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Beyond Expectations is the sequel to Jade Green Eyes (which was a sequel to Mythic Alliance). It is Harry/Lucius with Severus as Harry's adopted father. It includes crossdressing and mpreg. There is also Dumbledore bashing.

You really need to read Jade Green Eyes before you read this or you will be lost. You don't necessarily have to read MA (which was gen Harry with mentor Severus and friend Draco), but if you don't read JGE first, you're going to be a bit confused.

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Beyond Expectations

(sequel to Jade Green Eyes)

by Jendra

Part 1/?

Harry looked around the Great Hall. Almost everyone was pretending to be interested in their own conversations while stealing surreptitious glances in his and his father's direction. The Gryffindors were being relatively polite only because they knew they'd have the chance to jump Harry when he went back to the common room. The Slytherins were slavering at the jaws to try to find out what they could but knew they'd have their chance with Draco after the feast. The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs didn't have those resources and had to make do with rumor and speculation. And they were running high and fast.

Flick was currently curled around his shoulder under his robe, and very few people knew she was there. Spitfire wasn't noticeable near Severus, but that didn't mean anything either. He clapped indiscriminately as the new First Years were Sorted. The other Gryffindors stared at him as he applauded just as enthusiastically for the new Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and even Slytherins as he did for the students who went into his own House. His friends started doing the same thing and by the end of the Sorting almost the whole school was clapping and cheering for each student.

He listened as Dumbledore introduced the new Defense teacher. Connor O'Feahr was tall, lithe, auburn-haired and handsome enough to have had the attention of practically every female old enough to care ever since they first saw him. Of course, it wasn't only the girls, and Harry covered a chuckle as he remembered Blaise's reaction to meeting the man on the train.


Harry headed down the hallway to the nearest loo. Finished with his business and headed back he passed an open compartment and looked inside. Inside was an unknown adult who looked up and caught his eye. "Come in, come in," he said in a lilting voice as he smiled happily. His eyes went up to the barely visible scar. "Ye'd be Harry Potter then?"

"Harry Snape actually," Harry said in a cool tone. "Are you the new DADA teacher?"

"Aye, that I be. Connor O'Feahr's the name. I have na' been able to visit Hogwarts aforetime. Can ye sit down and tell me abou' it?"

Harry thought about it for a moment, but knew there was no way he could be missing for much longer without someone coming to find him. Besides, he'd learned long before to be wary of DADA teachers. Only one good, competent one in the past five years and even he had had a very large secret. Still, he wanted to learn more about the man. Forewarned was forearmed after all. "My friends are going to be looking for me soon. Why don't you come to our compartment? Hermione would be the best one to ask. She knows practically everything." Without waiting for an answer, he headed back towards his friends. He knew it was rude, but also knew there was something slightly off about the man, something that was making his magic senses twinge. He could *feel* the man following him without even looking.

"What's the matter Harry, did you fall in?" Ron asked humorously, hiding the quick check he made of his friend. Everything looked all right.

Certain others didn't even bother to hide their perusal. "You were gone longer than expected," Draco told him straight out.

"I found the new DADA teacher," he told them. "He's never been to Hogwarts and wanted to ask questions. I figured others would be better to ask." He caught Draco's eyes deliberately, putting him on guard, then turned back to the opening and the man standing there. "Professor O'Feahr, these are my friends, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Neville Longbottom, Thyme Scarborough and Ginny Weasley. Guys, this is Connor O'Feahr."

"Nice i' tis to meet ye all," O'Feahr said genially.

Everyone welcomed him and scooted around until there was room for him to sit between Harry and Ron. Draco was across the compartment and Thyme had moved onto Neville's lap. Harry hid a smile. It wasn't anything they had ever bothered to talk about, but the stranger was currently situated in the middle of a triangle made up of the three strongest duelers in the compartment.

Ginny looked the man over, noticing instantly how attractive he was, as several others had already noticed. She pouted. "It's not fair," she whispered to her brother. "He's a redhead! Where are his freckles?"

The Defense professor laughed. "'Tis because I be not quite human, lass," he admitted. "It gives me betta than average hearing as well."

Everyone looked at him, trying to fit him into one of the categories of nonhumans that could crossbreed.

"A true elf?" Hermione suggested thoughtfully.

"Na' quite. Nowadays we be called the Sidhe. However we still know them as Danu's Children." He explained. "And it was many, many generations ago."

