I said I wasn't going to post a new fic until I had others completed, but I actually ended up falling out of Bleach since the wait for the next chapter and then it did come out it was pretty boring (after all those chapters of fighting, its hard going back to normal plot), and now just waiting for it to get interesting again.

This is AU, no shinigami or hollows or anything supernatural in this story. My inspiration for this fic happened when I was reading Death Note: Another Note LABB case, that book just fed the plot bunnies like no tomorrow.

Pairings: Grim/Ichi, and others TBA

Warnings: this will be a violent fic (with minor fluff added in later so it doesn't get too dark) that will include character(s) death, blood, and other violent activities, along with yaoi (M/M), language, and will eventually contain sexual situations that are not appropriate for minors.

The sidewalks were busy with people heading to work and teens making their merry way to school, the younger children accompanied by their parents. It was the best way to commute on a busy Monday morning, especially when one lived only a few blocks from the school.

A young man with dark orange, spiky hair waited for the light to change along with a large group of people wanting to cross the street. He wore the standard school uniform: grey khaki pants with a matching jacket and a loose white button down shirt underneath. Unlike several young men whose shirts were stretched to the max while the buttons were crying for mercy, this young man was fairly thin, and had more muscle than fat on his five-foot-nine body.

"Mommy, mommy look!" a little girl aged around five pulled on her mother's dress but kept her eyes fixed on the orange haired young man. He simply sighed and looked down at the brat, who stared right back up at him. "That man has orange hair," the little girl whispered as if it were a secret, but loudly enough for the crowd to hear. Thankfully, most people simply ignored the girl in favor of chatting away on their cell phones. The girl's mother was included in that group.

"That's nice, dear," the mother said absently and hushed the girl by grabbing her hand, using her shoulder to keep the phone pressed her ear since her hands were full. She dragged the little girl across the street, and the orange haired teen contemplated taking a different route if he was otherwise going to have to follow the two halfway to school.

"But-" the little girl protested and stared back at the teen, not watching where she was going. She heard her mother chatting with her friend and finally saying goodbye, and that was when her mother let go of her hand in favor of grabbing her cell phone and turning it off.

The little girl stumbled and fell onto the pavement, dirtying her knees. It hadn't hurt too bad, though; she was more worried about her two books, which she had dropped when she'd fallen. She reached out to pick them up but a stranger stepped on one, and she looked up to see people walking all around her. "Momma?" she whined, and looked around to find that she couldn't see her mother anywhere. Her eyes widened in fear as she saw more strangers coming towards her, none of them paying attention to the child in the middle of the road. Tears began pooling in her eyes and she was about to start crying when someone grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. She didn't have time to look up as she was dragged to the sidewalk and pulled to one side of the stream of people.

The little girl looked up at her savior and realized it was the orange haired guy she had seen earlier that had rescued her. He even held her books in the hand that wasn't holding her arm. He stared into the crowd and paid no attention to her, but didn't let go.

"Nel? Nel!" a female voice called from the crowd, and the girl's mother came rushing back. She had obviously realized that she was missing something, or rather someone. The woman's face was filled with panic and her eyes widened when she saw that her child was safe, but with a stranger.

"Momma!" The teen let go of the girl and watched as she ran to her mother and hugged the woman's legs. The little girl finally started bawling as she was lifted up into her mother's arms.

"I'm so sorry, baby." The mother kissed her daughter's forehead. She stared over at the teen, who awkwardly walked over to return the books that had been dropped in the street.

"Here." The teen held the books out in his hand and the little girl, Nel, turned around and sniffled as snot ran from her nose. Her eyes were still watery and tears fell from her eyes.

"Thank you," Nel whispered, and took the books into her hand. The orange haired teen didn't bother sticking around waiting for the mother to say anything and simply walked away from the two. He heard the mother call out a 'thank you' but didn't care. She should have been looking after her kid better, and she was lucky that he'd noticed her before anything could happen.

The teen didn't make it ten steps before he heard clapping. He narrowed his eyes and looked to his left. There, he saw a girl with black hair and violet eyes wearing a school uniform standing next to a guy with red hair tied in a ponytail who wore a uniform similar to the orange haired teen's, but with the jacket thrown over his right shoulder. The red haired male had his arms crossed over his chest and had a cheesy grin on his face. As for the girl, she finally stopped clapping and placed her hands on her hips.

