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A/N: I never understood what people were talking about with plot bunnies until I started writing. They just don't leave you alone! This is just something fun and fluffy that came to mind.

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Hard to Find

Castiel: Where is he? Where IS he? I can't find him? He has to be here!

Gabriel: (poofing in and looking over Cas's shoulder) Oh come on. He's a foot taller than everyone else. How hard could it be?

...10 minutes later…

Gabriel: (raising his voice, frustrated) I can't find him. I'm telling you HE ISN'T HERE!

Dean sighed in the front seat of the impala as the two angels panicked/hyperventilated playing Where's Waldo in the back.

A/N: Like I said, just something fun that came to mind and wouldn't let me sleep before it was written. Please review. God bless.