Title: Ten Times Thyself

Chars/Pairings: Silverbolt, Aerialbots, Hot Spot, Protectobots, Superion, Defensor

Genre: Rating: M/NC-17

Summary: G1: An improptu post-battle tryst has some unexpected side effects for the young Autobot gestalts. Originally for the lj kink meme. Aerialbots/Protectobots

I wrote this for the transformers kink meme on livejournal a while ago, and finally decided to post it here. I'll try to post a new chapter every week or so.

Chapter I

"Decepticons, retreat!" Came Megatron's usual end-battle bellow. Menasor, unsurprisingly, ignored the order and continued trying to duke it out with Superion. Superion, although considerably larger, barely managed to dodge several manic sword swipes while also dodging fellow Autobots on the ground. He tried drop-kicking the crazed gestalt off in the direction of the main Decepticon forces, but Menasor dropped and rolled past him, crushing trees and barely missing a limping Ironhide in the process.

Superion was turning to face his opponent when he heard Menasor cry out in alarm. Defensor had made his way over after Bruticus broke up and fled with the majority of the Decepticons, and had just tackled Menasor to the ground. The two gestalts were now tumbling towards the gorge occupied by the battle-inducing hydroelectric plant.

"Defensor-!" As quickly as his huge mass would allow, Superion strode to the two battling gestalts. Menasor now had Defensor trapped under him, though he was unable to inflict much damage because of Defensor's force field. Superion grabbed the Decepticon combiner by both shoulders and ripped him off his fellow. Superion holding him in the air, Defensor wasted no time and proceeded to deliver several precise shots to the lunatic's limb joints.

Finally, the enemy gestalt broke up, and unsurprisingly, Menasor's individual components had no desire to stick around and face two Autobot combiners. As the Stunticons flew off in the direction of the Nemesis, the Autobot combiners distantly heard Optimus officially call retreat. Most of the Autobots trekked back up toward the main road leading to the power station.

Superion turned to Defensor. His companion seemed about to disassemble, so he reached out an arm and placed his hand on the smaller combiner's shoulder.

"Defensor battled Menasor, my enemy." Superion said. Defensor looked up at him.

"Menasor's my enemy too. Also, he's insane. I wouldn't leave you to fight him alone." Superion rumbled in acknowledgment, then stepped closer. He could feel the unique energy field surrounding Defensor, a shifting, intermingling combination of what he knew the Protectobot's individual fields felt like. He knew subconsciously his own energy field must be the same way, certainly all the Decepticon gestalts' fields were. Of course, theirs, and in particular Menasor's, his nemesis, were usually dyssynchronous and battle charged. Defensor's was fluid, and…calming.

"You defend the Autobots and Humans well." Superion finally responded. Defensor opened his mouth, probably to brush off the complement, but Superion stopped him by bending down and locking his mouth in a kiss. Superion felt the surprise flicker through the other gestalt's field, now largely overlapping his own due to their proximity. However, Defensor made no attempt to break off the kiss, and Superion raised his other hand up to cup his companion's face. After a long moment, they broke apart.

"I want you," Superion said. Superion stared at Defensor. Defensor stared at Superion. Then Defensor hesitantly stepped forward and raised up his right hand. Superion took the hand in his own, and abruptly sat down. Defensor wobbled a bit from the impact, but their connection kept him from getting too unbalanced. Defensor smiled at their new relative positions.

"Well, I think this will work ok, huh?" Superion merely pulled him forward, so that Defensor was standing between his spread legs. This time, Defensor leaned forward and started the kiss. They pressed their chest components together, and Superion wrapped his arms around the smaller. Now their combined energy fields were abuzz with the arousal of all their component parts. When the two sets of five overlapped, the combination was dizzying.

Defensor pulled back from their embrace, his optics off. When he opened them again, their look of pure desire nearly ignited Superion's engines. Defensor reached up and, using Superion's shoulders as leverage, shifted each leg so that he straddled Superion's pelvis. Superion leaned back slowly, and soon they were lying on a berth of crushed vegetation, Defensor draped over Superion's chest.

Superion brought up his knees, and took one hand of Defensor's in each of his own. Defensor bent his head down, resting it gently on the rise of Superion's chest. They both expanded their fields at nearly the same time, in one burst, then drew them in, and press out again…Superion could feel them both synching up, each pulse a little closer to perfect accord. Defensor pulled his cord covers back first with a small gasp, and Superion reciprocated by clicking open his ports. Unfortunately…

"Gotta…" Defensor pulled away and sat up. Superion groaned at the loss of stimulation. But he quickly forgot about that loss as Defensor carefully took the cord from his left leg and plugged it into his own right leg. A jolt of energy shot from the connection straight from his leg to his chest, then, diminished, to his other limbs. Superion clutched at the dirt and trees underneath them, and as Defensor slowly and steadily repeated the process on the other side, carefully inserting the small cord from Groove into Skydive, Superion had to clamp down on the reflex to slam their legs together. With two of their component parts interfaced, their fields pulsing together, Defensor sensually slid back up Superion's body, trailing his hand along his thighs and pelvis as he did so.