"That was so sweet." The girl smirked, but the orange haired teen simply rolled his eyes.

"At least I helped out the kid. You probably would have taken her home and cooked her for dinner, Rukia." the orange haired teen smirked when the girl's grin faltered and became a frown while her eyes narrowed. He looked over at the redhead who was snickering behind the girl's back and raised an eyebrow at him. "I wouldn't be laughing if I were you; you'd probably get as lost as the kid was, Renji." That shut the redhead up, and he instead leveled a glare at the orange haired teen.

"Whatever." Rukia dropped her hands from her hips in favor of folding them across her chest like Renji had been doing before he'd been insulted.

"You want to be an ass this morning, fine. I was going to warn you, but now…" Renji smirked and the other teen narrowed his eyes, already able to predict what was coming. It was a morning ritual and he knew it would happen sooner or later, but obviously today it was going to be sooner. He shifted his feet and clenched his hand into a fist that he knew he would be using in a few seconds.

Ah, there it was.


He could feel the air around him shifting as the piecing scream came closer and closer until he finally whirled around and planted his fist into another boy's face. The brown haired teen, Keigo, gave a small cry of pain before he dropped to the ground cradling his face.

"Wow, nice one Ichigo," a black haired boy by the name of Mizuiro commented as he and a group of teens walked up to the three. Mizuiro greeted them with a smile before taking out his cell phone and aiming it at his fallen friend whose butt was sticking up in the air.

"Hi Kurosaki-kun! How are you this morning?" Orihime Inoue asked sweetly, both her hands clasped onto her book bag. Her long hair hung on either side of her face because she'd chosen not to wear her hairpins today. It was unusual for her, and if it became a problem she intended put her long orange hair up into a ponytail.

"Good. How are you, Inoue-san?" Ichigo asked politely with a smile as Keigo was pulled up from the ground by a tall teen with darkly tanned skin and wavy brown hair that fell into his eyes.

"Why must you be so cruel? I've been a good friend, haven't I? Why do you treat them better than me?" Keigo cried, then pulled his hand away from his face. The stinging had finally stopped, but he continued acting overly dramatic about the situation as if it didn't happen every morning.

"Maybe if you stopped trying to hug him every morning he wouldn't have to punch you," Rukia suggested, and Keigo got teary eyed and turned away from them.

"Even you have turned against me, Rukia-chan?" Keigo cried, but he wasn't receiving any sympathy from the group.

"You have orange on your face," a black haired teen observed as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He kept himself at a distance from the group as if they all had the plague, but Uryu Ishida always acted as if he was better than everyone else even if they were friends (not that he would admit it).

"Hm." Mizuiro looked back at Keigo and found that Uryu was right; there was an orange imprint on Keigo's face. "He's right, look." He pointed to Keigo's cheek and the others examined the orange patch.

"What? My face? Oh my god I'm dying!" Keigo panicked, slapping his hand over his face.

"Stupidity can't spread, can it?" Renji whispered to Rukia, who rolled her eyes at him.

"Don't worry, you already got it," she sighed, and waited a few seconds for him to finally catch on. She smirked as she watched the brown haired teen freak out. She watched as he ran over to Orihime and grabbed the girl before shoving his head into her breasts as if they could cure him. Orihime stared down at him in surprise and looked to the others for help, but just then a girl with short black hair, having finally caught up with the group, grabbed Keigo by the back of his shirt and flung him off Orihime.

"What did I tell you last time? You touch her and I'll cut your balls off, wasn't it?" Tatsuki threatened, stepping in front of Orihime. Keigo whimpered on the ground and crossed his legs, and the other boys in the group finally felt a little sorry for the guy.

"But … but..." Keigo whined. He looked back at Ichigo, but the other boy had no intention of helping him. "Hey, your hand!" he exclaimed suddenly, jumping to his feet and grabbing a hold of Ichigo's hand to stare at his palm. "Why is your hand orange?" Keigo asked, and Ichigo yanked his hand away.

"Oh, were you finger painting? I used to do that all the time! I would color on the walls, on the couch... Oh, how I wished I could color on the ceiling, but my brother put a stop to it before I could try." Orihime sighed sadly and bowed her head. The group stared at her for a second before turning back to Ichigo for an explanation.

