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Several days later-

Kakashi had just returned to his living quarters after a long hard day of working as the village Kage, and paused when he saw that Naru had let her fiery little feline loose in his hallway. The damned cat had proven to be a nasty thorn in his side ever since he had brought it home as a gift for Naru and made the mistake of actually letting it bond with his mate.

Because now whenever he tried to get close to her to get a kiss or a hug or even try to hold her hand- he got clawed in a very sensitive area on his body. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the horrible little demon actually got it into her tiny little head that Kakashi was a rival for her 'mother's' affections and had the man thinking that she was actually an assassin cleverly disguised as a cat just to get close enough to him to kill him.

Especially after two particular incidents, one with a pillow and another with a staircase.

Which made the man all kinds of paranoid about his health.

So much so that Naru had gotten tired of his shit and thrown him out of his own bedroom for the time being stating that if he couldn't get along with her 'baby' then he could just go find someplace else to sleep. Frankly he was beginning to think the little monster had somehow brainwashed her, but whatever. She was still laid up from her illness so he didn't bother fighting with her too much.

He wanted her to recover, after all, not suffer from a relapse and take even longer to get better.

Staring down at the kitten barring him from his own room, he felt the nearly overwhelming urge to kick it out of the way and just walk in so that he could check on Naru. But the blasted little bugger must have known his thoughts were something along those lines because it tilted it's head back and narrowed it's eyes at him and glared as the tip of it's tail started to twitch in agitation.

"Move it fuzz ball." Kakashi growled, also feeling a bit agitated. See this was why he was a dog person. Dogs were loyal. Friendly. And honest.

Where as this- this creature wasn't anything but sly, conniving, vicious, and dishonest. And it had claimed his mate and bedroom as it's damned territory! Why it was all Kakashi could do not to give in to his baser instincts and whip his junk out and start remarking things. But he knew that the second he did, he'd be in trouble with Naru. Because apparently pissing on your own things to reestablish territory just because of a kitten was just pathetic or something.

The cat continued to glare at him for several more seconds before lifting a paw to it's mouth and licking at it's fur for a moment before dropping it's paw and then standing up and started hopping and meowing as if it was in distress. Kakashi's eyes widened in shock as his jaw went slack and he was about to start swearing when he heard Naru moving around the inside of his room and looked at the closed door in wide eyed horror.

Well played you little physco- He though a mere moment before his bedroom door was thrown open and Naru scooped up the meowing kitten and snarled something particularly vicious about his father and then slammed the door in his face before he could even react.

Oh dear god, he was going to wind up killing that fucking cat! He thought as he lifted a hand and quietly knocked on the door knowing that while Naru didn't like him and her little darling fighting, she never locked him out of the bedroom no matter how mad she was. And in this case he was sort of grateful for that since he hadn't really been able to check on her properly in days and was growing more and more worried about her health.

"Naru? Can I please come in?" He asked through the wood and heard a little bit of shuffling, some softly muttered oaths that were almost drowned out by the kitten's meowing, then a tired reply.

"Come in Kakashi."

He opened the door a little bit and peeked inside the bedroom just to make sure that it was safe to step inside, and noted that the kitten was locked up in his bathroom and Naru was sitting on the edge of his bed looking like she was half dead or something. Stepping into the room, he quietly closed the door and made his way over to her and reached out and laid his hands against her cheeks.

God she felt like she was on fire! Her skin was so hot that sweat was running down her face, soaking her hair and her clothing. How long had she been in this state? A day? Two? More? "Jesus Naru," He muttered as he bent down and slipped his arms around her and pulled her body against his own. "How long have you been like this?"

"I dunno. A few hours... Maybe longer."

"Why didn't let me see you sooner?" Kakashi demanded in a harsher tone than he meant to use. But Christ could anyone blame him, Naru's illness was beginning to scare him! "Never mind. I'm taking you to the hospital so that someone can do something about your damned fever before it kills you." He said as he reached out and grabbed up the top blanket on his bed and used it to wrap Naru in before getting to his feet and lifting her up into his arms bridal style and headed for the closest exit.