A/N: I'd feel bad for not writing anything today, so...here ya go.


The girl looked up from the book she was reading as Dia, Pearl, and a pound of snow came through the door. "Oh, hi, you two. Did you get what you were after?"

"And then some," Dia said, holding up five sacks of food. "They had a big sale on Pocky for some reason, so I got a bunch."

"You got normal food too, right?"

"Course we did," Pearl chimed in. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to make sure my feet are still there." With that, he started up the lodge stairs.

"Want something to eat?" Dia called after him.

"We just ate, you ninny!" the reply floated back down. "Fix something for Miss Berlitz."

"Oh yeah." Dia turned his gaze to the girl on the sofa. "What do you want?"

"Um…the lodge keeper fixed our dinner a half an hour ago, so….can I try some Pocky?" she asked.

"Try? You mean you've never had any?" Platina shook her head. "No good," he said, plopping down on the sofa with a sack full of it. "Here."

She removed a box, opened it, and fished out one stick. After a few seconds of careful scrutiny, she placed the snack in her mouth. "Hey…this isn't bad."

Dia looked over at her, a half empty box in his hand. "Have as much as you want," he grinned. "There's almond, strawberry…" He trailed off as a dreamy look crossed his face.

"Dia." Her voice brought the food fanatic back to earth. "Look," she said, pointing at the television. The ad showed for only a few seconds, but the explanation was sufficient.

"That explains a lot," Dia mumbled. "Pocky Day, huh…" He made a mental note to celebrate this day every year.

Suddenly, Platina's eyes lit up. "Dia, look over here."

"Hm?" He turned around with an arched eyebrow and a piece of Pocky sticking out of his mouth. She darted in and bit half of it off, then leaned back and grinned at him. "HEY!"

"Pocky game," she said, placing one in her mouth with a mischievous grin. "Want to try?"

"You…" He lunged at the girl and met solidly with a pillow.

Platina giggled. "Not so fast, are you?"

"Not fair! Hold still!" Dia cried. He flung the pillow aside and the two raced around, over, and between everything on the ground floor of the lodge until he'd more or less tackled her onto the sofa. "I win," he declared, grinning triumphantly as he leaned in…only a little too close. Their lips made solid contact as he collected his half of the snack. The moment froze as the pair stared at each other, scarlet rising in both of their faces.

"…What are you two doing?"

They looked up to find Pearl stopped midstep on the stair landing. It took Dia a minute to find his voice. "Pocky game," he mumbled.

Pearl stared at them for a second. "What's a…scratch that, I don't wanna know. Just keep it down, okay? I'm trying to relax." He turned and went back upstairs.

Dia stared after him until he vanished, then returned his attention to the girl beneath him. "So…play again?" he asked sheepishly.

Platina's face flushed, but she returned his grin. "…Sure."