I do not own Static Shock or any of its characters

I do own my OC whose name will be mentioned in the story if I decide to do this

Honestly I just haven't come up with a name yet…

Downtown Dakota…

""we're coming to you live from Downtown Dakota to what appears to be a new Bang-Baby, and a new heroine!" -mystery girl-

A new heroine appears

"So you're Static huh? And Gear and Rubberband Man?" -A little chat-

"Uh.. yeah?"

"Nice to meet you the names Kitsune by the way"

And a couple of old and new friends appear

"Robin? What are you doing here?" -old friend-

"Nice to see you too Static. Meet the Teen Titans." -New friends-

"Virgil is that you?" -An old flame?-


(hugging him) "it is you! I can't believe it!"

Disaster strikes

"Ebon has escaped from prison!"

"Looks more like he was taken" -Confusion?-

"By what?"

"By that!"

"Static look out!"

"Were coming to you live from one of the most shocking scenes to strike Dakota since the Bangbaby outbreak as Dakota's local hero has appeared to have been kidnapped!"



"Who are you exactly!"

"I told you! And why are you acting like this is my fault?"

"Because it is!"


"Guys are you okay!"

"Just fine" -waves of uneasiness-

"What the hell are you doing?"

"What we're supposed to do!" -Betrayal?-

Talia Iyami presents a Static Shock Fanfiction where friendships, trust and mind are put to the test. Can our heroes make it through this?

Static Shock: Shadows of Trust

So, what do you think? Think I should make it? I am looking for help on the bad guys, there will be 4 total but I only need help on two of them. Fan characters are welcome!

This is Talia Iyami, signing off!