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When we got to the door of room, Bella opened it and we all walked in. I can't believe that we all fit in here, it was a tight fit, but we were all in here.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by Bella's grandmother, "I want all of you to know that I know about you all being wolves. I feel kind of slow because I didn't see it sooner. I was around when the last pack was, my husband was in the pack and I was-"

"Grams, I sorry to interrupt, but the last pack was supposedly around when Ephraim Black was chief. That was over eighty years ago and you do not look over eighty years old," said a confused Bella.

"Isabella, I am over eighty years old, as is Old Quil. I was a special pack member; I had all the wolf characteristics except for the turning into a wolf. I had enhanced strength, speed, and senses, advanced agility, quick healing, telepathy with the pack, and I aged like the wolves. I also had a few other abilities, like feeling when something was wrong with someone in the pack. I could "see" certain things about the pack, like how a wolf would imprint. I was also the pack mother. I would take care of the pack, it was like I was what kept them together," said Bella's grandmother.

We were all silent, thinking about what she just said. She was important to the pack, I wonder if there was someone like that for us.

"Grams, is that what I am?" asked a shocked Bella.

"Yes my dear, you are the pack mother and you will be important to them like this. The last vision I had was of you and how you would be imprinted on. That was the first and last vision I have had since your grandfather died. You will be what I was to the last pack. I know that you have had visions, and you need to tell them. It will help them see that where they are is better then how it could have been."

We were all quiet, just taking this in. I can't believe that my Bella was our pack mother, and that she was a wolf, with out being a wolf. Does that even make sense?

"I know you all have questions, but I would like to spend the rest of my time with my family. You will all be able to talk to Isabella or Billy or Old Quil about everything. They will know the most," she said looking tired.

We were all leaving the room but Kim and I were stopped, "Paul, Kim, will you two stay, you are basically family."

Bella went and grabbed our hands and pulled us back. Bella let go of my hand and then lead Kim over to the two chairs that were by her grandmother. They sat in the chairs while Jared and I stood behind them. The twins and Embry were on the other side of the bed.

"Okay, I already know that I don't have much time left and I just want to tell you all a few things," she tells all of us. "I want to tell Paul and Kim that you two are wonderful matches for Jared and Bella. I know that you will all be happy together. Bella, the twins will be left to you, but you won't be by yourself in raising them, you will have the whole pack to help you. If they give you any trouble, then ask Sam or the elders for help. The same goes for the others too.

"I also want to tell you all that you will have to stick together because what Bella is going to tell the pack about her visions that she had is not going to be good," she said to us.

"Grams, is there anything else that we need to know about what is going on with me?" asked Bella.

"Not that I can remember, if you have any questions, ask Old Quil. He will tell you everything that I had forgotten," she whispered out.

"Grams, you should rest. You don't want to exhaust yourself," said Brady.

She just nodded her head. You could tell that she was getting weaker by the moment. I hope that she is comfortable because from the way it looks she isn't going to make it that much longer.


Emily, Quil, Jacob, Leah, Seth and I have been here at my house since we left the hospital. That was yesterday. We are waiting for the rest of the pack. I am really curious about what Bella has seen in her visions, but I know that she will be in a rough place right now because of her grandmother, so I don't want to push her.

Then all of a sudden we here a car pull up to the house. We wait for them to come into the house. As soon as the door opens, Paul is bringing in a red eyed Bella and Jared, a red eyed Kim. The guys all look up set about this, even Paul.

They all sit down, Kim and Bella on the love seat, Paul and Jared on the arms of the love seat, and Embry and the twins by Bella and Kim's feet. Then it is just quiet for a few minutes, no one knows what to say because we all know what has happened.

Bella is the first to speak up, "I know that all of you probably figured it out, but I will say it anyway. Our grandmother died earlier this morning. We have to finish with the arrangements, but I figured, that I should tell you about my visions first. I just want to tell you some things first."

We all nod our head so she knows to keep going, "Well, I just found out that these dreams/visions were real or could have been real. I thought they were just dreams until I met you all yesterday. I really thought that I was going crazy or something. Especially when I saw Leah phase in one of my visions, I didn't believe that females could phase and until it was confirmed by the boys, I still didn't believe it."

She then stopped talking and took a couple of deep breathes. Paul was rubbing her back in comfort and then she began to speak, "The first vision I had was of Sam. I saw how he turned and lived as a wolf for a whole month. After that, I saw what happened when Emily showed up.

"I saw two out comes of that, the one that happened and the one that could have happened. Before I tell you what could have happened I want to warn you all that it is not a good alternative. I really do not want you all fighting after I tell you because it never happened, but I figured that this could help you guys move on or something along the lines of it."

