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Why does it feel like my brain has been shut down for months?

Did I miss graduation?


Graduation... I forgot that I'm graduating this year! ...If I pass all my classes, that is... Wonder where Spencer is going after graduation.

'Ashley?' That was Spencer.

Why am I thinking about all this now? This must be because of the lack of coke... I haven't had coke in aaaaaages!

Four whole days! It's torture! Torture I tell you! Torture! ...Damn my mom for making me agree to do that bet...

'Yo Ash!' ..That wasn't Spencer...

Sounded a bit like Sam... Wait, when did Sam get here?


'You just seemed like you were in your own little world,' Spencer said.

'And considering you're the one who's driving we thought you should be in this world rather than your own...' Sam added from the backseat.



Wait, what? I'm driving?

When did this happen?


Oh, right! We're on our way to Aiden's game... and my doom... I knew that!

pfffffft! of course I knew that! I got this all under control!

'Wait, I'm driving? You didn't tell me I was driving!' I exclaimed in mock shock just to tease Spencer.

'So not funny!' Spencer replied.

She's right. Car accidents aren't something you joke about, kids! Remember that! Always keep your eyes on the road!

... Now that's out of the way, let's return to Ashley's Epic Adventures! You know you love it!

'Ash? Are you ok? You had that worried look on your face...' Spencer gave me a concerned look.

'Oh, don't worry! My bestie is all fine and dandy! It's just the lack of coke getting to her head. It's abstinence,' Sam replied and leaned back into her seat.

Sam knew me. She knew it wasn't abstinence.. I have been thinking too much lately. Worrying too much...

I wasn't the same Ash as I once was.. and as happy I am to not be that person anymore.. it also worries me, because I now feel much more vulnerable...

and it scares the crap out of me.

Sam knew that I didn't want Spencer to worry about me.. at least not now after all she's been through. Besides, I'm just panicking over something I am not generally used to. I'll find a way and figure it out in time. I don't need Spencer to hold my hand through all of this. Right now she needs me, not the other way around.

'Yeah, it's just that,' I assure my girlfriend. 'I'm on my fourth day of no coke... You know what they say! The first week is the worst,' I replied with a wink.

Spencer didn't seem to really buy it, but she let it go anyways.

I turned left into the school's parking lot. 'Alright, we're here! It was nice knowing you guys,'

'What happened to the "I can't wait until he sees us together!" attitude?' Spencer asked with an amused smirk.

'That was until I remembered that your ex is a big, strong, slightly dumb guy, who could quite possibly kill me...' I got out of the car.

'Don't worry, babe! I got your back!' Sam assured me as she came up behind me. I pinched her shoulder and she yelped in pain.

'Sure you do,' I replied dryly and smirked at my best friend.

'We can do this, Ash,' Spencer came up behind me and linked our hands together. I smiled at her and squeezed her hand slightly. 'With you, I can do anything,' I whispered.

She smiled at my words and I smiled back. This was one of those moments when I didn't have a worry in the world. And it was also one of those moments that made Sam incredibly uncomfortable... wonderful bonus!

She just stood there, looking back and forth between our lovestricken faces. 'Yeeeeeaaaah... how about I just go inside? Scout ahead?'

'You go do that,' Spencer muttered while still gazing into my eyes.

'I seriously hope Hayley and I act like that every time we're together...' Sam muttered as she headed towards the gym.

I brushed a hair out of Spencer's eye. 'You're gorgeous, you know that?' I whispered which made my girl blush and shake her head. 'I just want you to know that,' I continued. 'You're the best thing that has ever happened to me,'

'and you me, Ash... You're an amazing and incredibly giving person. I'm so happy to have you in my life,' she whispered back and kissed my forehead. 'We should get inside,'

'I stomped like a five year old. 'Fiiiiiiine!'

'Jane Rizzoli would be so proud of you,' Spencer muttered as she walked ahead of me. I just giggled.

Oh, Jane Rizzoli, you make stomping like a five year old so adorable! You're a worthy rolemodel...

'Whoa Spence" Wait up!' I shouted as I ran after my girlfriend who was just about to open the doors to the gym.

'You gotta learn to keep up, babe,' Spencer smirked and gave me a wink as I caught up with her.

We opened the doors together and gazed into the smelly gym. Has it always been this foggy? It was halfpacked with students, parents and other local basketball enthusiasts... Oh and we can't forget the cheerbitches. They were in the middle of the court, doing their routine pre-game dancenumber...

The players (and Aaron, thankfully!) on the other hand weren't there. They were probably still in the locker room. ...I have no idea how these things work. I never liked sports and I've only been to a couple of these cult meetings with Sam simply to make fun of Madison and her squad... and I might have watched a few episodes of early One Tree Hill just to drool over Peyton and Brooke...

