I'm surprised I'm putting this online... I started writing it just to vent, and now look at it! This is almost a prologue/the first chapter.

x x x

Chapter 1: The Butterfly Did It!

x x x

Oh Gawd I can't stand the boys in the room next to ours. They don't seem to get the message that they play their music too damn loud. I've already gone over three times (on separate occasions) to politely tell them as much, but next day it's back as loud as ever. My roommate and I are soooo sick of hearing the same songs over and over and over fifty times! We don't even like any of their music, and even if we did we'd probably be sick of it by now.

Too loud for headphones to help much. Wearing those little ear bud things for too long hurts my ears anyway.


It got louder.

If it wasn't for the fact that I'd be the one that would get in trouble, I'd totally go over and kick his ass. Dropkick to the head like Alex always tells me to do. Even if I can't pull off a drop kick.

If it was possible to open the screens on our windows, I know I'd definitely chuck something at their window.

Goddammit. Yes, my window is closed, no that doesn't help. Nor does it help that the music goes away, and when I open my window again (too much heating in these rooms) the music comes back ten minutes later...

Opened my window again, let's see how long the peace lasts...

Aww damn, now it's the neighbors across the hall. The only thing worse is when either or both are playing music or talking at one in the god damned morning like last night. Jeez, come on, I know it was a Friday night but there's still quiet hours and decency for those of us who didn't get enough sleep this week.

Aaaand there's the other neighbors again, though hey, not so loud yet...scratch that.

I'm this close to screaming out the window at them.

And yes, Alex did tell me I should dropkick them. In a text.

And I've been tempted to blast something in Japanese right back at them.

Neighbors across the hall are running around screaming like madwomen. The hell is wrong with people?

Yes I sound like an old lady and a prude. Really, I wouldn't give a damn about what any of them do, it's their own business, if only they didn't freakin' make it a public event.

I. Hate. People.

Oh. Hello there disturbingly homicidal side of my personality that rather disturbs my few friends that have had brief glimpses of you. Are you going to shove wood shavings down someone's throat? My computer giving us attitude probably isn't helping calm you down any.

Well, the dorm is reasonably quiet right now, so if my computer finishes acting up right about now I think we can get through the night without any...unpleasantness that we would all regret later.

Chucking the laptop at the neighbor's window sounds kind of appealing...


(...Who's playing Pokerface?)

Listening to: Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me (Hate scary movies and games, but damn if I don't love some of the music.)

x x x

I finally gave up on playing the waiting game in the hopes of outlasting the sources of my irritation. I was half successful; the girls across the hall had finished up whatever the hell they'd been doing (I usually assume on the weekend that it involves make up and hairspray) and left for the evening. It was rather like having chickens with their heads chopped off running around in circles for awhile... The boys in the room around the corner, however, were still playing their music as loudly as ever.

Fucking rap pretending to be techno.

My roommate had left for the weekend (lucky her) and Alex probably sensed from that one text message I'd sent and he'd replied to (a single word: "dropkick." I'm not at all surprised.) that his life and limbs would be endangered if he dropped by.

So I figured I'd go out for a walk, either along the lake and risk my neck climbing down to the water or over to that field Alex showed me where there's (almost) no light to ruin star gazing. Both were good options, I could see the stars from either and the sound of waves can be soothing. But one required a short walk through a somewhat creepy and very dark piece of forest, while the other required picking my way down rock paths I couldn't see and good odds of sitting in the cold wind.

Mild discomforts that posed no risks to my sanity though. It could be raining and I'd still go out to get away at this point. I could be chased through the trees by a crazy ax wielding murderer and still not regret it.

I slipped on my denim jacket and jammed a few things into the pockets; my wallet and ID card, room keys, cell phone, and mp3 player with spare batteries. Sticking the ear buds (only using them 'til I find a good set of headphones) into my ears I left the building and looked up into the sky. It was clear and cloudless with a full moon hanging behind the dorm. A moon like that was perfect for a late night stroll, but meant that stargazing wouldn't be as great.

The lake it was then.

After crossing a lawn and a few small streets I came to the slight drop off you had to climb down to get to the water side. Rather than threading through trees and rocks feeling for invisible footholds, I turned (humming along with "Hello" by Evanescence) and followed the edge for what I knew to be a fifteen minute or so walk.

Behind the parking lot near the campus library was an indentation that wasn't as steep and just barely better lit than the other paths to the water. I paused to watch the white breakers to see where they outlined the rocky beach, surprised by the constant wind rushing up at me from the water. It was warmer than I had expected and the water rougher than the last time I'd been there. Still, in moments I was scrambling down the rocks, blinking away the dirt blowing into my eyes, and finding a rock to sit on that was out of the parking lot's orange light.

"Hope Vol. II" (Apocalyptica) was in my ears, and having seen no one else around I allowed myself to heartily sing along, pouring as much of my voice and soul into the chorus as I knew how. I'm not the best singer, I refuse to let other people hear me, but there are times when I feel like I'll burst if I don't sing. So when "Hope" ended I switched off the power and continued on my own.

