Elend found her on the balcony of Keep Venture. With a smile, he realized that Vin was sitting in the very same place where they had met, just a couple of months before. He sat down behind her.

"Hey," he said, in a soft voice, and the girl jerked. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

She shrugged, without turning; she had already recognized his voice, the way he called her, as if she was about to disappear. Vin stood in silence and watched at the mists, curling around her body and Luthadel. It was... all right. And it was strange. After all, Kelsier had died. If she burned tin, she could easily see the Place of the Survivor; it was still his blood on the stones of the street.

"You like the mists, isn't you?" Elend said, calling her back from her thoughts, and she smiled gratefully for his concern. "You spend all the evenings here, on this balcony."

She nodded, pensive. She really liked the mists. The mists were Mistborns' friend, they hid them, they protected them, they gave them power... The same power she had used to kill the Lord Ruler and give Elend the power over Luthadel and the Central Dominance. That was the way Kelsier had taught her. It's his voice that still whispered in her mind, together with Reen's. And... The mists were him, were Kelsier. In a strange way, when she was sitting in the mists, she could even feel his voice and his touch.

"I miss him," she whispered, shivering, and Elend nodded as he put an arm around her shoulders, holding her closer to him. "I mean, Kelsier. Standing here... I feel him, Elend. It's like he never went away."

"It sounds almost as the Church of the Survivor speaks, Lady Heir," he joked, with a smile, feeling her disappointment in the way she froze in his hug. "Are you joining them?"

"Never," she grinned, knowing that Elend was only trying to turn her mind from Kelsier. She smiled, grateful, and returned her eyes to the mists.

"How is it?" Elend asked after a few minutes of silence, genuinely curious, tapping his fingers on the rail of the balcony. "The Allomancy, I mean. Being a Mistborn. Being able to do- well, the things you did." he ended, with and hopeful smile.

Vin frowned. "It's like-" she started, but paused immediately. She didn't know how to continue. She hadn't ever stopped thinking how it felt. It felt... good. She knew, instinctively, that there wasn't anything else to say, but a scholar like Elend might prefer a better explanation. An explanation that, at the moment, she couldn't give him. "I don't know, Elend." she whispered, shrugging. "It seems even more naturally than breathing, somehow. It's not a thing that I'm able to explain to someone that isn't a Allomancer."

Elend nodded, accepting her words, then slipped closer to her, wrapping his arms around her neck and kissing her cheek. She flushed, keeping her eyes on the mists all around them, but her hand reached Elend's one and squeezed it, in a quite shy way. Elend smiled again, pressing his forehead on her shoulder.

"Elend?" she said, in a small whisper, resting her back on his chest and burning a bit of tin. Immediately, she could feel his heartbeat on her skin. It was reassuring, the regular beat of his heart, it was an odd lullaby. She smiled. "Thank you."

"Uh?" he raised an eyebrow, confused. "What are you thanking me for?" he chuckled and kissed her again. "For being the more wonderful king of the Central Dominance you have ever met?"

"For trusting me, even after my lies," she smiled, hiding a small chuckle.

"I'm a gentleman, you should know, Valette," he laughed, pressing his lips on her hair and smiling again.

The mist curled around their bodies and, with Elend's arms around her shoulders, Vin felt as everything in the world was alright.