Stewie and Rallo's wild week Chapter 1 AUTHOR'S DIALOG: Hello this is my first fanfic and I realy hope you all enjoy it. I first thought of this while I was whatching the show. And it just came to me you know?...So I just thought it was a good idea and I decided to share it with you so please enjoy it. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! It was Saturday night which meant game night and most of the Griffin family was in the living room playing ''Monopoly'' and a certain fat guy was in trouble. PETER: My turn again. (Peter rolls the dice and lands on chance.) Yeah! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! Alright! I get to have a Chance card. Chance card: GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL! Ahhh! Damn those Parker brothers! (Peter angrily hands the dice to Louis.) LOUIS: Well it looks like you're about to lose Peter. It's my turn now (Louis rolls the dice.) Six spaces (Louis makes her move and lands on ''Baltic Avenue''.) HA! I'm deffinantly buying it. BRIAN: Alright since I'm the banker you'll have to give me the money. LOUIS: Alright here you go Brian. BRIAN: Here's your "Baltic Avenue" Louis. LOUIS: (Louis hands the dice to Chris.) OK Chris it's your turn. CHRIS: Thanks Mom! (Chris rolls the dice and lands on ''Community chest''.) ALRIGHT! A Community chest card. Community chest: GET OUT OF JAIL FREE! Oh YEAH! PETER: OK what the hell is going on here? Louis you just bought something for the fourth time in a row. Chris you just got a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card. Meg has three houses on the board and I landed on Brian's property twice since we've been playing... Plus I'm in jail. This is so not fair. While everyone was playing monopoly. Stewie was in his room. As far as everyone knew he was asleep however he was whide awhake.. and as usual he is planning another evil scheme again. STEWIE: Alright Rupert I think this is the single most diabolical plan I've ever thought of. Tommorow all we would need is a diversion and then VICTORY WILL BE OURS! (Stewie then looks at the stuffed teddy bear with a proud look on his face)...Wha-what do you mean this plan is destined to fail? What do you mean my plans suck? HEY Rupert..Rupert... Well if your so smart lets here your bright idea. Stewie then look's at Rupert with one of those cocky '' I'm waiting'' type of his expression slowly fades ...Well! I guess my plan was a little ''half baked'' but still look at you! Look who's thinking outside the box! So YEAH I'm totaly psyhced now lets do it! HA! I haven't been this excited since last month when the fat man was on the ''Steve Wilkos Show'' FLASH BACK: STEVE: Welcome to the show today. My guest's name is Peter. Peter why are you here? PETER: Ok steve..well first of all I'm here because I think my seventeen year old daugther is a Geek. STEVE: WOW! That realy sounds mean Peter. Well why would you say that? PETER: Because she is just awfull..I mean don't get me wrong I do care for her and all but still. She is completely boring and dull, She is as ugly as a baboon's ass, and she is SO awkard. I mean it gets to a point where you pretty much curse yourself for beening in the same room as her for even five minutes because you know she's going to try and tell you about her day at time she opens her mouth she just makes me want to put a bullet in my head. STEVE: Since thats how you feel about her. Then you know what? You can't sit on my stage! PETER: NO! To many people have had to get off of these comfty chairs because they did something you didn't like and I for one am sick of it. Steve where do you get off telling people that they can't sit down. What! You think just because you were a cop that means you can order people around? Well you know what Steve F#K you! Steve then slowly walks over to a chair. Some where in the audience. STEWIE: AW YEAH! Here it comes! (Steve throws the chair.) *CRASH!* PETER: Well if thats the way you want it then thats the way we'll play it then. (Peter also throws a chair.) STEWIE: YAYYY! I can't beleive he did that alright fat man! Now both Steve and Peter are throwing chairs at each other. The audience is cheering like never before. Atleast three people from the audience have tried to break it up. But now things just got worst because they are now on the floor fighting and it looks like Steve is about to win until the producers cut the cameras off. END FLASH BACK! STEWIE: AHH YEAH! There's no stopping us now. Tommorow for the first time ever VICTORY WILL BE OURS! (From down stairs Stewie hears a voice.) PETER: Stewie shut up and go to sleep!

AUTHOR'S DIALOG: Well how did you like that it was really something HUH? I hope you liked reading this chapter as much as I liked writing it. But don't worry I'm thinking of a new Chapter as we speak. So until we meet again. Oh and could you review this chapter if you can please?