"The Tuatha de Danaan?" Hermione breathed.

"Aye, ye've heard of 'em?" O'Feahr asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Of course I have," Hermione answered. At that point Harry and most of the others tuned her out. Harry knew he'd get a complete rundown later. Right now he continued analyzing what he had found out so far. Being not completely human would explain the feeling he was getting. Flick hadn't warned him about anything either, so for right now he would just watch. That he was congenial didn't mean he was safe, nor knowledgeable. Not that it mattered as much to him or his friends. His dad would teach him and Draco whatever they needed to know, and they would teach those who wanted to know. It would still be best if they actually had a competent teacher though. He had other things he'd prefer to do with his time.

Of course, what he really wanted to do with his time wouldn't be possible for at least a couple of weeks, maybe even months. He shook those thoughts away before he got kicked. He'd already been warned what would happen if he started to mope too obviously. He was both a Snape and a Malfoy now, appearances had to be maintained.

After about fifteen minutes of conversation, the new professor took his leave. Once he was gone, Blaise took a deep breath and fanned his face. "Now there's a man," he vamped.

"You got that right," the three girls said almost in chorus, bringing about protestations from Hermione and Thyme's boyfriends.

"I can't believe he's really descended from Nuada Silverhand," Hermione said with shining eyes. "He must know so much about what really happened to the Tuatha de Danaan."

"I'm more interested in whether he knows his stuff in defense," Draco told her.

"Well I'm more interested in whether or not he's single," Blaise said with a leer.

"Maybe he's not," Ginny suggested, throwing a quick glance at Harry before looking away quickly.

"That's never stopped him," Draco grinned.

The conversation degenerated to its normal joking at that point, but Harry didn't join in immediately. He was looking at Blaise, noticing the look in his eye. If Blaise was really interested in the man, he would do everything he could to help. After all, all of his friends should be as happy as he was. Of course, if the Irish man hurt his friend... well, that was another thing altogether.

\End Flashback\

His mind drifted away from that conversation as the food appeared in front of him. He knew that Draco and Severus were watching him as for the first time ever, he was able to take full advantage of the feast, knowing that his stomach would be able to take anything he could put in it. And take advantage of it he did.

By the time the feast ended, Harry was groaning from having eaten too much, but he was happy. He stood up with the rest of his table and together they followed the Prefects through the doors and up towards Gryffindor Tower.

Once the newest Gryffindors were shown their rooms, everyone gathered in the Common Room. Before the others could start asking questions, their Head of House stepped in for the welcome speech and listing of rules. Once McGonagall had finished she turned to leave. "Oh, Mr. Potter. Dumbledore would like to speak to you as soon as possible. The password is 'gummy skrewts'."

Harry watched her walk out, but didn't move.

"Aren't you going?" Ron asked.

"Who was she talking to?" Harry asked, smiling darkly. "I don't know any Mr. Potter. My name is Snape."

"Harry!" Hermione remonstrated. "You know she was talking to you."

Harry nodded. "Yeah, I know. But I also know that if I don't insist from the beginning that they call me Snape, nobody is going to. And I'm proud of that name."

"How can you be?" one Fifth year said disgustedly. "He's so... ugh," she shuddered.

"Not once you get on his good side. Which, admittedly is very hard to do, especially if you're a Gryffindor. We get preferential treatment with too many other teachers, if he wasn't so grossly unfair, the Houses wouldn't be anywhere close to equal."

"Oh, come on, we do not!" a Seventh Year argued.

"Oh yeah? Next time you're in a class with others, keep a count, how many points Gryffs get, compared to the other Houses, especially Slytherin. I think you'll be surprised. And don't even try to tell me it's because we're smarter. We're just better liked. Which isn't fair and you know it."

The conversation didn't get much farther right then since Professor McGonagall walked back into the room. "Mr. Potter? Is there a problem? I believe you were asked to see the Headmaster?"

"Who's Mr. Potter?" Neville asked. "Harry's last name is Snape."

The Transfigurations professor looked at Harry for a long moment before smiling slightly. "Indeed he is, and I've been remiss in not congratulating him on his adoption. Congratulations Harry, Severus is a good man once you get past that prickly exterior of his."

"Oh, I know," Harry responded easily. "And thank you."

"Now, Mr. *Snape*, the Headmaster would like to see you, if you don't mind."

