Title: Sweet Like Chocolate
Rating: 15/M
Disclaimer: I do not own Lie to me*.
Summary: An interesting find, leads to some interesting times…
A/N: Kate made me do it! I'll get through this list of 'tiems' yet.

… … …

Gillian Foster could always tell when Cal Lightman was angry. Not only that, she could tell when he was angry over something serious, and when it was over something that didn't necessarily warrant his anger. And when it was the latter, she couldn't help but find it amusing. Which is why, when he stormed into her office this day, she had to fight to suppress a smile…

His purposeful strides brought him to her desk seemingly as soon as she had noticed him enter the room. He carried a small box which he deposited on her desk with a clunk.

"Morning, Cal," she smirked at him, reaching out to pick up the box, curious as to what had him so wound up. She raised an eyebrow as she read the label.

"Erm, I think we should probably date first," she joked. She knew it was cruel, but he was so easy to wind up when he was already in that state.

"I found that in Emily's bathroom this morning!" he told her. "Chocolate body paint!"

Gillian decided not to point out that she could in fact read - or that technically it was Chocolate Body Pens, not paint, per se - and instead smiled sympathetically. "Cal, she just turned eighteen. One of her friends probably bought it for her as a joke."

"It's not a funny joke!"

He was pacing from left to right in front of her desk, occasionally shaking his head, or clenching his fists. No matter how amusing she was finding it, Gillian knew she was going to have to take him seriously if he was ever going to calm down.

"Cal, it's still sealed," she told him, showing him the seal to support her words.

"I got to it in time then!" he remarked, not even looking at her evidence.

"Does Emily know you found it?" she asked him, worried how that conversation may have gone and what state Emily was in.

He shook his head. "No. She'd already left for school."

"And you were snooping around her bathroom?"

He stopped now and stared at her. "I don't snoop!" he protested defensively.

She held up a hand in surrender. "Sorry… But, then how did you happen to find it?"

"My shower's broken. I was using Emily's and it was just lying around by the sink."

Gillian immediately saw what Cal's anger had obviously clouded, and a grin spread across her lips.

"You think this is funny!" Cal accused.

"Cal, did Emily know you would be using her bathroom?" she asked him calmly.

"Of course she did!"

"And yet she just left this lying around. Where you were bound to see it."

Cal opened his mouth to respond, but Gillian watched as realisation hit him and knocked his retort away.

"Have you done anything recently that might drive Emily to wind you up?" she queried with a gentle smile that suitably hid the true extent of her amusement.

Cal dropped into a chair opposite her and replied, "Of course not."

She could tell that was a lie, but if he didn't want to confess his sins then she wouldn't push him. But she felt confident that he had deserved the revenge that Emily had exacted.

"Well she's not having it back!" he declared. "That'll teach her to mess with me."

Gillian nodded. "Yeah, that'll do it."

Cal met her eyes with narrowed ones of his own. "You're mocking me?"

Gillian just grinned back at him.

She was sure she saw the beginnings of a smile at the corners of Cal's mouth before Anna appeared in the doorway to tell Cal that his nine o'clock meeting had arrived.

They both thanked Anna and Cal stood up. "You can keep that, love," he said to Gillian, tapping two fingers on the chocolate body paint box. "I know you love chocolate."

He winked at her and she shook her head as she watched him leave her office.

She glanced at the box and chuckled to herself about Emily's trick before getting back to work.

… … …