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My name is Paul Levi and I am 20 year old shapeshifter. I am in a pack of ten. There's Jared, Sam, Jacob, Quil, Embry, Seth, Leah, Brady and Collin. I am the one that has the shortest fuse in the whole pack. I have problems controlling my anger and most of the pack hopes that when I imprint, that I will mellow out some. Some of the pack has even said that they would feel sorry for who ever is stuck with me. When they said this I ended up going off on their ass.

So, all of us wolves, except for the twins, are here at Sam and Emily's. We were going to go for a group run, but we were waiting for Collin and Brady. We were worried about them because they are never late and we always worry about them because they are the youngest in the pack at the age of 12.

"Maybe we should call their grandma to if they are on their way," suggested Jacob.

"We can't, she still doesn't trust us, she thinks they are too young to be hanging around us," said Sam with a sigh.

"Well, maybe…oh wait, here they come," said Quil.

The twins came barreling in looking like they just won the lottery.

"Why are you two late and why are you both smiling like that?" asked Sam.

"We just got the best news ever," exclaimed Brady.

"Yeah, our older sister is coming to live with us," said Collin.

Wait, since when do they have a sister?

"Since when have you guys had a sister?" Seth asked for all of us.

"Since we were born, we don't think or talk about her because we miss her to much. You all know how we were born here and then moved and then came back?" said Collin. We all nodded.

"Well, Bella was born here too. The reason why she didn't come with us is be she was going to college. She is really smart. She graduated from high at the age of 15 and just finished college with a teaching degree. She is going to be teaching at the elementary school here on La Push," said Brady.

We were all in shock.

"How old is she right now?" asked an awed Emily.

"She's 19, almost 20. She hasn't been around because she wanted to get a good job and then come back to take care of us. She is very motherly. Even though she has a job now, she really wants to be a stay at home mom when she starts to have children," said Collin.

"When is she moving here?" I asked.

"She will be here in a few days. She also said that she has some news that she found out. She wouldn't tell us over the phone, she said we had to wait," grumbled Brady.

"So…is he hot?" asked Quil.

"Dude, this is our sister, we aren't going to talk about her like that, but she is beautiful, she always had guys asking her out, but she stayed focus on school and us. So she never dated," said Collin.

"Just so you know, you can't lie to Bella. She always knows when she is being lied to. She a like a lie detector, so we may have to tell her about being wolves," said Brady.

"Well, we'll see. We will deal with it if it happens. Now let's get going, we still have the run to do," said Sam.

I don't know why, but this it seems like when the twin's sister gets here, everything is going to change. Hopefully for the best.