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Random Story: JunxSakura

"Pie...pie...pie..." The voice was very creepy, and quite stalkerish in the empty room.. "I want pie... Jun-kun..."

Jun saw Sakura peeking out from the kitchen door, looking at him with the disturbing stare she would often give before pouncing on him and turning him into Inner Jun.

"P-pie?" Jun wasn't even sure that he was hearing her right. It couldn't really be that, could it?

"Yes... pie!" Sakura watched Jun, just long enough to make him worried. "Jun-kun, we should have a giant pie!"

"Um... Sakura-chan, I don't think we have any..." Jun examined the fridge anxiously. No pie. Not even an apple pie, which was his favorite. Kind of sad, considering Ryuu normally got him one for his birthday, but Jun was guessing he wasn't getting one this year.

Not even Megumi was around, and they were twins! You'd think for his birthday, those two would remember, right? Especially since it was Megumi's birthday as well, and Ryuu had known them for a long time! But no one was at home when Jun woke up, and everything had been quiet until Sakura came over muttering about pie.

"No pie? Really?" Sakura leapt into the kitchen and dug through the fridge. "You cannot be serious... Let's go!" Sakura grabbed his hand and started to pull on him.

"W-wait, Sakura-chan..." Jun didn't feel like he was turning into Inner Jun, which was good, but he was getting dragged out of his house, which was bad.

"Please Jun-kun... pie..." Sakura sent Jun a puppy-dog eye stare that he couldn't resist, and he sighed in defeat. He didn't have any other plans for the day anyways. Might as well make her happy.

"Okay... to the pie shop..." Sakura cheered in joy at Jun's choice to go. She skipped out, holding onto his arm all the way.

"Come on Jun-kun! Hurry, hurry!" Sakura giggled as she dragged him down the street. "Pie! Pie! Pie!"

Where does she get all this energy? Jun sweat-dropped at her excitement.

"Hey, Jun-kun! Remember this place?" Sakura stopped suddenly, letting his arm abruptly. "Do you? Do you?"

Jun walked by this place all the time. There wasn't much to forget, just a path with some trees and bushes by the side. Sakura hadn't really been looking for an answer though.

"It's where we first met!" Sakura answered her own question. "I stood here..." Sakura skipped to a spot on the path. "And you were there with Ryuu and Megumi by you!" Sakura grinned at him. Jun only stared.

How did she even remember the exact spots that they had stood? It was a mystery, but... Jun felt slightly pleased that she remembered something about him. It made him feel... special.

"Jun-kun..." Sakura was looking at him shyly. "Does looking me in the eyes still turn you into Inner Jun?"

Jun hesitated, and then looked her in the eyes. "No..." He just wasn't sure he wanted to go much further to see what would turn him into Inner Jun. He liked being himself around Sakura... and she deserved someone who wouldn't change on her every time they were together.

Sakura grinned and grabbed his arm before he could protest. "Pie!" She reminded him, dragging him to the pie shop by the arm, giggling at him quietly.

The shop smelt amazing. The pies were freshly baked, so it was filled with the scents of baking pies... especially apple. Jun's mouth watered at the smell. It smelt... so good...

"Mmm... It smells amazing in here!" Sakura took a deep breath of air, and sighed in pleasure. "Pie... Jun-kun, lets get some, lets get some!"

Jun agreed readily. He looked around anxiously for an apple pie, and spotted one... fresh out of the oven. "What kind do you want Sakura-chan?"

"Um... Strawberry cream!" Jun nodded and headed up to the counter to order.

"One apple pie, and a strawberry cream pie!" Sakura said before Jun could actually order. "Please and thank you!"

"H-how'd you know I wanted apple?" Had he told her it was his favorite?

"Huh? You were staring at it!" Sakura giggled at his embarrassment. "Did you not want it? I can cancel..."

"I want it!" Jun interrupted.

Sakura giggled again. Her prince was just so adorable sometimes. She couldn't wait to see him when he got his present. Jun took the bag with the pies in it, and smiled at Sakura tentatively.

Sakura took his arm again and grinned. "Let's head home! Okay? We'll eat there!" She dragged on him, nearly causing him to drop the pies in her hurry. "Come on, come on!"

Sakura didn't stop once, except to get across the street without getting killed. She didn't get distracted, only dragged Jun and told him to hurry up. "Hurry, I wanna eat the pies!"

Jun knew Sakura better than to argue, but just went along with it. Plus, that apple pie was tempting him... very much... and the sooner he was home, the sooner he could eat it.

Sakura burst through the door before him, and dashed into the living room. Jun went to the kitchen and dropped off the pies. He was about to serve for him and Sakura when she called him.