I look at Emily and Leah; I really hope that this can help us. I then look back at Bella and nod for her to continue.

"Well, you all know that Emily came earlier to help Leah plan the wedding. In my vision, Emily doesn't show up until a few days before the wedding. Sam and Emily don't meet until the rehearsal dinner. They don't really look at each other until after it is over and all that is left are Sam, Leah, Emily, Seth, Sue, and Harry.

"When Sam looks up at Emily, he imprints. Leah is standing right there and is witnessing this happening. Leah can't control her rage at this. She then phases right there and ends up killing Emily right there on the spot. Sam then goes crazy with rage, phases, and kills Leah. Right after that Sam comes to his senses and is consumed with hatred for himself because not only did his imprint die, but he also killed his first love."

She then stops and lets us all take this in. I was scared, even though I know that this won't happen, it scared the shit out of me. I was going to ask her what happened next, but she started to talk again.

"It doesn't end there though. Seth, Harry, and Sue are all watching this happen. Young, carefree Seth just watched as the man he considered a brother kill his sister. That caused little innocent Seth to become enraged, phase, and kill Sam. Now Seth has to live with killing someone he used to love.

"I know that what I just told you was some really crazy shit, but think about it this way. Leah, you did lose the man that you loved to your best friend, but isn't that better than killing said best friend, being killed by the man that you loved, and having your baby brother become a killer?"

Leah and Emily were in tears and for the first time in over a year, Leah and Emily were hugging each other. I know that even though Leah was mad at Emily, she would never wish death on her. Leah still loves Emily with all her heart. I am just hope that they can get back to where they used to be, or close to it.

JPOV (Jared)

That has got to be one of the craziest things I have ever heard. I hope there are no more stories like that. As if he was reading my mind, Quil asked Bella.

"Did you have any other visions like that about the rest of us?"

"My next two visions kind of go together. This one is about Paul, me, Jared and Kim," she says.

"Now before I start," Bella then turns to Kim, takes her hand and continues, "I don't want you to be mad at my brother. What I am about to say could have happened if I came before Jared imprinted on you. So don't take it out on him, I just want to tell you all the bad things I have seen before I get to the good things."

I look at Kim and she takes a deep breath and says, "Okay Bella, you can continue."

My sister nods her head and starts, "Okay, like I said before, I end up coming to La Push earlier then expected. I was going to surprise the twins. I had just passed the 'Welcome to La Push' sign when two giant wolves come tumbling out of the forest. I swerve so I don't hit them, but then I lose control of the car and end up crashing into a tree. I will tell you all now, I was dying."

When she said this, all of us wolves whimpered. I guess we were finally feeling that bond with her. I knew this was hard on Paul, Embry and the twins because it was hard for me to hear this. Before anyone could say anything, Bella continued.

"The door to the car was ripped open and I was pulled from the car and into someone's arms. I looked around me and saw Jared, Quil, Jacob, Embry, Seth, and the twins. You all had tears in your eyes, but I didn't know any of you except for the twins. I told them that I loved them and that I would always watch over them. I then looked up at the person who was holding me. When I looked into the eyes of Paul, he imprinted on me, but it was too late. I ended up dying in his arms."

I knew that everyone in the room had tears in their eyes. Paul was holding onto Bella for dear life. I don't think he was going to let her go anytime soon. Then a thought came to me.

"Bella, you said that two wolves made you swerve, who were those wolves?" I asked.

She looked around the room and everyone was staring at her. She shook her head in a 'no' fashion.

"Bells, tell us," said the twins.

"I don't know which wolf is which. I only know that Sam is black, Leah is grey, and Seth is a sandy color. The two wolves that made me swerve were brown and silver."

Oh god, that means that it was Quil or me and Paul.

"Was the brown wolf a chocolate brown or darker brown?" asked a scared Quil.

Bella hesitated, but answered, "It was a darker brown."

Oh my god I killed my sister. I help kill my sister, I'm a monster. She's dead because of me. She's dead. She's dead. She's dead.

"JARED! I'm not dead, I'm right here. This could have happened, but it didn't. It's okay I'm right here and I am not going anywhere," Bella said to me.

She rubbed a hand through my hair. When did I end up on the floor with my head in her lap? I also noticed that she was running her other hand through Paul's hair and whispering things to him to calm him down, I also noticed that Kim was rubbing my shoulders.

After Paul and I calmed down, Bella started to speak again, "Should I continue or wait for another time?"

"I think that we should continue and get this all over with," said Sam.

"Okay then. Well, after my funeral, Paul started to wither away. He stopped eating and doing everything. He ended up dying too, of a broken heart," she said hugging Paul to her.