"Certainly, professor. I wouldn't want to keep Dumbledore waiting." Harry stood up and straightened his robes, following his teacher out of the room.

It was time to face the music. Or in this case, the music maker. But just because the old man wrote the notes, didn't mean that he had to follow the tune.

It was time to let Dumbledore know he would not be pushed around. The real question was, how would the old mage take it... and what would he try to do about it.

Part 2/?

Harry took his leave of McGonagall and headed towards the Headmaster's office. Making sure he was out of sight and hearing of the Transfiguration professor, he pulled out a small, circular mirror that had once resided in a compact that he could no longer carry without raising questions. Checking once more to make sure he was alone, he tapped the mirror with his wand and spoke quietly. "Voco Malfoy Study."

It was only seconds before his call was answered by the person he most wanted to see. "Harry," Lucius Malfoy said softly in greeting.

"I miss you," Harry whispered.

"And I, you," Lucius agreed. "But it's only been one day."

"I know, I know," Harry moaned. "But it's still too long."

Lucius decided to change the subject before he got too morose. "How was the inquisition?"

Harry knew what he was doing, but went along with it. "It was cut short by a summons to the Headmaster's office. I'm headed there now."

Lucius drew himself up immediately and looked intently at his lover. "Don't do anything stupid, Harry!"

"I wasn't planning on doing anything stupid. I'm just going to explain some things to him." Harry explained. "I'm not going to let him push me around, he's got to know that."

"Don't go challenging him yet. Not without backup," Lucius ordered.

"I'll be fine, I promise," Harry said, annoyed.

"Do you have the emblem with you?" Lucius asked, knowing there was no way he could talk his partner out of whatever he was planning. Not from where he was anyway.

"Of course I do," Harry answered as he reached the gargoyle that guarded the Headmaster's rooms.

"Keep it ready, and leave this on so I can tell if you need rescuing or if he does anything to you," Lucius ordered and this time Harry accepted the commands. After all, it was possible that Dumbledore had messed with their minds before, he could do it again.

Harry set the mirror in one of his pockets and enchanted the cloth so it could be seen through from the inside. He checked to make sure his portkey was within easy reach before speaking the password to the gargoyle and heading upstairs.

"Come in, Harry," Headmaster Dumbledore's voice sounded before he knocked on the door.

Harry walked in and greeted the headmaster before going over to visit Fawkes. He settled onto a chair in front of Dumbledore's desk at the invitation. "Lemon Sherbet?" Dumbledore inquired.

"No thank you," Harry answered politely.

"Well Harry, how does it feel to face a year without Voldemort?" Dumbledore asked with twinkling eyes.

"Wonderful," Harry admitted. "It's nice to come to school without having to worry about getting killed. I'm also happy that I'm not going to have to worry about getting killed by my relatives during the holidays. Now that I've got my father, that is."

"Now, now, my boy, don't you think you're exaggerating just a tad? Staying with your blood relatives really was the safest place for you. It still is. Severus, as good as he is, can't supply you with Wards as strong as the ones at the Dursley's." Dumbledore reminded him.

"But that's okay," Harry answered easily. "Because Voldemort's dead now, so I don't need Wards that strong. Besides, I spent the entire summer away from that house and didn't have any problems. Not to mention the Wards are down now and the Dursleys would never accept me back. I made sure of that." He smirked slightly. "Besides, I'm a Snape now, which means I'm no longer related to them."

A quick glance up showed blue eyes that weren't twinkling very much at all. Harry knew that the only reason things were going so well was that Dumbledore hadn't expected this amount of determination from him. After all, he'd never really fought the old man before. Few people did.

"About that," Dumbledore said ponderously. "I feel it might be best if you continue to use Potter as your name. Using Snape after all this time will just confuse people. It might even make trouble between you and your friends."

Harry could feel a presence in the air all around him. A heaviness in the magic. The words weren't a command, but there was a definite feeling that he should do things the Headmaster's way. Normally he pulled in any loose magic automatically, without even thinking about it, but there was no way he wanted to pull magic that felt like this into him, and now he had enough control not to. "My friends are fine with it. They might not understand what I see in him, but they know I'm happy. That's what's really important to them after all. As for anyone else, they'll just have to accept it and move on. It's really none of their business, you know. I'm not going to answer to Potter anymore. My name on the Ministry's list is no longer Potter, not even the owls can track me down as Potter. Using my true name seems to be a winning situation all around."

