Our Destiny's End

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories, the characters, or the storyline. I also do not own the songs in this story either. Now onward with the awesomeness that is Zemyx!


Demyx had been sent on a mission to Halloween Town as Roxas's partner to defeat a Giant Heartless called Poison Tsubasa, which means Poison Wing, a fitting name for the moth Heartless. Tsubasa's wings were covered with a toxin that if gotten in the eyes, it would cause permanent blindness. When it was found out such a thing had happened to Demyx, the Superior ordered Zexion to watch the Nocturne until a cure was found. As they spent time together, the two Nobody began to like one another and soon Vexen explained a dangerous cure that would help Demyx regain his eyesight, even if only half. Zexion agreed to the terms and gave his right eye to Demyx, taking the Nocturne's right eye in return.

It has been a couple weeks since Demyx's lost eyesight has been partially returned thanks to Zexion's brave contribution of his right eye. During the time Demyx had been blind, which had only been the course of a week, the two Nobody were both still getting used to their new eyesight and off-balance depth perception, but it was Zexion who was struggling the most. Though he didn't show it to Demyx, who needlessly worried about the Schemer anyway.

What both of them didn't expect was that their lives were going to change dramatically. Friendships and promises will be broken, loves will be shattered and destroyed, and two star-crossed lovers will understand the true meaning of "I love you."

This is the prologue to my sequel. Hope you like it! ^^ R and R, please.