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Random Story: SuixChitose

Second Year of Middle School

"Hey, Sui?" Chitose grinned at his friend easily. "Have you ever heard of Sony Vegas?"

"Isn't it a video making program?" Sui replied, typing out a report that was due the next day.


"What about it?"

"I want it!" Sui looked up at his friend incredulously.

"So go get it." He replied easily, continuing his typing.

"I don't want to." Chitose was grinning mischievously.

"So why did you say you wanted to?" Sui raised his eyebrows at him.

"Because I want you to pay attention to me, not the computer," Chitose replied honestly.

"I pay attention to you!" Sui protested. "I just want this report done. Kei-nii-sama will get mad if I miss another big assignment."

"You should have been working on it for the past two weeks," Chitose replied. "Come on, what's one more hour? Let's go to the park."

"We're in middle school Chitose. The park? Seriously? The cute girls all go to cafes, and its raining." Sui pointed to the window. The rain was falling steadily, as it had for the past hour.

Chitose frowned. "Who cares about girls? We need to hang out, not be cooped up here."

"Fine…" Sui closed the computer with a sigh. To be honest, he didn't want to do the report anyways. "Just for an hour."

"Cool!" Chitose dragged Sui down the halls before dashing outdoors.

"Hey, you forgot an umbrella! And jackets!" Sui growled, trying to get back.

"No I didn't! If you're sick, you have an extra day to do that report!" Chitose grinned, rain slicking down his pink hair. "And its more fun without the jackets and umbrellas!"

"If I get sick, you're taking care of me," Sui muttered.

"Of course! I'd do it anyways!" Chitose grinned, finally getting his best friend to smile.

"Why are you my best friend anyways?" Sui asked. "Our brother's hate each other, why don't we?"

"Well, we're not them!" Chitose admitted sadly, causing Sui to laugh. "And I love you."

"I love you too!" Sui said, running a little ahead.

"But not the same way…" Chitose muttered, watching Sui nearly trip.

"Huh? Chitose, did you say something?" Chitose shook his head at Sui's question, with a sad smile.

"Nope, nothing! Let's go!" Chitose grabbed Sui's arm and pulled on him.

He'd take these moments alone with Sui… take them and be happy… and only wish he could have more…

Second Year of High School

"Hey, Chitose!" Chitose turned to see Sui running towards him. "Guess what?"

"What?" Chitose asked, pretty sure he knew. Him and Sui were as competitive as Kei and Hikari.

"We didn't tie this time!" Sui grinned.

"Seriously? Who won?" They'd been getting the same exact scores for years now. Their teachers had even separated them because they thought they were cheating. Even in different classes, they'd managed to get the same exact scores, so the teachers gave up and put them in the same class again.

"I did!" Sui looked very pleased with himself. "One point better on that report!"

"What did you do it on?" Chitose asked, thinking about it. The subject had been computer programs, so…

"Sony Vegas!" Sui laughed at his friend. "I remembered you'd told me about it, so I decided to use it. Fun program too!"

"Hey!" Chitose dropped the protests on his tongue and sighed. "What's the penalty for losing?"

Sui grinned devilishly. "Close your eyes."

"What?" Chitose didn't trust Sui when he grinned like that.

"Just do it. I won, didn't I?" He had won… Chitose closed his eyes, waiting for something really bad to happen.

The greatest shock of his life happened when Sui placed his lips on his own. He opened his eyes when Sui backed away, smirking at him.

"Been wanting to do that for years," Sui said, his smirk even worse than his brothers.

"W-what?" Chitose was staring at him in complete shock.

"Since, hmm… first year of junior high I think…" Sui admitted. "Sorry if it made you uncomfortable."

"N-no… You said you liked girls!" Chitose blurted out.

"I can think they're cute without being attracted to them," Sui shrugged, and looked at Chitose nervously. That was enough by itself, since Sui was never nervous. "I love you Chitose. No one else."

"I…" Chitose looked at Sui's nervous face, that looked so desperate and scared, that he felt the courage to declare his own feelings. "I love you too Sui. For years now."

Sui sighed and took his hand. "Really?"

"Really." Chitose grinned. "I think I told you years ago… when we went to the park and it was raining."

"I told you then too!" Sui replied. "I didn't know you loved me though… I thought you meant as a friend."

"I thought you meant the same thing!" Chitose laughed. "And it took this long…"

"Let's go." Sui tugged on Chitose, pulling him towards the school. "Let's go announce it."

"Are you sure?"

Sui looked at Chitose like he was crazy. "I'm not ashamed of being in love with you. Are you?"

"No! I've wanted to be with you for…" Chitose broke off at Sui's smirk.

"Well, then after we show up at school, there's one more place to go." Sui started to pull on Chitose again, laughing at him joyously.

"Where?" Chitose asked, letting Sui take him wherever he wanted.

"Where else? The park of course!" Sui replied, before pulling him into another kiss… a kiss full of love and promises.

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