AU Finchel. Finn was the popular kid in high school and Rachel was the outsider. Now Rachel is a famous singer and Finn is her new bodyguard. But they did NOT go to the same school.

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Chapter 1

Finn dropped on the couch feeling exausted but also relieved. He finally had a job. He had been looking for a job for a while and he was getting frustrated. He almost gave up but he knew he couldn't, after all he had his bills to pay.

He didn't even know how he got this job since he had never been a bodyguard before. Perhaps the fact that he was freakishly tall was reason enough. In high school he played basketball, even though he wasn't the best player, being tall was reason enough to make him part of the team. He didn't care either way, he was happy he got the job and he would try his best to keep it.

Finn was going to be the bodyguard of a very famous celebrity. He didn't know much about her but he had seen her on tv before, he didn't remember where but that was beside the point.

He wasn't sure why he applied for the job in the first place, he didn't know what he was suppose to do. Am I suppose to go everywhere with her or protect her from the paparazzi? Finn wondered. Well, he was really tall, he could easily block their view.

In the afternoon Finn was waiting to be interviewed. He looked around at the other candidates, most of them were big black guys. They were all very serious, Finn felt a little intimidated by them. I guess that was the point. He concluded. At that point, he wasn't sure if he'd get the job but he was already there so he'd have to give it a shot. He didn't have anything to lose anyway.

After an hour sitting there waiting, Finn heard someone calling his name. It was taking so long that he took a nap. He wiped the drool off his face and got up. He looked around the waiting room and saw just three other guys left.

He was surprised when he heard one of them wish him good luck. Finn looked surprised at the guy but mumbled a thanks before going to the next room.

The woman introduced herself as Rachel Berry's assistant and that her name was Julie. Finn hoped he wouldn't forget the names later. She asked so many questions to him that he felt a little dizzy. She kept nodding her head as she listened to his asnwers. He opted for telling the truth since he didn't even know what it'd been the best answer. At the end of the interview she only told him to wait for a reply soon. He wanted to ask how long but he thought it was better to not push his luck.

He was walking back home when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He looked at the screen and didn't reconize the number. He wondered who was calling him.

It was the assistant calling to inform him that the job was his. Finn couldn't believe it. He wanted to scream out loud in the middle of the street but decided not to. He controlled himself and only replied with a modest 'thank you' after she congratulated him.

Things were getting better.

It was late at night, Rachel Berry was in her bedroom brushing her hair when she heard a light knock on the door.

"It's me Rachel." A female voice said.

"Come on in." Rachel said knowing who was there. Julie came from the job interview feeling tired but she wanted to give Rachel the news.

"I was just getting ready for bed. What is it?" Rachel asked to her assistant.

"Well, as you know, today I was interviewing people for the job of bodyguard," Julie started. She knew how Rachel felt about it.

"Oh Julie, I don't need a new bodyguard," Rachel protested. "Don't you see it never works out. How many went to the press to talk about my personal life? We can't trust them! I don't want a new one!" Rachel complained. She didn't understand why Julie insisted on the subject. "Yes you need a new bodyguard!" Julia insisted. "And I contracted one who I think it's perfect for the job." She informed.

"And how do you know that?" Rachel questioned, which made Julie smile a little bit knowing that Rachel would be gradually getting used to the idea.

"He has never been a bodyguard before and he seems like a genuine guy." Rachel gave her an incredulous look.

"He could've pretended to be one." Rachel pointed out, crossing her arms.

"I know, but I have a feeling that he was being honest. Come on, don't you trust me?"

"You know I do Jules," She sighed before she continued. "I just don't like having a stranger around me." Rachel stated. When she got into the bussiness, she was the first one to ask for a bodyguard, she was really excited and felt so important but soon she found out the bad side of fame. She was so imature and naïve in the beginning of her career that now she felt she needed to be more careful and make thoughtful decisions.

"I understand you Rach, but it's really important that you have a bodyguard." Rachel wanted to argue but deep down she knew Julie really cared about her like a younger sister and that she was only looking out for her.

"You're right." Rachel conceded, not having any other choice.

Julie looked at her watch and saw it was really late. "Okay Rachel. I gotta go now. You have a big day tomorrow, you need to have a good night of sleep. I'll see you tomorrow." Julie said as she went to hug Rachel "Have a good night."

"You too Julie." Rachel said back to her friend slash assistant.

After Julie closed the door. Rachel went to her Queen sized bed. Before turning off the light she looked at the picture of her dads that was on the nightstand beside the bed, she had a sad smile on her face and a single tear rolled down her right cheek.

Finn looked at the clock on the wall of his apartment and saw it was late so he got up from the couch and went to the bathroom. He needed a hot shower to relax. It had been a long day.

After the shower he went to the kitchen and prepared something to eat, then he went to his living room and sat on the couch to watch tv while he ate his food.

When he finished eating, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Finn was going to the bed but stopped and looked down to his computer. He thought it would be a good idea to find out who Rachel Berry was. After all he was her employee now, he needed to know more about his new boss.

He googled her name and found pictures and info about her life. She seemed really famous, Finn guessed looking at the pictures of her holding awards and posing next to other famous artists. Finn saw a youtube link, the video was of one of her performances. He clicked on it and let the video load. As he sat there in front of the computer he heard her sing for the first time.

He had never felt anything like that before, he was truly blown away by her voice. He couldn't believe someone could sing so beautifully.

At that night Finn went to bed and dreamed of her.

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