Dear readers. It is totally acceptable to have the following symptoms: urge to kill me, urge to slam me into things, need to kick something, anger, upset bowels, etc. etc. I have had the biggest writer's block. It's ridiculous. Ok so now that this is out maybe it will hold you over until I can think up the next chapter. I don't want this to turn into a Klaine, but there needs to be Klaine for there to be a plot. SORRY BROS. Enjoy!

Don't go breaking my heart

I couldn't if I tried

Oh Honey if I get restless

Baby you're not that kind

Don't go breaking my heart

You take the weight off me

Oh honey when you knock on my door

Oh I gave you my key

It was the last training session until it was time to present the "inter-school" duets and Kurt and Blaine sounded amazing. Kurt giggled as they ended the song. Blaine looked up at him and grabbed his hand.

"We're going to do great," and Kurt believed him.

Dave hadn't dared talk to Kurt since he kissed him in the empty classroom a week ago. He regretted pushing the smaller boy to the ground because now he felt to guilty to face him. And that wasn't sitting to well with Karofsky. His need for contact was getting the better of him, and he decided he'd wait for Kurt after his stupid little glee club meeting.

He sidled up to the doorway of the choir room; he leaned on the doorframe and slid down, settling himself on the hallway floor. He heard Kurt's voice drifting out of the slightly ajar door; he was introducing someone.

"… his name is Blaine and he goes to Dalton Academy," Kurt finished telling the club. Dave winced slightly at the name. That was the boy Kurt had been hanging out with, the one he liked.

He heard a piano start playing and he recognized the tune, his mom had always been a huge Elton John fan, even though his father discouraged it. Karofsky smiled slightly when he realized that Kurt was singing the female lead. His voice wafted out of the open door and hypnotized Dave. He stood up from his position on the floor and he paced across the floor humming along with the song.

So don't go breaking my heart

I won't go breaking your heart

Don't go breaking my heart

Nobody told us

Cause nobody showed us

Now it's up to us babe

Oh I think we can make it

Karofsky was foolishly singing along, outside of the choir room where his worst enemies could hear him, but he didn't care. He was lost in the music.

Uuuh uh Nobody knows it

But when I was down

I was your clown

Uuuh uuuh Nobody knows it

Right from the start

I gave you my heart whoaa ooh

I gave you my heart

Don't go breaking my heart

I won't go breaking your heart

Don't go breaking my heart

Whoaaa oooh

I gave you my heart

Karofsky's eyes were closed and he was swaying with the melody. He had forgotten all about the other boy singing with Kurt, he forgot about anyone else other than him and the boy he wished he was singing with.

Don't go breaking my heart

Don't go breaking my

I won't go breaking your heart

Don't go breaking my

Don't go breaking my heart

Kurt ended the song with a heart-wrenching chord that made Dave's eyes flutter back open. He was jarred by the realization that he had just sung… to a glee song no less. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to calm himself down, he was panting hard from pacing and singing at the same time. He was angry with himself for getting so worked up over a little glee number. He slammed a fist against a locker. Dave thought the noise was deafening, but he could tell by the applause from inside the choir room, no one had noticed. He shook his head, picked his bag up off the floor, and ran out of the school, completely forgetting his need to apologize to Kurt.

Kurt stumbled out of glee with Blaine attached to his hip. He was running on a performance high, he and Blaine had beat out everyone and won the inter-school competition, much to Rachel's protest (Finn and I performed that song, Mr. Shue! It was STOLEN). Kurt held tight to Blaine's hand and pulled him into the student parking lot in front of the school.

Kurt leaned into the taller boy and whispered into his ear, "What do you want to do now?" Blaine pulled back and looked Kurt in the eyes.

"Are you alright?" He looked truly concerned and Kurt didn't want to lie to him anymore.

"Can I tell you something I've never told anyone else before?" Kurt said suddenly, his eyes widening. Blaine nodded quickly and led Kurt to a nearby bench.

"You know D-Karofsky, right?" Kurt asked Blaine quietly. The latter nodded curtly, as if to tell Kurt to continue.

"We kissed… a lot. And I feel really bad. Because I, because I sort of liked it," Blaine's eyes looked wounded, but he regained composure.

"I thought he harrased you, I thought you hated him."

"I do hate him!" Kurt said hurriedly, "It's weird, I resent him for treating me like shit for so long, but now I understand why he didn't. Granted, that doesn't make it any better, but I feel like maybe I should help him. But I haven't been helping him, I've been hanging out with you, and I guess he picks up on my feelings for you, because now he's not talking to me and—" Blaine held up his hand to Kurt's lip, the small contact sent a shiver down Kurt's spine.

"Your feelings for me?" Blaine's eyebrows shot up in question. Kurt smiled shyly. Blaine picked up his hand and stroked it with his thumb, back and forth, back and forth.

"You know, he's been so mean to me lately. We haven't talked in a week." Kurt smiled up at Blaine.

"Thank you for telling me, Kurt," Kurt enjoyed how his named sounded on those lips. He thought he'd enjoy his own lips on Blaine's better, though.

Their breathing was the only noise around for miles; it was just the two teens on a school bench, sharing this beautiful moment. They didn't notice a huskier teen crossing in front of the school and stopping abruptly to gawk at them, they didn't notice much of anything.

"Kurt," Blaine broke the silence, "I really want to kiss you right now. May I?" Kurt giggled and leaned in closer.

"Such a gentleman," And then the gap was closed, Kurt was kissing the boy of his dreams, it was hesitant, just lips touching lips. It was over as quick as it started. Kurt licked his lips and tasted Blaine on himself. A goofy smile crept over his face, and he looked up to see the same one on Blaine's.