Stephenie Meyer owns all TWILIGHT characters.

Inspired by "75 Guy Truths (in 20 Words or Less)" from the December 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan.

What a Girl Wants, What a Boy Means

Happy Ending

Fingers trace outlines of faces.

Mouths taste sweat from skin.

Teeth bite at curves and hard planes.

Nails scratch red marks down bodies.

Bella's legs drape over Edward's arms. Her heels press against his back to urge him closer, deeper.

Edward is on his knees, thrusting in and down as he holds Bella's knees close to his body so everything is tight.

Breath is shared in a frantic kiss.

Groans and curses fill the air.

Bodies tremble and shake.

Emotions fall apart.

They move apart, lie next to each other, breathing heavily.

"You okay?"

All Bella can say is, "Wow."

What's the one thing men want to hear after sex?

Thank you to Jill for the beta work.