"Wow, that is three wolves and two imprints, please tell me that there are no more deaths," says Seth in a whispered voice.

"I'm sorry Seth, but there are two more deaths. After Paul and I died, Jared goes into a depression. He starts to resent the wolf; he blames himself for our deaths. I am sorry to say, but Jared turns into a man whore. He also stops going to school and therefore never meets Kim in his class and asks her for a pencil.

"So a few years go by and one day Jared gets a visit from a very pissed off Kim. When he answers the door, he imprints on her. But Kim is too mad to register this. I am just going to say this fast. Jared knocked up Kim's younger sister."

Oh my god…I knocked up my imprints younger sister. I look over to Kim and she is in shock. I really hope that she won't hate me, this will never happen. Before I can ask Kim anything, Bella continues.

"So, I am just going to say that Kim denies the imprint and you all know about the pain that comes when the wolf is not with his imprint. As it turns out, if you ignore the imprint long enough, you die. Kim and Jared both die, Jared of a broken heart because he was denied by his imprint; Kim because she couldn't take the pain of rejecting Jared."

I was just sitting there on the floor in shock. Kim and I die because she tries to reject the imprint. I can't be mad at her for that; I would try to reject me to if I was her. I just hope she is not mad at me.

"Jared, don't worry. I am not mad at you. I know that this is what could have happened. I know that this will never happen. I love you Jared and that is never going to change," said Kim and she slid to the floor to my lap. I just hug her to me, never wanting to let go.


Everyone was quiet after Kim reassured Jared that she loved him. No one knew what to say. We all just sat there for a half an hour and just took in what Bella said. I finally had enough of the silence and spoke first.

"Bella, are there any other bad visions that we need to know about?" I ask her.

"Well, sort of. The first vision I had where Sam, Emily, and Leah die cause you to never meet your imprint," she tells me.

I am shocked. If Sam, Emily, and Leah died I would never meet my imprint…wait, I am going to imprint?

"Quil has an imprint?" everyone said at once in shock.

"Yes, Quil has an imprint. To tell you the truth, you all have imprints, but I haven't seen all of them yet. Anyway, Quil's imprint is related to Emily," she said.

"Bella, the only females in my family are Sue, my mother, Leah, and my older sister who ran away when she was seventeen and that was about six years ago," says Emily.

"Oh god, please tell me that Quil is not my imprint. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth," Leah said while gagging.

"Leah, don't put you pack brother down. You may not like him like that or he may not be perfect for you, but he is perfect for someone. But to answer your question, no you are not his imprint," said a scolding Bella.

Leah, for the first time in a long time looked like a scolded puppy when she apologized, "Sorry Quil for insulting you."

"Its okay, Leah, I know where you're coming from though. That would just be wrong on so many levels for us to be together," I tell her as she nods her head.

"Emily, I hate to tell you this information like this, but your sister had a baby five years ago. The little girl will be taken away from your sister in a few weeks and you will be contacted. They will ask you if you can take her in," Bella says.

"Bella, are you telling me that I have a niece out there and I will take her in? Will it be safe for her to be here?" asked a worried Emily.

"Yes, you will take in your niece and it will be safe for her here. I really don't want to tell you guys when you will meet your imprints, since Sam, Jared, and Paul didn't get to know, but this is kind of important. Quil, your imprint is going to be a child," Bella said.

I was shocked; my imprint was going to be a child. I can't believe it. When I looked at everyone around the room, the guys all looked like they wanted to laugh at me. Those bastards.

"I swear if one of you laughs, I will make sure that you do your own cooking for a month. I know that all of you know the legends by heart now, so you all know that this means that Quil will be the bestest best friend that the little girl ever had," Bella explained.

"Don't you mean big brother?" asked Jacob.

"No, I don't like the big brother part because if you think about it, do you really want your imprint to ever think of you as a brother? I mean that just sounds gross," Bella answered with a shudder.

I looked around and everyone had a thoughtful look on their face and then seemed to agree with what she said. I know that I agreed, I would never want the love of my life to think of me as a brother; that would be weird.

"So do you know when my niece will arrive?" asked a now excited Emily.

"I would say in about two weeks, I had this vision a few days ago. That was maybe one of the happiest visions I had. Quil, you are going to have your hands full with that little girl once she warms up to you. She is going to be very shy for the first few months and will only talk to Emily, Kim and me. But she will like to be around all of you guys, especially Quil, Jacob, and Embry. She won't talk to you guys because I think she will be a little intimidated by how big you all are compared to her. She will know that you are all nice, but she will be really shy around all of you more than the rest of us normal people with normal height," answered Bella.