"Jun-kun! Come here!" Sakura yelled from the living room. "Hurry, hurry!"

Jun walked into the room confused. What could be so important in the...

"Surprise!" The rest of their group popped out from behind the couches, and scared Jun, much to their amusement.

"B-but... you..." Jun stammered, watching everyone laugh, but didn't notice two of them were missing.

"I did a good job, didn't I?" Sakura giggled. "I distracted you well, didn't I Jun-kun?"

Suddenly Jun understood. The reason Megumi and Ryuu were gone that morning was to help get the party guests ready, and Sakura was in charge of pulling him out of the house so they could get in and hide. He hadn't been forgotten after all.

He smiled at Sakura. "Yeah... a good job..."

"Happy birthday Jun!" Hikari beamed as she hopped over the couch, holding a wrapped package in her hands. "This is from me and Takishima!"

"Happy birthday!" Akira handed him a basket of pastries and adventuring supplies. "My idiot boyfriend put those in there when I wasn't looking." Akira said it with an indulgent smile, so Jun knew that she wasn't really irritated at Tadashi about it. Jun smiled back at her happily.

"Oh, I baked you a cake!" Alisa grinned at him, waving from next to Aoi. "It's in the oven right now! Whoa!" She had been jumping around so much in excitement she'd nearly fell over, and Aoi caught her.

"Thank you..." Jun had a package shoved in front of his face, and he nearly fell backwards when he saw Yahiro handing it to him. He really hadn't expected Yahiro of all people to get him anything.

"We're back!" Ryuu called, holding a giant package in his hands. Megumi smiled next to him, holding her sketchbook in her hands happily. She had a small bag in her hands as well.

"Ryuu-nii... Megumi-chan..."

"Didn't think we forgot, did you?" Ryuu grinned. "Oh, this is from Finn too, but some emergency came up, and she couldn't come."

Jun made a mental note to thank Finn next time he saw her when he saw Megumi's note.

'It's my birthday too! How'd you think I could possibly forget? I've been waiting to turn eighteen forever!'

Jun laughed at Megumi and shook his head. "Thank you, Ryuu-nii, Megumi..."

"Hey, don't forget us!" The S.A and the rest of their friends laughed as a group as Jun blushed.

"Oh, here's my gift!" Sakura didn't pounce on him as everyone expected, only gave him a small package and a slight hug. "But don't open it until later, okay?"

Jun put all the presents to the side actually, preferring instead to get started on the apple pie he'd momentarily been distracted from. Hours later, everyone but Sakura had gone home. Ryuu and Megumi had retreated into their bedrooms, leaving Sakura and Jun alone in the living room. The unopened presents sat by the couch that they sat on.

"Happy birthday Jun-kun!" Sakura beamed. Jun pulled out her present and her smile faded a little.

"Can I open it?" he asked, and Sakura only nodded. Jun opened it carefully to find an old antique-like locket. He looked at the pictures inside, to see one of him and Sakura smiling next to each other. The other side opposite of it was empty.

"It belonged to my mom," Sakura admitted. "It's kinda girly, but... she always said she wanted me to give it to the man I loved, so..." Sakura looked down, embarrassed and quiet for once. It wasn't a sight Jun saw often, and he fell more in love with her for it.

"Thank you. Really." Jun took Sakura's hand and registered the surprise in her face. He didn't take the initiative, and to be honest, even if he had been hypnotized, it didn't help much in this regard.

"I mean it," Jun said hesitantly, unsure of himself. "I, um... well, Sakura... I mean..."

"What?" Sakura asked.

"I love you," Jun spurted out, not even meaning to say it. No, that was definitely not the way he meant to start this off. It was true, but still... "Well, um..."

"Jun-kun?" Sakura looked excited and confused.

"I... All these gifts..." Jun gestured towards the packages next to the couch. "They're nothing compared to this." He lifted the locket. "I know they love me, but... to me... your love is the best present I could get."

Sakura looked about to cry, and Jun began to get worried. "Sakura-chan... are you okay?"

She nodded and grinned. "You really love me? You're not going to run away?"

Jun shook his head. "No, I'm not running. I haven't for years now."

"Had to check..." Sakura nestled her head into his shoulder comfortably. "I love you Jun-kun." Her eyes closed and Jun held her closer to him.

"I love you Sakura..." Jun said after a moment, kissing the top of her head, and sat there with the sleeping girl. After a few minutes of silence, his own eyes drooped heavily and he fell asleep as well.

Ryuu came out and saw the two sitting asleep on the couch and smiled. "So it all turned out for good in the end..." He covered the two with a blanket, and before going back to his room, he looked back at them.

They sat, smiling gently in their sleep, their fingers entwined with each others as they breathed in a peaceful dream... Together.

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