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Chapter 1

It's stranger... Love, I mean.

It's rather funny how you can develop these strong, and sometimes unconditional, feelings for another person. How this person, whom you've probably only known for a couple of days, then means more to you than your own life. When you so suddenly want to change your ways for this person, all so that you can see that gorgeous smile, those ocean blue eyes sparkle, and her head tilt ever so slightly in the most adorable fashion.

You see what I mean!

It's crazy!

I used to be a frickin' player! Women would stand in lines just to be with me.

I had everyone falling at my feet! I had control, damn it!

I was known to sleep around and never be there the next morning. That's how I rolled and I loved it!

No strings attached. No names to learn. I had a reputation to uphold! And that reputation, depending on who you are, can either be a good thing or a bad thing.

Either way I was proud of that reputation. I liked who I was and how I lived. It was simple and carefree!

I'm an outcast at my high school. Don't get me wrong, I love it that way. I love teasing the cheerleaders whenever they bump into me and "try" to make my life a living hell. I guess I'm just used to it by now and now I just find it all too entertaining.

I prefer to be alone, but of course I do have a partner in crime. Sam. She's a pretty cool chick, almost as messed up as me actually, and that says something. But unlike me she doesn't ONLY sleep around. She's been in a few relationships here and there. Don't get why though... Urgh! I like my lifestyle better!

Anyways, now I am falling out of the real story… like I said... I like being alone, I hate commitment, and I don't learn the names of the girls I sleep with. My brain simply can't take all the names…

In other words, I had a simple life and I loved every second of it! That was until I met her of course. When she crashed into me that very faithful morning… I was in deep shit!

Everything changed! I knew that this person was somehow different and something in the back of my head screamed for me to get to know her.

I had to get to know her!

And of course I did the exact opposite of what I had planned out between the moment I saw her on the quad and when she made me spill my morning coffee…

I Kinda, maybe, might have... lashed out on her and then stormed off in true Ashley Davies fashion...

Oh yeah, I forgot... my name is Ashley Davies.

Maybe you've heard of me… or maybe my dad. Yeah, you see daddy was a huge rock star.

Raife Davies in fact.

Yeah, now you get it.

Anyways, that was not really important.

Like I said I lashed out at the poor girl and stormed off in the other direction. I probably scared the girl…

There we go again! I usually don't care about that shit!

I'm soulless!

I'm frickin' Angelus!

…oh who am I kidding? After I laid my eyes on her, some stupid higher being decided I needed a soul all of the sudden.

So now I'm just a biiig fluffy puppy with baad teeth… That was an Angel reference if you didn't know. Yeah, I have a feeling that's a tiny, tiny, tiiiny part to why I am an outcast…

I kinda love sci-fi fantasy shows!

It's not my fault most of the shows have incredibly hot girls! Oh yeah… that's the bigger reason why I'm an outcast. I'm gay. Of course I think you've already realized that by the way I've been describing a certain blonde beauty.

After I had left the blonde beauty (we'll call her that until I find out her name) all confused, I tried to get myself cleaned up in the nearest bathroom. It's a good thing I brought a change of clothes.

Of course I was late for class and my sneaking skills has been kinda off lately, so the teacher found me on all fours trying to crawl to my seat. He didn't buy my charming (and totally award winning) smile and my "I lost a pen" excuse so I earned myself detention.

'Now, Miss Davies, will you please find your seat and open your book to page 34? And at least TRY to pay attention for once,' the last part was more of an order. I just ignored him has a slumbered down in my seat and opened my book. Now I had done two out of three and I was feeling mighty proud over that. The teacher should be too, it's a real accomplishment. But no way was I paying attention.

My mind was already waaay deep in thoughts about the blonde beauty. I had to find her…

whoa! Do I sound like a stalker or what?

Snap out of it, Davies!

'Hey!' someone next to me was leaning over her desk to try and get my attention. It was Sam.

'What?' I whispered back.

'Did you talk to her yet?'

Yeah I told Sam about the blonde beauty. Why wouldn't I? I tell the chick everything!

'Sorta…' I whispered as I tried to read the content in my book. 'What do you mean 'sorta'?' I looked up to see what the teacher was doing and I was glad to see he was too wrapped up in what was on the blackboard to notice what was going on behind him.

'I mean, I kinda snapped at her…' I mumbled the last part and hoped Sam didn't hear it… she did.

'What?' she almost screamed. The teacher turned around and his gaze landed on Sam. Here it comes...

'Something bothering you, Miss Garden?'

'Uhm, no, Mr Ments, I was just really, uhm shocked about how eh...'

'Do you need more time to find a decent excuse?' ouch, she's dead.

'Uhm, no sir…'

Mr Ments nodded slowly and then turned back to the blackboard. 'Then please, be silent while you work, and save the gossiping for later,'

I snickered a little bit as Sam slumbered back into her seat with a little scowl on her face.

The rest of the day went by slowly. I could help but think about the blonde beauty.

Why was I acting this way?

She was just a girl. Just another girl!

I didn't understand why my mind was all over her like this.

She was just so beautiful, especially her eyes. I hadn't seen anything like them.

And my goodness her legs! They went on forever!

Snap out of it, Davies! She's just a girl! I say, get your flirt on and show her a good time!

Gee, the voice inside my head is really commanding… but maybe it's right.

I just gotta get her out of my damn system… yupp! That's it!

Let's go on a treasure hunt! We got a blonde beauty to find!

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