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When Ichigo arrived home, it was just like normal. His younger sister, Karin, was in her room listening to music; his other sister, Yuzu, was busy in the kitchen finishing the last bit of dinner; and his father… Ichigo narrowed his eyes. The old man made a habit of trying a sneak attack on him every time he walked through the door. He wasn't going to let his guard down just yet; the old fool was probably prowling around the house somewhere waiting for him to turn his back.

He kicked his shoes off before heading down the hallway towards the kitchen where he could smell Yuzu's wonderful cooking. He slid the door open and closed it behind him.

"Ichi-nii!" he heard Yuzu say in surprise as he cast his gaze on his younger sister. She dropped the spoon she'd been using to stir a pot to come greet him. "How was school? I hope it was as good as my day was! You know that assignment I was working on for two weeks? I got an A!" she squealed in delight before hugging her brother.

"Good job, Yuzu!" He hugged her back and smiled. She had adapted to moving to Karakura Town better than anyone else in the family. Their father was still working on getting his name around town to attract new patients to his clinic, and as for Karin, she seemed bitter about moving and having to leave all her friends behind. She participated in soccer after school, but was a bit anti-social towards anyone who tried to talk to her. Only the week before, she had gotten detention for fighting with another student after class. All their father had done was cheer her on, saying 'no one beats a Kurosaki'.

"School was alright, do you know where…" He paused before abruptly grabbing Yuzu and hitting the floor as their father came flying through the door and over their heads. Yuzu covered her head with her hands and shut her eyes while Ichigo gave their father an annoyed expression.

"Very good, you're getting quicker!" Isshin Kurosaki yelled before Ichigo shot up to his feet and decked his father in the face.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? What kind of father attacks his own children in the kitchen?" Ichigo growled.

Isshin pouted and rubbed his face. "Can't have you going soft on me, boy. Besides, gotta make sure you're able to defend yourself!" he said, only realizing how it had come out when he saw Ichigo's gaze darken.

"Oh, uh, dinner's ready! Dad, why don't you get Karin," Yuzu suggested before another fight could break out. The last time this topic had come up, Ichigo had punched his father in the face and stormed up to his bedroom without dinner. She knew her father didn't mean any harm and cared for all of them, but this subject had been very sensitive with Ichigo ever since the … incident. Truthfully, she didn't know how he was coping as well as he was now.

"Whatever," Ichigo muttered after Isshin took off down the hall calling Karin's name.

"Um." Yuzu caught his attention and he turned to find her looking down almost guiltily. "I heard from one of my classmates that a counselor at your school was killed," she commented, still refusing to look him in the eye.

Ichigo's expression softened and he sighed before sitting down at the table. "Yeah, he was my counselor," he replied, and heard her gasp in shock.

"Are you alright? I mean, what happened? Do they know what happened?" she asked him, stumbling over her words in her attempt to get out what she wanted to say.

"I only met him once or twice, so I didn't really know him too well." Ichigo shrugged. "They're investigating it at the school," he commented before the door slid open and a dark haired girl marched through with an angry expression, followed by their father who was holding his nose. Both of them sat down at the table, Isshin at the head of the table with Karin to his left and Yuzu and Ichigo to his right.

Karin sat across from her brother without looking up at him and waited in silence for Yuzu to scoop a generous portion of rice onto her plate. She kept her head bowed and ignored the chatter between Ichigo, Yuzu, and their father. It had been like this every night since they moved to Karakura Town. She knew they thought she was acting distant because of the move, but it wasn't that at all though that did mark the starting point of her isolation.

Two Months Ago

"Is Ichi-nii going to be alright?" Yuzu asked, tears running down her face as she hugged her father. Karin sat next to him, her hands clenching her seat. She hadn't been crying like Yuzu had, but her eyes were filled with worry.

Seven days ago, they'd found out their brother had been kidnapped by that deranged psycho they'd heard of on the news. He had been found just two hours ago. They'd received visits from detectives Hirako and Kensei every day to go over the progress they were making in their investigation, but it was never enough for Karin. Each second that ticked by was an eternity spent wondering what was happening to Ichigo and if he was safe and, more importantly, alive. Since their brother's disappearance, Isshin had forbidden the girls from going to school and had kept them safe at home. It wasn't until ten at night on the seventh day that they'd received a phone call informing them that Ichigo had been found and his kidnapper was being sent back to Kyoto Mental Hospital.

