Wolf hadn't meant to hurt her.

That was the only thing that he was totally sure of. He had just been trying to show her how nice it was to be with someone. Sure he probably shouldn't have put a collar on her. And he had been stupid not to give her a choice. But again, he hadn't meant to hurt her.

His consciousness was something created of pure emotion. Mostly the dark and negative ones like anger, rage, and wrath. But that didn't mean that he didn't feel pain. That didn't mean that he didn't understand sorrow. Or care if someone was hurt.

Because he did.

Especially if that someone was Naru. Because as dark and merciless as his heart was. Naru was the only female that had ever touched him. She was the only one who had ever shown him gentleness and compassion and shared her warmth with him. And that was why he knew that he loved her.

She represented everything that Wolf in is infinite darkness and cruelty, wanted to be. Everything that he wanted for himself.

To him, she was perfect.

He looked across the room at Naru, he'd been sitting across the room watching her ever since she had cried herself to sleep. He had been sitting in his lounge chair, feeling like the worlds worst and trying to think of some way to make things up to Naru without repeating the same mistake. But he was awkward when it came to being gentle. And even more so when it came to being tender. And he knew that he wanted to be both of those things for Naru.

But how?

Everything he did just seemed to hurt her more.

How was he going to make her fall in love with him if he didn't know how to approach her? Scarecrow stirred in the back of his mind.

Baka. Try something simple. Like a gift. Girls like gifts.

Well, that was true. At least it was from what he had observed of human mating habits. Dumbass. You make yourself sound like an alien. You're human too. Your need to make Naru see us, to fall in love with us, only proves it. Scarecrow snickered at him.

Shut up. I don't know anything about gifts. Or girls. Or-

Anything that has nothing to do with random violence and loss of life. Yes. I'm aware. That's why I think that this would be a good time for you to learn.

What if I can't learn?

You can. It's easy. Just spend some time with her. Get to know her better. You'll learn things about her that you'll need to know and things that may hurt, but in the long run...it's worth it. For instance-Naru loves flowers. And small furry animals. Why not use one of those to pick out a gift for her.

He could. Wolf suppossed as he looked back at Naru as she made a soft whimpering sound and turned over in her sleep. He sat up a little straiter and glanced her way, afraid that she might be having nighmare and need comforting but she quieted do again and didn't make another sound until morning.

Leaving Wolf free to plan out the prefect gift.


Naru woke up to the strangest sensation of something small and four legged scampering across the covers an instant before she was pounced on and startled wide awake. What the hell? She thought as she sat up in bed and blinked rapidly, it felt like the sunlight pouring into the room had fried her retina's. She felt something dig it's claws into her upper leg and looked down to find a cute black and white short furred tabby with wide sky blue eyes looking up at her.


"Surprise." Kakashi said from the bathroom doorway as he stepped out wearing nothing but sweat pants, his shaggy silver hair hanging in his eyes an down to his shoulder blades. Naru looked a him strangely, and almost warily picked up the kitten.

"I-It's mine?"

"Yes. I picked her out just for you." Wolf said as he looked down at the scratches on his hand. The little fuzz ball hadn't taken much of a liking to him. But he had known that it would like Naru the instant that it bit him and scampered under the covers of the bed earlier and curled up against Naru's side up until she had accidentally woken the little monster up by rolling over on it. The damn beast had been running amok in his bedroom, shredding his curtains, pissing in his shoes.

He'd already thrown six kunai at it and threatened to skin it if it pissed on anything else. So naturally it had dropped a few presents for him in the bathroom, which he had slipped on and fallen in, thus starting his day today, hating all things feline, and had cleaned up the mess an taken a shower.

The kitten mewed at Naru an looked cute for her and he bared his teeth and growled. The only thing saving that pest from becoming a nice pair of mittens, is the fact that Naru seemed to like it. But if he caught that little monster alone any time soon...he'd kick it down the stairs!

"Oh Kakashi..." Naru breathed his other self's name an Wolf tried to hide his flinch. Dammit, he had told her to call him Wolf. Why had she called him Scarecrow's name? He hated being called that name! Naru looked up from he kitten, at him, and gave him the most dazzling smile.

It was so beautiful and warm that Wolf blinked, he had a bowled over look on his face. It was simply amazing. His heart thudded in his chest and his stomach was filled with this weird fluttering sensation and before he realised what he was doing he was across the room, sitting on the edge of the bed and he leaned down and kissed Naru on her lips. Gently, softly, claiming her lips as his and his alone.


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