Hello, I'm figleaf. Although this is not my first Gorillaz fanfic, it is the first one I have chosen to publish. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Gorillaz don't belong to me, but to Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn and their respected parties. Special thanks to Cass for being an awesome source of inspiration for most of the speech in the story ;)

It was a cold evening on the island when the small gray sub docked on shore. The loud scraping of metal could be heard as the hatch on top was forcefully pushed open and a rather thin, greenish hand suddenly popped out, grasping the edge of the rusty, metallic entrance, the other hand joining its companion in lifting a man out of the shark shaped vessel.

The man's thick irritated grunts could be heard as he pulled his body weight out of the sub, his Cuban heeled boots making a heavy clank as he leaped onto the deck. He adjusted the gray skull and crossbones cap, carrying the same look of defeat on his face he had every night he'd done this. A tall, lanky, blue-haired man peeked up from the hatch and watched as the older man slowly started making his way towards the pale pink plastic structure, his face forming into a grimace as he walked.

"Umm, Mu-Murdoc..." The young blue haired singer began, his voice quavering slightly. The bass player stopped, keeping his eyes on the ground as the singer continued.

"I'm sorry..." was all he could quietly say to the bassist, whose back was still turned from him. The singer felt a rush of guilt when looking at him, even though he had done nothing to cause it. Murdoc turned his head slightly toward the younger lad but didn't meet his hollow black eyes.

"S'olright, face-ache. We'll try again tomorrow," he halfheartedly smiled, but the smile quickly faded.

"She's still alive, for now at least."

There was something about the man's words that caused 2D to shiver.

It was only days ago that the Satanist saw the footage. A young girl wearing stripped stockings in a white and red dress donning a cat mask appeared on what looked to be like a cruise ship. The video hit the news sites by storm, and soon, everyone was talking about the girl in the mask.

He blinked at the screen wondering who this was, a young lass about his guitarist's age, but slightly taller, hair just a tinge darker than hers, but much more aggressive looking than he remembered her.

Murdoc attentively watched as she was fired upon by strangely familiar jets causing the entire ocean liner to explode, but not before she took out a pirate jet or two herself with a Tommy gun.

"Shit, that lovely bird's a tough, pretty 'lil thing, innit she," he admitted, keeping his eyes glued to the screen.

As the ocean liner began sinking into the depths of the sea, she suddenly popped up from behind the life boat, gasping for air. The mask had risen up revealing her face finally for a brief few seconds.

"Noodle? NOODLE?" Murdoc nearly fell out of his chair.

"Oh my fucking god, that's her isn't it?" he shrieked, not noticing how hysterical he was acting.

"THAT'S HER! She's alive! And..er...she's armed. But she's ALIVE! NOODLE!"

It was really her, his precious Japanese guitar prodigy had returned at long last! She could finally join up with him and 2D, as well as Russel, who apparently was in the footage too, and they could be the true Gorillaz band once again.

Okay, keep calm, he told himself. His heart raced like crazy and his cheeks were slightly red from the earlier emotional outburst. The bassist took a big swig of rum and tried to light up a fag, which was a difficult task to do with trembling hands.

So many questions raced through his mind. "Where's this footage from? Where's that boat? I need to..." he trailed off. I'll figure it out in my sub, he concluded. Must get Noodle...

He gathered up 2D and Noodle's Cyborg replica to go search for any sign of her.

"Don't worry, Noodle," he mumbled while looking through the submarine periscope, "Some form of help is on the way."

The precious minutes however turned into hours, then into days, with no sign of her or the giant behemoth drummer she rode. His once high spirits were starting to dwindle as each day ended with the same results: defeat.

He felt an ache in his chest, but he was relentless. 2D even started to worry about his wellbeing. He wanted to see Noodle badly too but it looked as though Murdoc was taking the empty handed days harder than he was.

2D fully crept out of the sub, extending a hand to the cybernetic female still remaining below. She firmly clasped his hand which was cold to the touch, and he pulled her out. Her other hand tightly squeezed an octopus-like creature, to which 2D made a disapproving face at, but he pulled her out onto the deck nonetheless, octopus and all.

She did not smile, nor thank him but instead put her attention on the squirming sea creature in her left hand. It looked up at her almost as if it were pleading for its life. Her cold, calculating eyes looked down on it for only a few moments before raising it into the air. Ignoring its pleas and cries of pain as she held her tight grasp on it, she swung the squirming tentacled creature far out into the open sea, and 2D watched in horror as it turned into a little speck in the distance before making an almost unnoticeable splash. He shivered again.

She turned to face the island, showing no signs of remorse on her face. Actually, there were no signs of any emotion really, the singer noted, which scared the wits out of him.

He suddenly snapped out of the trance the incident left him in and quickly realized he was still clutching her mechanical hand which he hastily released. The singer cautiously walked with her towards the front entrance. Murdoc had already long ago disappeared into the lift, missing the disturbingly horrid octopus scene.

The lift made a ping as the doors opened revealing a hallway leading to his room. Though the corridor was dank and musky with the smells of seawater, rotting fish, and stale cigarettes, an eerily calm melody echoed throughout the pathway, putting his mind at ease for the time being.

