Another short drabble written by my friend enjoy!


Is This The End?

Since my mother left me I had a lot of problems. Even though I do have a friend I still feel lonely. Why? I don't know.
We walked past the Maple forest and past a brown bear's territory. Ujuark glared at as if I swallowed a hedgehog. "Have you ever been threatened?" he asked suddenly. His thin brown legs were shaking with fright." If I ever been what?" I asked. "If you ever been threatened," he repeated. I didn't want to mention to him that I never was threatened because of my strong muscles. I didn't want to brag to the poor cub since his legs were already shaking. So I finally replied that I wasn't. Suddenly a big brown bear came running in the distance. Which direction was it running to? Our way!

By: Deepika