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(In the Dakota High cafeteria, it's lunch time and our heroes have picked themselves a table.)

"Man I don't know how you don't fall asleep to that one teacher dudes voice! It's so… uh, so…." Beast Boy let his sentence hang, while thinking hard for the right word. (A/N thinking hard is rather dangerous with BB isn't it XD)

"Monotone. And yeah, it is." Cyborg finished BB's sentence.

"After a few years of it, you get used to it." Richie stated. "And learn how to force yourself to stay awake." He added after a short pause. Looks over at Virgil and sees him messing with his phone.

"Hey Virg. Earth to Virg. VIRGIL!"

"Huh? Sorry I was just reading a text from Talia. Do you guys mind if she sits here, she is new and given how this lunch room can get…" Virgil trails off staring at a kid who was on top of a table looking as though he were imitating Tarzan.

The group all stares at the kid before Robin finally broke off their trance at the rather, interesting sight. "Yeah, that would probably be best."

Virgil sent Talia a reply telling her where they were. A few minutes later she showed up, though looking a little frazzled.

"I hate Freshies." Was all Talia said as she plopped down in the empty seat between Raven and Virgil.

"What are these 'Freshies'?" Starfire asked.

"Freshies. You know Freshmen." Talia replied. "loud, annoying and rude." (A/N I could not help myself, this is what most of the Freshies are like at my school.)

"They're preps, what do you expect?" Raven asked rhetorically.

"Good point" Talia stated after a few seconds thought. "By the way, that strange writing you sent me. Where did you get it?"

"Er…A museum. We were, curious as to what it said." Richie lied.

"Mm-hmm." Talia hummed, looking as though she really didn't believe him.

Lunch went on relatively normal, that is until the lunchroom started shaking as though there was an earthquake.

"An earthquake? In Dakota?" Beast Boy exclaimed.

A loud, inhuman roar from outside soon decked that theory though.

"Uh, you might want to come up with a new theory Gar…" Talia stated.

Talia turned when she didn't get a response to find everyone gone. She didn't see them anywhere in the lunchroom, which by now was mostly deserted, and assumed they left with everyone else.

"At least I don't have to come up with an excuse for my absence." She muttered before glancing around and running towards the bathroom with her backpack.


"Man I really though Dakota couldn't get any stranger." Virgil complained.

Not that anyone could blame him. Standing in front of them was what looked like a dragon. It even breathed fire as our heroes soon found out.

"Titans go!" Robin shouted, rolling out of the way to avoid being burned.

Best Boy jumped up, turning into a hawk. He flew six feet above the dragon, before turning into an ape and dropping down hard on its back. He then grabbed the dragon's neck and put it in a choke hold.

"Hyaaaaa!" Starfire rushed forward, fists glowing. She landed some swift punches to the dragons face before holding its snout closed.

The dragon tried to throw her off, but Starfire held firm.

"Azarath. Metrion. Sinthos!" Raven pulled a pipe out of the ground and wrapped it around the dragon's snout.

Starfire let go and went to assist Robin who had shot his grappling hook so that it wrapped around the dragons back legs. Raven trapped its front legs with more magic.

"Starfire, help me pull. Cyborg and Static you hit high, Gear you hit low." Robin ordered.

"Got it!" Gear called out.

Beast Boy jumped down and out of the way. Gear then began to throw shock caps (A/N is that what they're called?) at the dragon's legs. Static and Cyborg sent blast after last at the dragon's head. The dragons began to back up and as soon as it started to teeter from its tangled legs, Starfire, Robin and Raven gave one last pull toppling the beast.

"Alright we did it!" Beast Boy exclaimed, smiling wide with a thumbs up.

Which just as soon dropped to his side when the dragon lifted its head and snapped the pipe off its jaws. Raven was barely able to put up a shield on time to protect them from the fire.

"Anytime someone wants to come up with a plan, I'd really appreciate it." Raven grunted, limbs shaking from the strain of trying to hold the shield up.

"You all need a hand?" someone called out.

"Who was that?" Gear asked aloud. While the voice was definitely female, it wasn't one of their teammates.

"That would be me."

A figure suddenly jumped down from above and ran under the dragon's flames. She then stopped, crouched and jumped up landing a swift uppercut to the dragon's lower jaw. The dragon roared and staggered back falling once again because of its back legs still being trapped. Raven dropped the shield just as the figure turned around.

She was a little tall with white hair that fluffed out and was tied in a ponytail at the very end by a black ribbon. She had on long, black, tight fitting pants that looked a bit like Black Widow's. (A/N yes, the Marvel verse. DC and Marvel exist together in this story and the sequel if I get enough reviews on this one.) She had on a silverish undershirt and a black sleeveless top that looked to be made out of the same material as the pants. The top stopped a few centimeters below her breasts and the sleeves looked like that had been ripped off giving it an almost vest-like look. It was unzipped a bit, showing the silver shirt underneath. She wore black zip-up boots over her pants and a black fox mask with silver designs. (A/N Her mask is a black and silver version of Sakuyamon's) She wore a silver gauntlet on both of her lower arms that stopped an inch below the elbow. A silver belt was hooked around her waist and what looked like a silver tipped fox tail was hooked to the back.

"The name's Black Kitsune." She said with a small smile.

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