Title: Special Place In His Heart
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Pairing: Angeal x Zack
Rating: T
Prompt: Change
Word Count: 261
Warning: It isn't that great... not my best work.
: Eh, it's late I guess... my classes aren't helping my muse. xD Errors may be found. Sorry D: written for scrawl_calibur on LJ

"Shiva, Zack! Think before you-!" The older male glanced at the back of the boy's head, confused why he stopped so suddenly.
It was dark, way too late for a cadet to be passed his bedtime but like always, Zack got Angeal to bend the rules a little.
Maybe leading him to his "secret garden" wasn't the brightest idea.

"Angeal~! It's... whoa!" The dark haired man smiled at his student's expression. The garden was indeed quite lovely, if he did say so himself. He had started it when he was a cadet and had been taking care of it since. " 'Geal, oh my Gaia! This is just... awesooommmeee!"
Angeal chuckled watching his pup wonder around the green, just staring in awe. He asked what each plant was, smell them and well, ran around in it. After being suck in the ShinRa building so long, it must of been good to see real plants instead of those plastic things.
"I want to stay here forever!" He smiled. "I hope things never change."
"Change is... and well happen, Zack. That's just how it is."
"I know, but... still." He turned and hugged his mentor tightly, grinning up at the man he loved. "Can we come back again, 'Geal? Please? I wanna see more of your plants!"
Who could say no to that face? Not him. No matter what happened, or what fate brought them... Zack would always hold a special space in his heart. That would never change.