They had rushed to the hospital as fast as Isshin could drive only to learn that Ichigo was in the ICU. The only information they could get out Detective Hirako, who had been waiting there for them, was that Ichigo would be all right. Detective Hirako told them only a little about the condition Ichigo had been in when they found him. Isshin then left his daughters in the waiting room so the detective could give him the information he didn't didn't want the children to hear.

Karin saw her father come back ten minutes later looking slightly pale with a frown on his normally cheery face. Yuzu peppered him with questions regarding Ichi-nii's condition and what had happened to him, but he didn't answer. Karin knew something was wrong, and she glared up at her father for not telling them. They were old enough to know how violent the world was; they weren't children that needed to be coddled. Perhaps he was doing it for Yuzu as she was more sensitive, but Karin knew she could take whatever their father had to say about their brother's condition.

"Girls, I talked with detective Hirako and he said some terrible things happened to Ichigo," Isshin finally told them, and Yuzu looked up at him, eyes wide with tears. Karin could see the sight was breaking his heart, but he continued, "after what he's been through, he might seem a little … different. I want you both to know he is still your brother, and no matter what he loves you both just as much as you love him," he said, and Karin tilted her head to the side.

She felt more frustrated than ever. He'd changed? What had happened? Had the psycho tortured him? Beaten him? Broken him? She wanted to know. She narrowed her eyes and folded her arms across her chest, sitting back against her chair as their father rubbed Yuzu's back and she cried into his arms.

Karin stared at the doors, waiting for someone to come out who would hopefully enlighten the twins as to how their brother was and what he'd gone through. The only thing they'd been told was that he was fine, but according to her father, he wasn't. She quietly tapped her foot on the floor, ignoring the television which was playing the nightly news.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Ichigo's nurse came out and smiled at them softly. She said nothing as she walked towards the nurses' station and gave them no indication as to Ichigo's condition. "I think I'm going to drink some water," Karin told her father. He nodded, and she hopped out of her seat and walked around the nurses' station to the drinking fountain on the other side.

"Poor kid." Karin's ears perked up when she heard Ichigo's nurse speaking to one of the other nurses. "I didn't know if he was going to make it with the blood loss from the stab wound," she stated, and Karin's mouth dropped open, not caring that water was pouring into her mouth and running out.

"At least he survived. I heard that his attacker's other victims didn't survive," the other nurse commented.

"He had more than just a stab wound; there were also traces of rape…" At that last word, Karin ceased listening out of shock. Rape? There was no way that her Ichi-nii had been raped. She had heard stories about that happening to women, but she had never imagined it happening to a man, much less her own brother. She felt her heart sink in her chest, and she stepped away from the drinking fountain and wiped her mouth.

"Karin?" The dark haired girl blinked and looked up at Yuzu, who was now sitting across from her and had already emptied half her plate. She looked down to find that she had barely touched her own meal, so she slowly picked up her fork. "Are you okay? You were staring at your plate, is it not cooked enough?" she asked, sounding worried.

"It's wonderful, my darling Yuzu. Karin was probably thinking about all the guys in class and comparing them to her awesome dadd-" Isshin was cut off when Karin punched him in the face.

"Don't finish that sentence!" she growled at him. She sat back down in her seat and noticed that Ichigo's plate was empty and he had already left the table. She sighed, picked up her fork again, and began eating. She hadn't told anyone about what she had heard, and her brother had never said anything about what had happened to him during that week he'd been kidnapped. It seemed like he was pretending it had never happened and just trying to move on with his life. However, what surprised her the most was how well he had adapted to the new school and how many friends he'd already made. She would have thought after what happened he would have avoided people altogether.

Ichigo pushed the door to his room open and kicked it shut behind him. He clicked the light switch on and observed his room. It wasn't overly crowded; he had kept it simple. A dresser rested against the wall to the left side of the room, directly across from his desk and chair where his books and some scattered papers lay. A rug was spread on the floor from behind the chair to his bed, which was located near the window.

He scratched the back of his neck and walked to his closet, which was on the right side of his computer desk. He slid the door open and grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a white t-shirt to get comfortable before he started studying. He unloosed his belt and unbuttoned his pants to let them drop to the floor, leaving him in a pair of black boxers. He kicked the pants to the side and slid the sweat pants on so they hung loosely on his hips.