"I was helping Yuzu with a project last night and this crap wouldn't come off," he muttered, and shoved his hand into his pocket so they would stop staring at it as if he was deformed. "Shouldn't we be getting to school? It starts in less than a half an hour," he said quickly, changing the subject. Luckily, it worked and the group realized they had only twenty more minutes before the two-minute warning bell would ring.

"You know what we should do? We should ditch and go to the mall and hang out! We can spend the day playing video games and the girls can go shopping! I heard there's a new Chappy line of perfume coming out," Keigo whispered in Rukia's ear to try and entice her to join him. "Come on, it'll be fun!" He raised his fist in the air but got a swift hit in the head from Tatsuki, who'd grown annoyed with him.

"You can. It's not like your grades can get any worse," Tatsuki muttered as she left the brown haired boy rubbing his head, standing next to Mizuiro. The black haired boy simply smiled. He shook his head as if he'd known what the outcome would be, but didn't bother helping his friend.

"You guys are nothing but nerds," Keigo whined when no one agreed to join him and decided to follow behind the group, making sure to keep a safe distance between him and anyone who could cause him harm.

"Kurosaki-kun, what kind of project did you and your sister make?" Orihime asked kindly as she walked beside the orange haired teen, swinging her bag back and forth in front of her.

"Uh, I helped her create a model of Jupiter. We ended up having to redo the project since the first one ended up in my dad's face after he started asking Karin if she had a boyfriend." Ichigo sighed and looked up at the clear blue morning sky. It seemed so peaceful yet so boring, which was the exact opposite of his life. His family was never boring, especially now that their home had a clinic attached to it and patients often arrived on their doorstep bloody and broken to wait for his father to patch them up. He was still getting used to it since he and his family had moved to this small town only two months ago. Before that, his father had worked at a hospital in Kyoto and rarely shared details about his work with his family. Now, his work was coming home. Of course, he understood why his father had decided to work from home rather than a hospital. It had to do with … his mother.

Ichigo lowered his gaze. Everyone in Kyoto had heard of what had happened to Masaki Kurosaki. Her body had been found beaten and mutilated by the river. It was in every newspaper and on every news channel. Luckily, the media hadn't shown any pictures of the gruesome evidence of her death, but they'd had no problem going into detail about the murder. The Kurosaki household had been bombarded with news reporters questioning them about how they felt about the incident and if they had a message for the killer who'd taken Masaki away from them. They'd even gone so far as to question the neighbors, and some had repeatedly harassed him on his way to school. That had been three years ago, and luckily the media had died down ... at least until they caught the murderer who had killed Masaki and several others.

"Kurosaki-kun? Are you alright?" Orihime asked, waving a hand in front of his face. It seemed that he had spaced out on her and she'd become slightly worried. They had reached the school quickly and wouldn't have to worry about rushing to their seats, but during the walk Ichigo had seemed to go off into his own world and had ignored the orange haired girl's other attempts to get his attention.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine." Ichigo blinked, finally answering her question. He noticed the others had already headed into the building, with the exception of Keigo who'd found a few girls to flirt with (though they seemed more interested in Mizuiro than him).

"I was a little worried; you kind of spaced out on me back there. Not that it's a bad thing, of course! I do it all the time. Like this one time I was…" Orihime began to tell him about a similar incident where she had spaced out, and Ichigo went back into his own thoughts.

It had been two months since he had moved here, and he had settled in better than expected. He met Chad on his first day and they became friends almost instantly. Then he met Orihime, Tatsuki, Uryu, Keigo, and Mizuiro and sat with them during lunch, inviting Chad of course. Then, finally, he met Renji and Rukia and several of their friends, who all seemed nice enough. It was very … different for him. He had never been popular before and had always kept his friends at a distance, spending most of his time with only a few good friends. He wasn't going to complain though, especially not after what he'd been dealing with. For once, he was actually enjoying the attention.

"Kurosaki-kun," Orihime piped up again, snapping him out of his thoughts. "I was wondering why your hair looks darker than before." She raised a finger to her lips and stared up at his spiky orange hair. "I could have sworn it was lighter last week, or maybe I'm just seeing things," she laughed to herself, scratching the back of her head.

