Karofsky roughly grabbed Kurt's face and pressed his crushing lips harshly onto Kurt's. Kurt's first instict was to pull away, to get the bully off of him, but he couldn't. He was enjoying the kiss, reveling in the tension releasing from their bodies. He curiously ran his hands through his opposites hair, never breaking the slow movement of lips against lips, tongue against tongue. He pushed his body into Karofsky's, yearning for closeness. A low moan erupted from Karofsky and Kurt knew he was doing the right thing.

"We both need this." He though, pulling himself even closer. Suddenly Karofsky broke the kiss, breathing hard. He looked as if he wanted to say something, but quickly thought better of it. He looked down and quickly pulled a torn sheet of paper from his jeans, of which Kurt's eyes lingered on. Karofsky pressed the note into Kurt's palm, picked up his gym bag, and walked away.

"Tell no one." He called over his shoulder, his voice cracked with animalistic breaths.

Kurt looked down at the note and read it to himself.

Help me

Kurt understood the feeling. Of being lost, and wanting to explore that, but not being able to for fear of sticking out. Need to fit in. Suddenly Kurt realized why Karofsky had bullied him for so long. Kurt smiled and a lone tear fell down his flushed cheek. He cursed himself and left the locker room with a goofy smile plastered to his face. He had finally gotten his first kiss.