Better pick it up or Yuzu will go into a fit, he thought to himself, knowing all too well how obsessive Yuzu could be about the house being clean. He picked up his school pants and threw them into a basket with the rest of his dirty laundry. He then unbuttoned his white school shirt and tossed it in with his pants, leaving him in a black t-shirt. He peeled that shirt off too and tossed it in with the others.

He grabbed the clean shirt and was about to put it on when he paused for a moment. He glanced down at his chest where a thin, pinkish scar two inches in length was spread diagonally. He put his shirt down on the desk and placed his index finger against the scar.

It had been a weeks since his stitches had been taken out, but it still felt as if the incident had just happened.

"Look what you made me do, King. Do you think I like doing this? You know, if you only behaved none of this would have had to happen, but don't worry, my sweet. You will soon learn and then I'll come back for you and we'll be together. Just the two of us."

The brief memory flashed through his mind as it did every time he looked upon the scar. It was a constant reminder to him of what had happened in his old town, of the reason they'd moved.

Why am I thinking about this? He shook his head, grabbed his shirt, and resolutely put it on. He had enough studying to do for the night that he didn't need any distractions. It was bad enough that his father kept pulling him to the side wanting to discuss what had happened when he didn't want to talk about it. His father had even tried to make him go to a therapist, but he'd refused to speak to the stranger. He didn't need help; he was perfectly fine dealing with what had happened on his own, and he'd do better if everyone just left him alone about it!

He grabbed the back of his chair and pulled it out before plopping down in it. He grabbed his books and opened to the pages he needed to read. Hopefully tomorrow would be better.

"Hey, you gonna get off of my computer anytime soon?" Nnoitra growled. He was sitting on his bed glaring at his blue haired friend. Grimmjow was living with him at the moment, but right now he felt like dumping the moocher at Ulquiorra's house.

"Shut up, all you want to do is look at porn anyways," Grimmjow muttered as he clicked onto a new site.

Behind Grimmjow, Nnoitra grinned. "Well, it's better than watching you stalk the person you claim to hate so much," Nnoitra whispered. Grimmjow spun around in the chair and gave him the finger, but Nnoitra's grin only widened. "Seriously, you've been picking fights with him ever since he came to our school. Why don'tcha just ask him out," he suggested. Grimmjow chucked a notebook at him in retaliation.

"I don't fucking like him. I hate that little fucker," Grimmjow growled, and grew even more annoyed when he heard Nnoitra snort.

"I've heard your lame excuses. 'I hate him 'cause everyone likes him' whatever, just admit you like him. Besides, I can see you Googling his name. What are you, cyber stalking him?" he asked, jumping up from his bed and walking over to the other side of Grimmjow's chair. "Oh my god, you are." He shook his head.

"Ulquiorra told me about this, and he told me to Google his name. He said this is the reason why teachers take his side every time we get into a fight." He leaned back so Nnoitra could read the article, which was accompanied by a picture of a younger Ichigo and his family. Nnoitra skimmed through it and stared down at his friend.

"So you're going to use this against him?" Nnoitra asked. He still couldn't really see a reason for looking up Ichigo Kurosaki's past unless Grimmjow had a crush on him, and Nnoitra was thinking he'd hit the nail on the head. He, for one, could care less about the whole ordeal. All he wanted was a good fight, and he knew Kurosaki could give it.

Grimmjow had opened his mouth to swear at his friend when his cell phone rang. He glared at Nnoitra, warning him to keep his mouth shut before he flipped open his phone. "What?" he growled into the receiver, not caring who the caller was.

"I see your manners have not improved," a familiar voice rang over the line, and Grimmjow's eyes widened. Nnoitra looked at his friend, curious as to what could have shocked him so.

"Shawlong?" the blue haired teen whispered in shock. Nnoitra raised an eyebrow at the name. He had never heard Grimmjow mention that name before.

"I am not going to go into details; I just wanted to tell you that Edrad, Nakeem, and Di Roy were in a car accident last night and are in the hospital. They are not sure if Di Roy will make it," Shawlong announced, and Grimmjow felt his hand freeze up.