Superion grabbed Defensor bodily in retaliation and lifted him up far enough for them to kiss again. Instead of the previous gentle connection, this time their lips smashed together. As they broke apart, Superion nuzzled his face against the top of Defensor's helm, and Defensor brought up one hand to fondle Superion's side vents and transceivers. The light touch on those sensitive appendages felt incredibly good, and Superion tried to reciprocate by working his fingers up into Defensor's shoulder joints and tweaking the wires connecting First Aid and Blades to Hot Spot.

"Oh, Primus!" Defensor spasmed, clutching his vent with the one hand and scrabbling at his chest with the other. Superion continued to work around the outside of the joints with this hands, rubbing, kneading, tweaking, and building up charge. Defensor shakily brought his right arm away from Superion's helm, and knowing both from deduction and those desires bleeding through their connections, Superion also pulled his hands away from Defensor's joints, laying them down along his sides, within Defensor's reach.

Defensor twined the fingers of Blades with those of Slingshot, and his cable almost aggressively leaped out of its casing to plug them together. Shuddering in a haze of pleasure, remaining components vibrating with need, this time Superion pinched Defensor's cable in his hand and worked it into his own port. Only one more to go…Without even leaning apart, both of their chests began to grind open. It was an unusual transformation to make, and one Superion had certainly never done before, but many memories from his components, and now also from the Protectobots, filled him with desire and anticipation.

First Aid/Fireflight wormed in between their chests, and after a battle of wills each began caressing the other gestalt leader's spark casing. Superion playfully explored the Hot Spot's components with his large fingers, and he could feel the air from Defensor's frantically whirling vents flowing over superheated internals in a vain attempt to keep them within normal parameters. Defensor took a slower approach, First Aid expertly caressing Silverbolt's chamber, massaging energon lines, and pricking just the right sensory wires…Superion's spark hardly stood a chance against the medic's knowledge.

The first moment Silverbolt's spark casing opened, they both paused in their ministrations. Superion could feel the hungry passion coming in through the links or maybe from his own components out through the links - by now their fields were fluxing in complete synchronicity, and with four components merging minds, frantically exchanging sensory data and desires, Superion could hardly tell which lusts were his own and which were his lover's.

Then the sound of Hot Spot's spark chamber opening followed. Defensor brought Blades/Slingshot up next to Superion's shoulder bracing himself enough so that Superion could reach in with Fireflight and work the spark cable free from its clip. Compared to the regular interface cables they'd been hooking up with so far, the spark cable felt heavy and hot in his fingers, and from the sensations of his hand and from Defensor he knew it was charged and sensitive. He held the cable gently, moving his thumb over the male jack on the end. Defensor trembled above him.

"Please…!" And Superion knew that was an unabashed and impatient Streetwise coming through. He lowered the cable down into the port on the side of Silverbolt's spark chamber, then quickly, before they both lost it, slammed their uncovered sparks together. Silverbolt's spark met Hot Spot's, and through them the other team members felt each other, and the fit was…different from merging with one's own gestalt mates, but still wonderful...

Defensor clamped their hands together, and they both crashed into a cascading overload. First in his chest, Superion's surged out into his limbs and then flooded over the connection into Defensor. Superion distantly felt Defensor's field go haywire against his plating as the smaller gestalt absorbed the charge. The rush shoved Defensor's components over the threshold, and their overload(s) coalesced with Superion's own charge and avalanched through Hot Spot's spark cable back into him.

Superion blacked out.


Silverbolt came online feeling like he'd accidentally shocked himself with one of his own lightening bolts. Then crashed into the side of a volcano. Which was covered with magma. He groaned.

"Looky who finally decided to wakey wakey!" came Air Raid's voice from above him. He on-lined his optics to a bunch of blurry white, red, and blue figures above him. He felt a gentle touch on his shoulder, and turned to see who it was. After rebooting his optics, the smiling (now he could tell!) faceplate of First Aid greeted him.

"Don't be harsh!" First Aid scolded Air Raid, wagging a finger at him. "Silverbolt had to ground a lot of energy from that; if he wasn't built to handle lightning strikes, we wouldn't have been able to do it at all." Silverbolt off-lined his optics again before he could see Blades shove Air Raid. When he on-lined them for the third time, Skydive was standing on his right side, and a positively glowing Hot Spot had replaced First Aid to his left. Grabbing his arms, they managed to heave him up onto his feet.

"Don't worry about everybody," Hot Spot said before he could even ask. "They all woke up before we did, and First Aid's given everyone a clean bill of health. It took us longer to wake up 'cause of energy drain."

"Can we go back to base now? I'm hungry," came Fireflight's voice. Silverbolt rolled his eyes, and Hot Spot chuckled. Silverbolt turned; Fireflight didn't look too anxious to go back to base, curled up with Groove and Streetwise.

/ /Apparently we missed the cuddle session too/ / Hot Spot said to him over private comm..

"Alright Aerialbots," Silverbolt finally said, wearily, "Let's get back to base and cleaned up. Hot Spot and I've probably got a debriefing we're late to anyways… Transform and fly out."