"No, it's still the same," Ichigo responded as they walked closer to the school. Orihime was a very sweet and kind girl, even if she was a little ditzy at times. Oddly enough, she was also one of the smartest students in school. You would never expect it just by looking at her; he certainly hadn't. Of course, the number one student was Uryu, who had no problem reminding everyone of it.

"Uh-oh," Orihime whispered, scooting behind Ichigo as they entered the building. He looked back at her with confusion before she pointed down the hall and he saw the problem. A group of students was loitering near the entrance, each one either Ichigo's height or taller. One had blue hair and had his back towards them, which was very lucky since he was known to enjoy picking fights with everyone that crossed his path. His name was Grimmjow, and almost every professor in the school knew him in one way or another, either from having him in his or her class, from having to sit with him during detention, or from breaking up a fight between him and some other student. Next to him was Stark, a teen with wavy brown hair and sleepy brown eyes who spent most of his class time sleeping. He was the least of the problem since he was sort of the peacekeeper of the small group. Standing next to him and staring in Ichigo and Orihime's direction was Nnoitra. He was the tallest by far, standing six-foot-four with black hair that went past his shoulders. He always wore a sadistic grin to intimidate the younger students. Like Grimmjow, he enjoyed tormenting people and liked to hang other students out the window by their ankles. Lastly, there was Ulquiorra. He was the shortest of the group at five-foot-seven. He also had black hair, but it wasn't as long as Nnoitra's. He had piercing green eyes that seemed void of all life. He was extremely pale (almost a little too pale) and had a thin build. He wasn't as aggressive as his friends, and preferred to insult and otherwise emotionally abuse his peers rather than cause physical harm. Ichigo had learned that the first day of school when the black haired boy had called him trash.

"Just ignore them. Come on," Ichigo whispered to Orihime, dragging her down a different hallway to go the long way around. It was better than risking getting her involved in a fight. He knew that if Orihime got hurt while he was with her, Tatsuki would kick his ass.

"Hey, there's that orange haired freak, what's his name? Ichinose or something?" Nnoitra nodded in the orange haired teen's direction. Grimmjow turned his head and snorted when he saw the two retreating down another hallway.

"Whatever, he's a freaking coward. Can't even come down this hallway, must still be afraid after that fight we had last week." Grimmjow grinned and cracked his knuckles.

"If I recall correctly, your fight with him was a tie since it never finished and you both were bruised up when the teachers separated you," Ulquiorra sighed, deflating Grimmjow's ego. The last thing he wished to hear was Grimmjow puffing out his chest and acting as if he was the most badass person in the school. It became annoying after a while.

"Tch, he got lucky. He won't be next time. I'll have the little fucker crying like a bitch," Grimmjow growled under his breath, which didn't go unnoticed by his friends. Almost immediately, Nnoitra started snickering at the comment and received a glare from his blue haired friend. Ulquiorra simply sighed while Stark yawned and leaned against the lockers, wishing it was a bed pressed against his back instead of hard metal.

"Sounds almost like you like the little freak," Nnoitra chuckled, and quickly moved out of the way so Grimmjow's fist hit air rather than his face. "What? I'm just saying, all you've done since the little freak started school here is complain about him. I don't like him either, but you've made it your mission to try to terrorize the fruit every chance you get. It only makes sense," he defended himself, warily keeping a safe distance between himself and the angry teen.

"You ever say that again and I'll cut your tongue out and make you eat it. I can't stand him 'cause everyone else has fallen head over heels for him since the day he fucking arrived. It was like they rolled out the red carpet for him since he isn't good enough to walk on the same dirt as the rest of us. The teachers treat him better and let him get away with talking in class while the rest of us would get immediate detention. Every club in school tried to get him to join them, he gets A's on everything, he made friends instantly, and I swear if I hear one more girl comment on how cute he is I'll slit her fucking throat!" Grimmjow muttered and crossed his arms over his chest. He had left out his and Kurosaki's first encounter. The little snob had snubbed him like he was trash and everyone in school knew that was the last thing you did to Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. The little punk had the perfect life and everything fell into his hands so easily, and everyone had bought into it. Except Grimmjow, of course. He didn't buy the kid's perfect act and luckily, neither did his friends.