"What the fuck happened?" he demanded. He stood, knocking his chair over and startling Nnoitra. He clenched his hand in a fist and gripped his phone tighter in his hand.

"From what I was told, they were hit by a drunk driver going sixty miles an hour. They said the other guy died instantly. Di Roy suffered the most because the impact was on the passenger side door. Edrad and Nakeem are still in the hospital recovering with stitches and broken bones," Shawlong replied. Grimmjow placed his free hand on the computer desk and gripped it tightly.

"I'll get there as soon as I can, just have someone pick me up at the train station," he ordered.

"I thought so. I've already purchased your train ticket; it'll be leaving tomorrow at four. I'll have Yylfort pick you up. I will speak with you later," Shawlong said, and hung up the phone.

Grimmjow clicked his phone shut and stared at the wall. A mixture of emotions was running through him at the thought of those three being in the hospital. Edrad, Nakeem, Di Roy, Yylfort, and Shawlong were more than just his friends; they were his brothers. The six of them had grown up in the same orphanage and always had each other's backs. Even after he got adopted by his crappy new family, he'd always kept in contact with them.

"What was that about?" Nnoitra asked, breaking the silence. Grimmjow turned around, opened the closet, and started grabbing his clothes.

"I got to visit someone, just make sure to get the crap I miss in school," he said without thinking. After hearing what happened to Di Roy, Nakeem, and Edrad, his mind had shut off of everything around him. The only thing he wanted was to see them, especially considering the bad condition Shawlong said Di Roy was in. If he'd had a car, he would have driven there tonight. Having to wait until tomorrow was going to drive him nuts!

Kyoto Mental Hospital – the next day: 11:45 am

A five foot two girl with black hair tied into a bun walked down a white hallway. The orderlies she passed stared at her curiously, but the female doctor ignored them and hurried to her boss's office. She knew the reason behind the stares, and she knew all about the rumors surrounding her. The medical director, Dr. Yamamoto, had requested for her to take this case. At first she'd been hesitant; everyone in the Kyoto region knew about patient 10139, but it was not her place to judge. She'd become a doctor to help the mentally unstable, and she'd enjoyed her work for the three years she had been working in this facility.

"How long do you think she'll last?" she heard someone snickering behind her as she pressed the button for the elevator and waited for the doors to open. She shifted the papers she was holding and turned her head to the side.

"Well, considering Dr. Ichimaru lasted a month, I'd give her two days." She gritted her teeth and turned back to face the silver doors as they finally opened with a ding. She could care less what some orderlies thought; they were beneath her and she wasn't going to stoop down to their level.

She stepped into the elevator and pushed the button to go to the second level. She faced forward and composed herself, standing up straight and holding her head high as the doors closed. She tapped her foot lightly and glanced down at the watch on her right hand. Good, I'm still early, she thought, knowing how strict Dr. Yamamoto could be and how little patience he had for those who keeping him waiting.

The door finally opened and she let a small smile spread across her face as she walked forward and down the hall. She did not go too far, only to the second door on the left, and she knocked on the door. Ok I can do this, this is not going to be like last time, she promised herself as she heard the elderly man's voice call her in from behind the door. She placed her hand on the doorknob and opened it to greet her superior.

"Dr. Hinamori, I wasn't expecting you for another ten minutes. Very well, take a seat." Dr. Yamamoto gestured towards the chairs in front of his desk. Dr. Momo Hinamori bowed slightly before shutting the door behind her. She stepped into the office, which was somewhat messy with several papers scattered across the desk. She sat down in the chair in front of it, and Dr. Yamamoto scooted his chair back to open a drawer at the bottom of his desk.

"Thank you for giving me this case, Dr. Yamamoto. I feel honored that you'd trust me with this patient," Momo said, breaking the silence in the room.

"Well as I told you over the phone, none of our other doctors want to take this case. I thought this would be the best way for you to prove yourself again since you got too close with your last patient," Dr. Yamamoto muttered as he pulled a relatively thick folder out from the drawer and plopped it on the desk.

