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I'm walking up to the house and I can already hear him.

"Somebody did this. And until I find out who, no one is going anywhere."

The Three Musketeers all groan. I glance through the back screen door and I see Goose tied up in the backyard. It's safe to go in. Doctor Brennan isn't home yet, but Booth called me over for something seemingly important. He had yelled over the phone like he was yelling at one of the new FBI lab techs for ruining Doctor Brennan's evidence.

Annabelle is sitting between Hunter and Parker on the couch with Booth pacing in front of them on the other side of the coffee table.

"Dad, Lauren and I have a date tonight! It took me a month to get that reservation at Le Jardin! Even Bones couldn't get in until now! She had to help me!" Parker looks like someone just stole his puppy.

"Well, either tell me what happened or you can call Lauren and cancel for tonight."

"Dad, what about baseball practice?" Hunter asks.

"And my football scrimmage?" Anna adds, taking up most of the couch with her shoulder pads.

"Uh, Agent Booth?"

He looks up at me and claps his hands together. "Okay, Sweets, do your thing."

"What thing?"

"You know that thing where you find out who did it by barely talking to them?"

"Dad, are you interrogating us?" Hunter asked.

Booth just glared at his youngest son and looked back at me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I found this in the garbage can out in the garage." Booth holds up shards of what used to be one of Doctor Brennan's ancient pots, "Did you guys think if you threw it away in a place Mom wouldn't see that you could just get away with it?"

"Daddy, none of us did it. I promise!" Annabelle says.

"Someone did it because I'm holding a broken vase. Someone better tell me who did it. And now, before I ground all of you for something only one of you did."

"Daaaad!" They all whine.

"Sweets, do your thing." He gestures to the kids and moves to let me take his spot where he was pacing.

I look at him. He's sitting in the kitchen, watching us from the barstools and giving me encouraging hand motions, telling me to get on with it. So I start pacing. I'm not exactly sure what to say so I just keep pacing.

I watch them. And they're watching me. None of them look afraid. I feel like I should be making them feel fear. That's totally not what I'm doing. I glance back at Booth, who is rolling his eyes. I take a seat in the chair across from the kids and stare them down. They stare back. It's like eerie. Hunter and Anna have that same stare that Doctor Brennan has. The one that makes all of the interns crumble and give into her every command. And Parker's stare is the same one his father gives hardened criminals while they're sitting in the interrogation room. I hear the garage door open, signaling their mother's arrive home from work.

"We didn't do it, Lance," Anna tells us, "Mom's here to take me to my scrimmage. Can I go now?"

"I don't think so, young lady," Booth says before I can get a word in.

"But, Daddy! I'm the quarterback! I have to play!"

"Hello?" Doctor Brennan calls as she walks into the house, "Annabelle, are you ready? We're going to be late!"

"I'm ready! Bye, guys," Anna says and takes off for the car.

"I don't think so," Booth mumbles. He grabs the back of Anna's shoulder pads to hoist her back to the couch.

"Anna, we need to leave!" Brennan walks into the house, looking for her daughter. "What's going on?" she wants to know when she sees the three of them sitting on the couch.

"Honey, I found this in the garbage can out in the garage." Booth holds up the remnants of her broken vase and waits for her to recognize what it is.

"What is it?"

"That one thing you had on the top shelf above the mantle." He drops a few shards of the clay pot in her hand.

She looks up to the shelves over the fireplace and sees the empty spot where her artifact had been.

"You found it out in the garage?"

"Yeah. Whoever broke it won't 'fess up. Anna's not going to her scrimmage, Parker's not going on his date and Hunter's not going to baseball practice until we find out who did it. Sweets is here to interrogate them, but he's either doing a crap job or they're being stubborn. It's probably both."

She laughs. "Doctor Sweets, thank you for helping my husband interrogate our children, but you can go home. I got a call from Daisy earlier asking where you were. Leaving her alone while she's on bed rest is not a good idea. You should go to her, Sweets."

"Oh, boy. Thanks, Doctor Brennan. I'll see you guys later." I try walking out the door as fast as I can but Booth stops me.

"Hold on there, sport. Go figure out which one of my kids did it."

"Anna," she calls, "go get in the car!"

Before Booth can stop her, Anna runs past us to Doctor Brennan's car.

"Hunter, grab your baseball stuff! I'll drop you off on the way to Anna's scrimmage." Hunter runs past us too and Booth's face contorts from frustration to confusion.

"Parker," she yells to him, "Don't forget about your date at Le Jardin tonight! Get there early and wear that new tie I got you!"

"Okay, Bones!" Parker dashes by and bounds up the stairs.

"Bones! What the hell?"

"I broke that last night when I was dusting everything. I threw it away outside so no one would cut themselves or get hurt otherwise. Plus, that one's not as old as you think. It's a replica I made when I was in Guatemala. It's maybe fifteen years old."

"Oh," is all Booth says.

"Mom! Come on!" Anna shouts from the car.

"Booth, I need to go. Make sure Parker ties his tie right and I told him he could take my Porsche tonight so don't try taking the keys away when he leaves."

"You're letting him take the car your publisher gave you?" I ask. Booth's more protective of the car than she is.

"Yes. It's a lovely restaurant and Parker is taking Lauren for a nice night out. I told him he could take the car."

"Bones! That's a horrible idea! Giving a teenage boy a car like that is…it's just not a good idea, Bones."

"Booth, Parker has not been in an accident or gotten a parking ticket. He's responsible and I trust him."

Booth runs a hand through his hair.

"Fine. Okay, Sweets, go home. Thanks for your help but your wife is probably going insane right now. Go make sure she stays in bed and my godson doesn't arrive too soon," Booth sighs.

"Alright. I'll see you two at work."

"Goodbye, Doctor Sweets."

"I need to go, Booth. I need to get the kids to their practices."

"Call me on your way home," he tells her. They kiss on the front steps and she gets into the car. As I get into my car and pull out my phone to call Daisy to make sure she's still sitting in bed, I hear, "And next time, just call me, Booth. Not Sweets. Because once the baby arrives, he's going to be calling us for advice."