"Sounds like you're jealous." Stark shifted against the locker as the two minute warning bell rang. It did nothing to wake him up, and instead seemed to make him even drowsier. "Besides, he's not that bad. I live next door to him, and Lilinette plays on the same soccer team as his sister." He yawned before pushing himself off the locker and heading down the hallway towards his first class along with the other three. "His father is a bit on the annoying side though; I hear the man shouting every morning," he sighed.

"Whatever," Grimmjow muttered as they entered the classroom. His eyes were immediately drawn to Kurosaki sitting innocently in the midst of his group of maggots. He sneered as he passed the group and received a glare from Tatsuki in return, but he ignored the girl. He and his friends made their way to the back of the classroom just as the final bell rang. He sat down in his seat and leaned back, kicking his feet up onto the back of the chair in front of him. The student in front of him turned her head slightly and glared at him for kicking her seat, but he ignored her. She'd get used to it after a while; she always did.

The class waited for the professor to arrive. He was running unusually late. Usually Professor Ukitake was waiting in the classroom before the first student arrived, and greeted them with a warm smile. He had been getting sick lately, though, and there was a chance he'd called in and they were going to have a substitute for the day. There was a very small possibility that they would receive the same substitute teacher they had last time. Professor Matsumoto wasn't the best teacher and she rarely covered her chest, but at least it made all the boys in the class pay very close attention.

Thirty seconds later, a man with long white hair tied in a ponytail entered the room with a solemn expression on his face. He reached his desk and lightly touched it with his head bowed. The class waited anxiously to learn the reason their professor had been late. Seconds passed by and he finally raised his head and looked at the class.

"I am afraid I have some bad news," he began, his voice quiet and slightly uneven. He looked down at his students and tried to prepare himself to announce the news that would certainly shock them. "I received news this morning that one of our school counselors, Kaien Shiba, was killed last night," he said quietly. Several gasps were heard around the room before the class broke out into whispers.

It was best not to go into detail, and he had no intention of telling the students how Kaien had been found. Just the thought was horrendous. It had happened the previous night when the janitor was finishing up and had found Shiba's door open. He had found it strange since the young man always locked it before he left, especially considering that confidential documents were kept inside. He had intended to shut the door and lock it, but before he could he heard a dripping sound. He then turned on the lights and found Kaien's body hanging from the lights with a rope tied around his neck. Professor Ukitake had been told that anyone seeing the body for the first time would have thought the young man had committed suicide, but that wasn't the case. There were several slashes running along the young man's body, and a finger had been sliced off. The police had spent the entire night investigating the scene, and that area of the school was still closed off.

"I know this is a shock as many of you had him as your counselor," he whispered, eyes falling on Rukia who had burst into tears. The girl was normally strong and had never shed a tear as long as he had known her, and the same went for Renji who had known her his whole life. He had never seen her cry, but Kaien had been a close family friend so it was no surprise the news had hit her hard.

"There will be a group support meeting held after classes today for any who need someone to talk to. If you wish, you can go ahead and speak with them now," he suggested, and saw several students rise from their chairs, Rukia included, and leave the room.

"Wasn't that your counselor too?" Tatsuki whispered to Ichigo, who looked slightly shocked by the news.

"Yeah," he whispered. He had only met the man a few times, one being the week before. Kaien had been a very happy and friendly man that everyone seemed to adore. He always took time out of his day to help students with anything they might need or problems they were facing at home. There was not one person in the school who could complain about the man, and the school would be at a loss without him.

"I am sorry, and as much as I'd wished they would close the school today, they want us to continue with lesson. So I will make it a very easy class this week." Professor Ukitake sighed and ran a hand over his face. The loss had hit him hard as well. He remembered having Kaien as one of his students. He was extremely bright and would often stay after school to volunteer his time. He had grown very fond of the young man and had been proud of how Kaien turned out. With his grades he could have done anything he wanted, but he instead chose to come back to his former high school and help struggling students.

The class flew by quickly since the professor had decided that instead of going over Romeo and Juliet and asking the students' opinions on what the translations meant, he allowed them to watch the movie. Whether they paid attention or not, he didn't test them on it or demand they write a paper and simply allowed them to have an easy class.

It wasn't long before the bell rang, ending class. Professor Ukitake announced that he was going to extend their assignment for two weeks to give the students a chance to grieve.