"Well that's good to know, but I hate to tell you this Bella, but you are not a person with normal height. You have got to be the smallest Quileute I have ever seen," I said to her and everyone laughed.

Bella glared at me and then had a calculating look on her face. She then got up, walked over to me, smiled and then punched me in the arm.

"Fuck that hurt!" I yelled out rubbing my arm.

"That will teach you and everyone else about not making fun of my height," she said and then sat back down next to Paul.

"Bells, you just hit a wolf and gave him a bruise," said a shocked Collin.

"Well, you heard Grams, I would be as strong as a wolf," she said with a shrug.

"Remind me never to fuck with Bella," whispered Jake causing everyone to nod in agreement.

"Oh, you have seen nothing yet," smirked Brady.

"What are you talking about?" asked a curious Paul.

"Bells may be the most sweetest person ever to walk this earth, but when you piss her off she will take you down," said Collin.

"I know that you are all wondering what's the worst I could do. So I will tell you one thing I did. When I first started college, I had to stay in the dorms. My roommate was this really creepy looking girl with pale skin, gold eyes, and shadows under her eyes. Now, I know that I was young when I started college, but I looked older then my age. She looked like a freakin little boy, and she was eighteen. I swear, she was shorter then me. But any way, back to her creepiness, she kept trying to set me up with her brother. She kept saying that we were meant for each other, and that she could "see" us getting married in the future.

"I didn't buy it though, neither did her brother. He was a nice guy, but to pale and not enough muscle for me," said Bella as she squeezed Paul's bicep, causing Paul to smirk and flex.

"Anyway, after one particular evening where she tried to fix me up with Edward, her brother, I told her that if she didn't stop bugging me that I would punch her in the face and burn all her clothes. It didn't faze her, and she kept bugging. So, later that night, after she left with her boyfriend, who is totally cool, I grabbed her clothes and threw them out the window. When I got down to where they were, I got what was left, because girls were stealing them, and I threw them in a metal trash can and burned them.

"I stood there and watched them burn. After awhile, she came back and Edward and her boyfriend, Jasper. They all looked at me and then at the fire. Edward then asked me what was burning, and I answered 'Alice's clothes." All three of them stared at me in shock until Alice screeched about clothes and other stuff. She got up in my face and then I decked her one, and then another and another…"

We were all quiet, processing this. If my suspicions were correct, the three people she was talking about were Cullens.

"Bella, what was the last name of your roommate?" asked Sam.

"Cullen, why? Oh, wait, wasn't the doctor watching my grandmother Dr. Cullen? Do you think that they are related?" she asked.

"Bella, you know all of the legends of our tribe, even the ones about the cold ones and the ones about the yellow eyes?" asked Jacob.

"Yeah, I know all of them. Why?" she asked confused.

"Bells, the Cullens are the cold ones, better known as vampires. They are the yellow eyes that our people made the treaty with," said Collin.

She looked deep in thought for a second and then her eyes went huge.

"I beat the shit out of a vampire!" she exclaimed, "It also took two vampires to pull me away from her."

We all looked at her in shock; Paul was looking at her with lust, lucky bastard.

"Bella what happened to them after that happened?" asked Embry.

"They left the school, but I still keep in contact with Jasper and Edward. Even though Alice was a crazy bitch, they were cool to talk to," she said.


I had the coolest imprint ever. She could kick a vampire's ass and walk away on scathed. Bella has got to be the sexiest woman ever.

"Bella, when was the last time you talked to them?" asked Sam.

"Yesterday, I told them I was moving here. They said they would see if we could meet up somewhere because they live in Forks with their family. Jasper and Alice are having some problems right now and Jasper wants to talk to some one about it that isn't family," she said.

I was getting angry; she can't be serious about still wanting to go see them. They could hurt her. Apparently I wasn't the only one getting angry because all the wolves were shaking.

"Oh stop it. You can all get mad if you want, but it won't stop me from going to see them. They are still my friends and guess what you can't control me. I am my own person and-"

Bella stopped speaking and her face looked dazed. She was scaring me.

"Bella, what's wrong sweetheart? You're scaring me and everyone else. What's happening, baby?" I ask her as I take her face into my hands.

About five minutes later she snaps out of it and looks at Leah with big shocked eyes.

"You finally let go," was what Bella said.

Leah first looked confused, but then something seemed to click and she nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah, I figured that I needed to let it go so I could be happy," Leah said softly, while looking at the ground.

"Leah, I just had a vision of your imprint?" whispered out Bella.

Leah's head snapped up and she just stared at Bella with tears swimming in her eyes.

"It's not going to be an easy road Leah," Bella said, "your imprint won't be human."

"What? You mean he will be a shifter also," asked Leah.

"No, your imprint will be vampire."

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