The Turn of a Friendly Card, *

Brothers, *

The Cask of Amontillado, *

The warm breeze whipped my brown hair around my face and the trees behind me swayed.

Into the West, *

Fake Wings, *

The braid that hangs in front of my right ear is twice as long as the rest of my hair, and it swung around as if it had a life of its own, hitting me on the nose a few times.

Stray Child, *

The Siren, *

Gaeta's Lament, *

The moon was large, bright, and directly behind me, its light casting the trees' shadows before me.

Aura, *

Gollum's Song, *

All around my own shadow, those of the trees' branches seemed to dance wildly to my singing.

St. Gabriel's Mask, *

Gollum's Riddle, *

Room of Angel, *

I sang them all, no order or reason in mind, just letting them out as they came to me.

I'm Talkin' to You, *

To One in Paradise.*

I didn't sing most of the songs as well as I knew I could, but I didn't care much. As if to make up for it, some of the others were better than ever. It wasn't until I started coughing when drawing in a breath for the chorus of "To One in Paradise" that I finally stopped.

It was like a spell I'd cast on myself was broken. My throat ached from use, wind, and spray from the lake.I stood up, finding my legs were shaky and a little numb from sitting on cold rock for so long. It wasn't until I turned around that I realized-

"Woah Jeez!" -someone was standing right behind me. The involuntary jump I made was enough for me to stumble back and fall into the water. It might have been nice during the day, but right now it was too cold for me. Adding further insult to injury, I swear I heard the person laugh at me.

"Hnph." I kid you not, that's how he laughed. Like he wouldn't demean himself by outright laughing, but needed to make some indication of his low opinion of me. I glared up at him, though with his back to the light and standing under the embankment I couldn't see him clearly. "Your vocal skills are in dear need of proper training, and I'd say your sense of grace and perception of your surroundings are even more lacking."

Oh, you bastard, I could feel the heat rising in my face, but chose to simply ignore him and outwardly show no signs of my irritation. I wasn't going to encourage anyone whose hobby is getting a rise out of others, and plenty of people will give up this way.

Wait, wasn't one of the reasons I picked this place because I'd felt relatively confident that no one could come up behind me unnoticed and overhear? Especially when I'm singing, I get so paranoid that someone is going to sneak up on me (and that grows exponentially in the dark) that it's pretty impossible.

Whatever, I dismissed my embarrassment, odds are I won't run into this person again, and I'll be more careful where I sing next time. But as I tried to walk past him, I'm ignooooring youuu, hey this guy's shorter than me! he reached out to grab my arm.

"It's rather rude to ignore someone who is addressing you."

I stopped and turned to look at him, though I still couldn't see any details. "That it is, but it's even ruder to insult a person when they haven't done anything to you." Yay, petty victory! No, Bad Me, don't feed trolls even if they're not online!

He went "Hnph!" again and said, "You certainly are an impertinent child. If you are as good with a real blade as with your sharp tongue, you might have a chance." Wait, what? A blade?

"Whatever you're offering, I want no part of it." I pulled away from him, breaking his grip easily with a basic wrist technique I learned from Aikido practice, and began picking my way over the rocks to return the banks and yellow lights of the parking lot. But the rocks disappeared, and the banks, and the light too.

I had only a moment of stupefied shock before I heard the words, "It's not an offer." I spun around to face him, and despite the lack of any light I could see him clearly for the first time.

What the heck? I've been kidnapped by a freakin' monarch butterfly!

x x x

You heard me right! No one ever suspects the butterfly~!

I changed the one actual name I used in this, no giving away the names of any of my friends! Oh, and the wood shavings part? Part of a random conversation I once had when I was extremely angry at my computer...

* Songs from my "Mental Playlist" aka songs I know the words to by heart. Yeah, there's over fifty of them and counting. I don't even care if anyone laughs at me for that.

"The Turn of a Friendly Card" "The Cask of Amontillado" "I'm Talkin' to You" "To One in Paradise"

- Songs by the Alan Parsons Project (great band from the 80s)


- Song from the anime Full Metal Alchemist (the way Vic Mignogna translated it, plus an extra verse I've heard on Youtube)

"Gollum's Song" "Into The West"

- Songs from Lord of the Rings movies 2 and 3 respectively.

"Gollum's Riddle"

- Song from an animated movie of The Hobbit made in the 80s.

"Fake Wings" "Stray Child" "Aura"

- Songs by Yuki Kajiura (used in the .hack animes)

"The Siren"

- Song by Nightwish (three very short verses...epic instrumentals)

"Gaeta's Lament"

- Song from Battlestar Galactica (Never watched it, don't plan to)

"St. Gabriel's Mask"

- Vocal Remix of music from the Ecco games (my brother plays them)

"Room of Angel"

- Song from Silent Hill games (game 3, I think, or 4. NEVER GONNA PLAY THEM.)

I really can't say why there's such an overload of songs in this chapter. It won't happen like this again, but there might be a chapter or two (or three...) where it comes close. Though I'll take pity on you all, and try not to sing in most of the chapters.