"Well, if you're determined, there's really nothing I can do. However, it does leave me in something of a quandary," Headmaster Dumbledore admitted. "It wouldn't really be fair to the other students to allow Professor Snape to continue to teach you; he might be biased..."

He was going to say more, but Harry's sudden burst of laughter stopped him in his tracks. Harry only incidentally realized the magic was moving away from him as if in surprise when he laughed. "You're... you're worried others might think Dad, Severus Snape, biased?" By now he was laughing so hard he slipped out of the chair and landed in a heap on the floor. "What? You think he'll actually give *Gryffindor* points because of me? Are you kidding? He'd rather tap-dance naked in the middle of the Great Hall at dinnertime!" He choked out. "He'd rather ask Hagrid to become his assistant!" He laughed for a while longer before it finally tapered off and he dragged himself back up to his seat. "I don't think you have to worry, sir. Severus might be a lot nicer than he was, as long as there's no gross incompetence around, but he hasn't changed *that* much."

Dumbledore smiled slightly, but it didn't seem to reach his eyes. "Perhaps you're right," he reluctantly agreed. "Still, it's not fair to the other students that you will get to spend a good portion of time with your father, when they have to be away from their families for the year."

Harry looked thoughtful at that. "Well, that's true, but I really don't think they'd care. Most of them seem to think I deserve to finally have a family that cares. Maybe having him around all the time will make up for all the other years when I didn't have one." He got up and made to leave.

Dumbledore's voice stopped him at the doorway. "I did the best I could."

"Maybe that's true," Harry agreed. "But if so, you're a lot less powerful than most people think. Don't worry though, I'll keep your secret." He turned around and left.

He didn't take a deep breath until he was several corridors away from the gargoyle statue. Sitting down in the hallway, he drew out the mirror. "Did you catch all of that?"

"Yes, I did," Lucius answered thoughtfully. "All that was said out loud, at least. I got the idea there was more going on than what I could hear, though."

"It was weird," Harry admitted. "Normally, when I'm in someplace where there's a lot of unused magic, I automatically collect some of it, so I've always got extra on hand, besides what comes from myself. There however, I made sure not to do that. It just felt as if taking in any of the magic around there would have been a very, very bad idea. I know Dumbledore is a mage, too. Could he use the ambient magic around him to have some... I don't know... control over me? There was a definite feeling in the office of 'do what he wants'. Do you understand what I mean?"

"That's certainly a possibility," Lucius' eyes were distracted as he thought. "It would only work completely on mages, but that much controlled magic in one place would impact even regular wizards and would probably be the most indistinguishable way to control someone that I've ever heard of. Especially before you found out how to feel the magic around you and decide what to take in. Before, you would have just accepted any magic in your vicinity and technically he wouldn't even be doing anything. You would be the one taking the magic in. No other wizard would be able to understand just how dangerous something like that could be, considering it's not a spell. If you had actually taken the magic in, you might very well have found yourself doing what he wanted without even being sure why. Like an Imperious, only some form of aura magic, instead of using a specific spell."

He was silent for a moment. "As a matter of fact, that might explain quite a bit. After the fight with Voldemort, we were all completely drained of energy. All four of us would have automatically been pulling any free magic we could find. If Dumbledore came to visit while we were unconscious, which of course he did, there's no telling what he commands he placed within the magic we all took in. It's something we all need to keep in mind. I'll research through the new books we found here and talk to Salazar about it. Why don't you talk to Severus and Draco tomorrow and the three of you start researching it as well."

Harry nodded. "I'll probably ask Hermione to help as well, though I know she wants to research the Tuatha de Danaan right now."

"Interesting topic," Lucius said absently, still thinking of where to start his research and what other secrets might be hiding within his magic.

"Um, the new Defense teacher is descended from them. Hermione's all excited, mostly because he's handsome, I think." Harry said off-handedly. He shook his thoughts free and looked down at the mirror and the small view of his husband's face. "Enough about that for now, how was your day?"

For the next fifteen minutes the two talked quietly about their respective days before it was time to go.

"I love you," Harry whispered, pressing a kiss to the ring he wore.

"I love you too," Lucius answered just as softly.

Reluctantly they canceled the mirror call and went back to their previous pursuits.