Aaaanywho, speaking of Madison" She's giving me the evil eye right now... How sweet! I feel loved... For some reason I've missed her. Don't get why though... it's not like it's been months since I last saw her. Just the other day she tried to make fun of my smoothie!

I gave her an airkiss and waved at her lovingly which made her scoff and almost loose control.

Damn, I'm good!

Sam waved at us from the back of the bleachers. Next to her sat Hayley who smiled at us. Awww weƦre all together! The dyke-squad! Here to make fun of the cheerbitches, shock the heck out of Teethy McShiny and of course.. Support Aiden.

'Hey, Hayles, did you bring the notes from Miss Jones' test?' I asked as Spencer and I sat down on the row in front of our friends. 'Yeah, I got them right here,' Hayley answered enthusiastically and handed me a couple of papers filled with tiny little notes.

'This will be fun to read through,' I muttered as she handed me the notes. 'Have you heard of spacing?' I asked and Hayley simply shrugged.

I was just beginning to interpret Hayley's super tiny handwriting when the crowd erupted into an explosio0n of cheers, clapping and dog whistles.

The opposing teams entered the court, along with their coaches. Among them... Aaron McCray.

As if he knew we were here, he gazed in our direction and with the notes in my right hand I threw it up in front of Spencer and successfully covered her face from his view. He looked at me strangely.

'Hey pal! Keep your eyes on the game, why don't ya?' I yelled at him and used my free hand to motion for him to turn his attention to his team instead.

I could sense Spencer glaring at me behind the notes.

Aaron shook his head and turned to the coach, probably to talk about the gameplan or whatever.

I could hear Madison mutter "freak" all the way from the front row before she shot up her ponpons and started cheering again. ...And she calls me a freak?

Spencer pushed my hand down and glared at me.

Uh oh...

'Ash, sooner or later he's gonna see us. Stop postponing the inevitable!' She whispered and interlaced our fingers. Most likely to keep me from running.

The teams yelled "break" and started spreading out on the court.

Aiden was standing in the middle of the court and, as he noticed us, he smiled and waved. What a goofball...

you know... Since I caught him and Madison in a heavy makeout session on my mom's couch back when Madison was my sister from hell... I kinda hated him... But after I got to know him... he's not all that bad.

Sure, he's not the smartest guy around, but heck, neither am I! He's a womanizer, but again, so was I! But all in all the guy is actually quite nice... And he has no problem with the dyke-squad in any way! Although... he really needs to stop asking us if he can watch... It's getting a bit old... But other than that, swell guy!

The game had started and the coaches were yelling and screaming at their team. I didn't really catch anything of what they said and I had no idea who had the ball! Or why the Cobras were up by 5 points already... But I guess that's a good thing.

I think I fell asleep during the first half of the game because when the half-time bell rang it scared the living shit out of me and Kate Hudson was suddenly nowhere to be seen!

'Wha? What happened?' I asked my friends. 'Is it over? Is the game over? Did we win?'

'it's only half time, Sam answered as she got up from the seat. 'Me and Hayley are gonna head over to the hotdog stand on the other side of the road. You guys want anything?'

'No thanks, I said and Spencer politely declined as well. hand in hand, Sam and Hayley escaped the foggy and smelly gym and I started to wonder why the hell I didn't go with them.

'Penny for your thoughts?' Spencer asked as she leaned her head against my shoulder. 'Just wondering why I am not using this time to get some air,' I answered.

'It's not that bad, is it? Sure it's surprisingly foggy in here and it kinda does smell like old gym socks but... I don't know, I guess I'm just used to it,' Spencer explained.

'Well, you were a cheerleader after all, so of course you're used to it,' I reminded her. She giggled. 'Yeah, that might be it,' she whispered and gave me a kiss.

I heard the echo of something hitting the ground and turned to where the sound originated from. On the other side of the court stood Aaron. His clipboard was by his feet and sheets of paper scattered around.

He looked pissed...

I'm going to do, aren't I?

I didn't know he was still here! I thought he had returned to the locker room with the rest of the sweaty boys! He was not supposed to be here.

He looked at Spencer confused. Confused over the fact that she was a student here, at King High. Confused that she was at this very game. and very confused that she was smooching a dangerously hot girl named Ashley Davies.

and then he turned to said dangerously hot girl. He glared at me. I'm dead.

Then he turned to the direction of the locker room and he was gone. Now he leaves!

'Well... at least he knows,' Spencer whispered as she bit her lip.

DU-DU-DUUUUUUU! Now Aaron knows! How very dramatic! What will happen next? Oh, I guess you will only find out when I update next! ... Whenever that will be^^'

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