Hey! This is just a short story that my friend Deepika wrote about Lusa from Seekers. I really loved her story even though i had no idea what she talking about. Anyways enjoy! :) Btw, i'm almost done with Cruelty of Fate. So this is for Seeker lovers! :)


The spirit of Lusa

She disappeared in midair! All that remained was her paw prints on the wet sand. Toklo was worried if she died like his brother, Tobi. Kallik and Ujuark remained silent as the wind picked up speed.

They just swam through rough waves and now Lusa was missing. Small whimpers of voices lifted the air. "Is this the right time to panic or not" Kallik thought. "Mama always said to not jump into conclusions. Is she right?"

Lusa gently picked up her head. She was tired, hungry and overall confused. There right in front of her was her mom and her family who lived in Bear Bowl. "My dear Lusa, you have returned to us," Lusa's mother Ashia replied in excitement. Now Lusa was really confused. She had left her mother seven moons ago. She now can see her father, King staring at her with dazzling, blue eyes. Just then a loud noise erupted the air as Taquick emerged trough the opening and attacked Lusa.

Lusa woke up trembling. All the other bears were sleeping peacefully. She limped to the lake and looked at her reflection. " I wonder how I got that terrifying dream?" she wondered aloud. Just then, a slimy green monster jumped right at her, shoving it's fangs through fur.

By Deepika

So how was it? Did ya like it, did u hate it? Tell me in your reviews. Once again this awesome story was written by my friend Deepika!