Momo blushed slightly and bowed her head at the mention of her last patient. As much as she enjoyed her job, she did often grow too close to her patients and her last one had almost been the end of her. His name had been Sosuke Aizen, a patient that was brought in after he had tried to bomb a city in southern Japan while proclaiming he would become a god. She had felt sorry for him since he was obviously sick, but he'd ended up manipulating her to the point where she'd almost helped him break out. Luckily, she had been taken off his case before any damage could be done. Afterward, she had been suspended for two weeks. During that time she had regained her composure and tried to remind herself that no matter what, she couldn't grow too attached to her patients. She could feel sorry for them, support them, and help them in any other way she could, but she could not grow attached.

"I promise it won't happen again. I feel that I have learned my lesson and I won't make the same mistake twice," Momo said, and looked up at the older man who stared back down at her.

"I hope so, especially in this case." Dr. Yamamoto placed his hand over the file he had dug out, but didn't open it. "Now, Dr. Hinamori, how much do you know about patient 10139?" he asked, sitting back in his leather chair.

Momo looked up at him, feeling less nervous than she had been a few seconds ago. She folded her hands in her lap and sat up straight. "Well, everyone knows about the Grand Fisher River murders. Four years ago, he killed a man and a woman over a two day period. Then two years ago, he killed another woman. I remember seeing it on TV; it was horrifying, just like the rest of the murders. He mutilated his victims before dumping them into the river. No one knew who had killed those people until a few months ago when he was caught and taken here," she answered, the old man's face remaining passive all the while.

"That is correct, Dr. Hinamori," Yamamoto sighed, glancing down at the folder. "However, there is more. I am not going to go into detail because you can read for yourself, but you should know that when patient 10139 was first brought here, he only stayed a week before murdering one of our orderlies. The police went after him and discovered he had kidnapped and raped another victim," he revealed, and watched as a stunned expression fell across the young woman's face.

"I … I had no idea. No one ever said anything," she whispered, feeling sick to her stomach. She knew getting involved in this case was dangerous, but she hadn't known the patient had previously escaped from the facility.

"All those who were involved were ordered to remain silent. Even the detective in charge of the case kept it low profile so the press wouldn't catch wind of it," Dr. Yamamoto explained. "He was brought back in two months ago, and we've kept a close eye on him. That is, until Dr. Ichimaru was placed in charge of him…"

Momo narrowed her eyes at the name. That was one doctor she truly despised. The man looked like he should be a patient himself. From his short silver hair, his ever-present grin, down to the sole of his shoes, the man was creepy. She couldn't understand why that man had been placed in charge of such a dangerous patient, or any patient for that matter.

"I am sure you've heard that Dr. Ichimaru is no longer working here and is having charges pressed against him for assaulting patient 10139 and psychologically tormented him," Yamamoto announced, and Momo felt her stomach drop further. She had known that the other doctor had been fired, but she hadn't heard anything further. She knew how many of the people in this facility worked, how cold some of them could be, and she knew that many probably felt Ichimaru had served justice by tormenting patient 10139. Regardless of what patient 10139 might deserve, this could only have made matters worse.

"As of late, patient 10139 is in isolation since he attacked two orderlies three days ago," Dr. Yamamoto finished. He leaned forward in his chair and folded his hand together across the file. "I must ask you again since you now know more about this patient: do you still wish to take this case? I do not want to force you into it, especially considering how delicate this matter is," he said seriously and stared down at the girl.

Momo stared back at him before shifting her eyes to the side in thought. Her stomach was still clenching from the information she had just been given; patient 10139 was truly sick in every sense of the word. A part of her wanted to refuse the case and forget everything she had learned about the patient. However, what stopped her was the fact that she knew no one but her would treat this patient with respect or dignity. It was obvious that Dr. Ichimaru had played with the patient and made his condition even worse. She couldn't explain it, but she wanted to help this patient.

She looked up at Dr. Yamamoto and pushed pass the terror. " I accept," she said with a small smile.

"Very well, I will give you this to look over. I suggest you read it through before visiting patient 10139," Dr. Yamamoto suggested, picking up the folder and handing it to the younger doctor.

"Thank you." Dr. Hinamori smiled and looked down at the file that was labeled: Rue Niigata: #10139. She picked up the folder before sticking her hand out to shake her superior's hand.

"Oh, one last thing you should know: I am sure it is mentioned in the documentation, but just in case, patient 10139 doesn't like being referred to by his given name and it causes him to become considerably agitated. He prefers to be called Hichigo Shirosaki."

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