And so, the Daleks found their home in cooking shows and plumming, as they had found their rightchous path to good following exhaled sight from the doctor. Constantly they would let their anger out for the burned skaro by exterminating the toilet. Cooking programs on terestrial, human televisions were also best to find a Dalek: as a form of amusement or as a pepperpot, specially miniturized by the tesselector for disobeying orders. Dalek's were especially good at whisking, their dry humor towards the hosts chaining them to their posts and whisking a various array of things, but occasionally they lazered their directors when they insulted their good friend the narwhals, as they were seriously misunderstood creatures as well.

Overall, the Doctor had taught them many things in their lifes and one was that life was extremely boring without him.

Oh, happy days.