"Are you okay?" Orihime asked Ichigo, who hadn't gotten up from his desk just yet. He stared out the window dully and didn't pay attention until he felt Orihime's hand on his shoulder and he turned to see her and Renji standing before him.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine." Ichigo shrugged before piling his books together and throwing them in his book bag.

"I can't believe what happened to Kaien, he was so awesome," Keigo mumbled under his breath. "I remember my sophomore year when Coach Kenpachi had to take off because his daughter got sick, Kaien stepped in and was our instructor for the week. That was the best week ever! He showed us different fighting techniques and taught us how to defend ourselves. Plus, he always gave good advice on how to get a girl." He sighed sadly and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"It's a shame it never worked for you," Mizuiro commented and turned to wink at one of the girls sitting on her desk, causing her to blush.

"Hey, you guys can go ahead. I'll see you later," Ichigo said, wanting sometime alone. It was nice having so many friends, but it could be a curse when he wanted to be by himself. This was one of those moments.

"Fine, I got to go see if Rukia is okay," Renji muttered before leaving the group, not waiting for the others to catch up.

"Okay, maybe tonight I'll make some chocolate salmon cheese cupcakes and bring them tomorrow!" Orihime suggested, raising her hand. Her eyes brightened, oblivious to the disgusted looks on the others' faces.

"Okay, you go do that." Tatsuki began pushing Orihime out the door before she could come up with any more ideas for destroying foods that normal people liked.

"You sure you're okay?" Chad asked from behind him, and Ichigo turned to see the tall teen staring down at him.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ichigo gave a small smile and nod. That seemed to get the giant's approval, and he followed the rest of his classmates out the door.

Ichigo tapped his fingers on the wooden desk and leaned back. He stared passively at the blackboard in front of him while internally his mind was racing. The news hadn't shocked him the way it had the others. He had seen enough death in his lifetime to not be surprised by the news that someone he knew had been killed. Even if he had only met the man a handful of times, he had to admit he'd been nice. Almost a little too nice and concerned for Ichigo's liking, actually.

It's a shame; he seemed like a nice man… Ichigo thought as he stood up, his normal scowl plastering his face as he left the classroom. He walked out into the hallway and found it empty, much to his relief. He didn't like the crowded hallways; there were just too many people. He hadn't been very social when he'd been younger, and he'd come to enjoy being alone. He supposed it mostly came from his time spent in a…

"Pfft what's the matter, friends ditch ya?" Grimmjow's voice interrupted his thoughts, and Ichigo turned around to see the blue haired male standing a few feet away with his hands shoved in his pockets. There was a dark gleam in the other teen's eyes, and Ichigo knew he wanted to fight.

"No, I believe they went home to go online and look at naked pictures of your mother." Ichigo shrugged casually and allowed a small smirk to spread across his lips.

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes and took a step forward. "Too bad they did that, 'cause now they won't be able to watch as you get the shit beaten out of you," he sneered and started moving in closer. He watched as Ichigo dropped his book bag and held his arms at his side as if waiting for Grimmjow to come at him.

"If I'd heard that from someone more threatening I'd have believed it, but coming from you, I imagine the most you'll give me is a small scratch and a stain on my clothes after I kick your ass." Ichigo smirked and stepped closer. Grimmjow raised his fist and was about to strike the teen when someone grabbed his wrist.

Grimmjow snarled and twirled around to see Ulquiorra holding him back. "Not now!" he shouted at his friend and tried to yank his hand free.

"No," Ulquiorra muttered, refusing to let go.

"Looks like you got lucky, smurf." Ichigo smirked as he grabbed his book bag off the ground. "Just pray you have backup the next time we meet because if you don't, I'll throw you down and crush your skull," he warned before turning around and walking down the hallway.

"Damnit Ulquiorra, what the fuck did you do that for?" Grimmjow yelled as he finally yanked himself free of the shorter teen's grasp. The black haired male did not seem fazed by his friend's behavior and simply waved it off.

"There is something I wish to show you about Ichigo Kurosaki that you might find interesting," Ulquiorra replied and turned down the hallway towards the computer lab. Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at his friend, still ticked off that he had broken up the fight between them. He wanted nothing more than to punch that piece of shit in the face until he was black and blue. He was tempted to turn around and chase after Kurosaki and finally begin their fight, but it sounded like Ulquiorra knew something about the other teen and Grimmjow was willing to use whatever means available to get back at the punk.

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