Chapter 4

"It's you, it's really you. You're the lady who got clawed by the dragon" A little boy hugged my legs.

I hadn't even made it into the kitchen area before the children swarmed me from last night. They all circled around me. It seemed as if I was quiet famous around the castle. I smiled at the thought as I looked up I saw Quinn and Creedy standing a few steps away both grinning away.

I nodded "Why yes I am the girl that got clawed by the dragon, but my friends call me Olivia" I said with a smile.

"Did it hurt?" another child asked.

"Noo not at all" I joked.

"You're so tough!" One exclaimed, clearly not catching my sarcasm.

I heard the chuckles from the men in the back.

"But Mr. Quinn made you all better right?" another asked

I smiled looking at Quinn. "Mr. Quinn did. He stitched me up and now I feel so much better" I said looking back down at the kids

"Are you going to live here with us now, Miss Olivia?" a girl asked

I smiled "I don't know. Is it alright with you all?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

After talking to Quinn last night and seeing the look in his eyes, I wanted to be here. And now seeing these kids made my decision even more concrete. These kids were adorable, their intentions so pure and honest in such a broken world was encouraging. They were so welcoming to a complete stranger.

The kids unanimously cheered yes. I could contain my chuckle as I looked at Creedy and Quinn. "Well I guess its settled, only because you guys said so"

With that they all gathered and hugged me as a group. I couldn't get over the welcoming; it was something that could warm even the coldest of hearts. They all ran off to their own agendas and Creedy and Quinn stepped towards me.

"Did you put them up to that?" I said looking at both of them

They looked at each other and shook their heads honestly "That was all them." Quinn said with a smile

Creedy stood surprised "I have never seen them that way around new people, they usually start out pretty shy"

I smiled with a shrug "Must be the war wound" I pointed to my shoulder

Quinn nodded "Maybe"

"You're pretty good with kids" Creedy noticed.

I smiled remembering my niece and nephew. "my brother had two kids. I was auntie Oli to them"

I looked down trying to avoid their remorseful looks. "Coffee?" I asked trying to move from the subject.

As I was about to move towards the kitchen an alarm rang throughout the castle. Everyone sitting in the common room stood and ran in every direction,

"Common" Quinn pulled me.
"Must be the one that got Olivia, she wants to get to know ya little better" Creedy joked

Suddenly the fear in my dreams became a reality. Quinn and Creedy would be going out there to try and take on the dragon. I went over almost every horrible scenario if they went outside.

Quinn stopped at a stairwell leading down. The kids were all making their way down as well as some of the women.

"Make sure all the kids get into the shelter, do a count and then close the door and wait until we come and get you" Quinn instructed

I tried to gather all my thoughts; everything was going so fast I couldn't think straight. Quinn held his hand on my arm "Olivia, Its going to be alright." Quinn assured. I guess he saw the panic that was rushing through me.

I nodded "Be careful"

He nodded as he ran off. Creedy had already ran to his position. I stepped down into the shelter that they had dug out of the ground. Pipes hung from the ceiling and the kids were all crammed together at the back. The door was shut and we waited. I sat against the wall close to the door praying that if there were still a God out there, that he'd watch over Quinn and Creedy.

"Don't worry Miss Olivia. Mr. Quinn and Mr. Creedy will scare the dragon away" one little boy came to my side.

I tried to smile as I opened up my arm and he came and sat in my lap. I hopped that he was right.

I had dozed in and out of sleep, I would be jolted awake every time my little friend would move in his sleep. It seemed like it could have been hours we've been in here.

As I was beginning to think the worst the door started to rustle. I lifted the boy out of my lap and stood heading for the door. Opening it I was relieved to see Creedy. I was covered in dirt and out of breath. My heart sank when I didn't see Quinn around.

"You guys ok?" he asked

Everyone started to get up and call out to Creedy. I nodded checking him, I padded down his shoulders and chest "Are you?"

He nodded setting my hands still "I'm fine." He leaned in "How good are you at stitching someone up?" he asked "Quinn took a pretty good beating outside, he's in rough shape"

I felt my heart stop. Quinn was hurt. "Where is he?" I asked

"In his room" I took off not letting him finish his sentence.

I couldn't get up the stairs fast enough. I finally reached the door. Before opening it I had to get my emotions in check. I didn't know what happened, how bad he could be hurt. I couldn't let my emotions get the best of me, I wondered why I was so worried about Quinn. As I opened the door there he stood, like he did last night with no shirt on, except he was covered in blood.

I felt my eyes almost burst out of their sockets and my jaw dropped. Quinn held up his hands as I shut the door and stepped towards him.

"Its not as bad as I looks" he said

I looked over his torso, there was a long cut across his chest, it looked pretty deep. "I'd hate to see what you consider bad then" I said circling him to see his back.

Minor scraps trailed along his back, the damage was mostly in the front. I looked up to his face as I stood back in front of him. He face was covered in dirt like Creedy's. I felt like I couldn't breathe.

"What happened?" I managed to get out

I figured I'd make myself useful instead of just staring at him. I grabbed a cloth and began to wipe away the blood. Quinn winced as I wiped it over the cut.

"Ah, i was on the keeping wall about to take my shot at the dragon and I guess I waited too long because when I took the shot it went through the wall, with me still on it. Almost buried me alive" he explained

I froze feeling sick. He came so close today. I rested my hand on his chest. "Quinn" I mumbled

"Olivia, I'm fine. Look" he lifted my chin. He raised his arms, with a slight wince, but he straightened himself out. "See. I'm still alive, just a few cuts"

I nodded looking back at the wound. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't tell him I would be lost with out him, that if he were taken I wouldn't know what to do with myself. He was home to me now.