"Aahh!" Firestar yowled. "It burns my eyes!"

"I thought I didn't like Twolegs before, but now I hate them!" Graystripe screeched.

Dora tried to chase the Clan cats, but she was too fat.

"Oh my StarClan!" Squirrelpaw meowed.

Then, Dora's mom came outside and said, "Entrar, Dora, y no hacer estos gatos enojados."

The slightly obese five-year-old hung her head low and whined, "¡Oh, está bien. Yo sólo quería jugar con los gatos del gatito." and trudged inside.

"Thank StarClan that that's over." sighed Mousefur.

"And that nobody got hurt," added Thornclaw.

"Except for Eagleface." Graystripe corrected sadly, dragging Eagleface's body behind him. "His head exploded from the Twoleg kit's hideousness." Sure enough, there was no head on Eagleface. Just a gross, icky, gory, bloody hole. Ew.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Squirrelpaw, with a lump in her throat only she could feel, clogging up her airways. She felt like curling up and dying. They were such good friends…

"We'll have to sit vigil." said Firestar. His voice was calm, but there was a deep underlying emotion.

So they all bowed their heads and let Eagleface's memory engrave itself in their hearts forever.

When they had finished sitting vigil, and it was dawn, Graystripe looked up. "Let's get some fresh kill." he suggested. The other cats murmured agreement.

Ten minutes later, the party gathered at their original place by the Twoleg house and ripped warm juicy meat off the bone with their teeth.

Squirrelpaw stretched and stepped away from her breakfast. "I have to make dirt." she announced, going off into the woods.

Some time passed and the rest of the patrol heard a loud Twoleg yowl. "I wonder what those Twolegs are up to now," piped up Thornclaw.

"I dunno." shrugged Mousefur.

Fifteen minutes after the scream was heard, Squirrelpaw entered the clearing again with something in her mouth.

"Did you catch some more fresh kill?" inquired her father Firestar.

"Yes- and this is enough food to feed the whole Clan twice!" replied Squirrelpaw happily. She stepped forward into the light so that the others could see her prize better. There, battered, dead, and bleeding, was Dora the Explorer.

Squirrelpaw cackled. "That's what you get for killing Eagleface, bitch!"

It's my first story. So it's not super great. Also, Eagleface is not a real warrior. I just made him up. Originally he was called Grasspelt, but then I discovered Grasspelt was already canon.

Translations: "Entrar, Dora, y no hacer estos gatos enojados." means "Come inside, Dora, and don't make these cats angry."

"¡Oh, está bien. Yo sólo quería jugar con los gatos del gatito." means "Oh, fine. I just wanted to play with the kitty cats."