Murdoc carelessly stepped over the random pieces of junk littering the ground, items that had washed ashore that he thought he might have a use for some time.

He placed his weary hands on the metal helm of the door and turned it, entering his surprisingly tidy room.

Well, it was about as tidy as you could get with Murdoc Niccals, anyway.

By this time the sun had already set, Cyborg had taken 2D back to his underwater chamber with the whale keeping close watch of him despite the azure-haired singer's usual protests.

Murdoc was thinking of calling it a day with a nice hot shower. Although he was pretty very well known for his terrible hygiene habits in the past, the bassist felt a need to wash off the salty grime he could feel covering his sickly green skin every time he left that god-awful plastic structure he built.

He showered and threw on a white vest and shorts. Walking up to the window, he gazed out at the sea, heavily sighing when he saw that it had remained the same as it had always been. No signs of life were to be seen in the distance. As the seagull perched outside put it, "nobody comes, nobody goes."

Picking up a dark brown bottle with a yellow label and strange text he couldn't read from his mini fridge, he bit the cap off with his sharp, jagged teeth and spat the bottle cap out onto the dull gray carpet, taking a long swig of its intoxicatingly foamy contents.

He returned back to the window and watched as a sliver of the moon began to rise above, joining the flickering stars that had begun to appear.

The bassist looked down at the bottle in his hand after taking another drink. His mismatched eyes stared at the Asian symbols and the sudden image of red paper lanterns spruced up in his mind.

He pictured the sliding rice paper doors, adorned with faint bamboo images and the warm soft glow of the room. He chuckled a little when he imagined her crawling into her comically large bed from the floor, despite her diminutive size.

He remembered her scent. How could he forget? It was a light cherry blossom scent, mixed with a little bit honeysuckle and just a hint of... soy sauce?

A smile crept onto his aged lips as he recalled her reaction to the Les Paul he gave her on her birthday. She had planted a kiss on his cheek that day and held onto that guitar a whole week without setting it down, constantly calling him into her room to play him a new riff she learned, or a new melody she thought he would like.

He would sit down on the floor with her and just listen to her play for hours, sometime bringing his own bass so he could join in. They talked about anything and everything that came in their minds. One time, he recalled, she fell asleep on his lap when they were talking about the frogs she found living a hole down by the bunker...


...The bunker.

Her distress call suddenly played in his mind. Her haunting voice had echoed throughout the carpark, reaching him just as he was about to enter his Winnebago. He rushed to where the source of the voice was only to discover it coming out of the old radio in the Brian Room.

She warned of a terrible danger lurking in the bowels of Kong, their former home, and she told of demons seeking his soul. Her poorly recepted voice pleaded for them to run from Kong before it was too late.

The Satanist only managed to get one question through to her, asking her where she was. There was a long silence before the young girl's trembling voice answered.

She was in Hell. The signal cut off after that.

Murdoc's stomach churned. He hated thinking about the next part, but the cursed imagery defied his wishes anyway appearing in his brain.

Flashbacks of sputtering lava geysers and lakes of fire overcame his thoughts. Filthy little demons with glowing crimson eyes challenged him along the way, but he fought them all off.

He stayed for months searching for her, growing tired, weary, and sickly. His skin changed hue, his body became malnourished, and his mind grew more and more unstable with each passing day.

He then saw the quivering frame of a young girl. Her deep purple fringe covered her eyes, strands of hair sticking to her face. She looked a bit damaged, physically and mentally, but unscathed. She said nothing as he scooped her up and headed toward the exit.

Oddly enough there were no other demons in sight. He should have taken this very important fact into account, but being in the mental state he was in he didn't realize he had been tricked.

The Satanist climbed out of the hellhole with the girl in his arms and collapsed onto the ground. His tired eyes grew wide as she stood up and a malicious grin formed across her face, letting out a screeching ear-piercing cackle and transforming into a demon.

"NOW THAT YOU ARE OUT, YOU CANNOT RETURN!" the hideous leathery skinned creature bellowed.


A look of horror, then smugness appeared on his bruised bony face. "You just picked the wrong time ta start a fight with Murdoc Faust Niccals," he spat back in disgust.

The demon barred its teeth as its large hand swiped for him but he dodged it. He hurled whatever he could find around him at the demon, but it did nothing, so he lunged for it, biting and tearing at its flesh with his claws and teeth.

Grabbing at the inverted cross around his neck, he held it high in the air and stabbed the long end into its chest causing venomous black blood to ooze out. The Satanist pulled out the cross and the creature fell backwards into the hellhole.

He looked down into the pit and was shocked to see lava slowly rising to the top.

Now he really couldn't go back.

There was no way he could reach her.


He snapped out of the nightmare and realized he had drunk all 6 bottles of beer. In a heated rage he threw the empty bottle against the wall and it shattered leaving bits of broken glass, each little piece glimmering against the moonlight.

The bassist swung his arms wildly at the hats on his bed till they were scattered all across the floor.

None of this was right. It was all an illusion he created, everything. The island, the false sense of paradise, the cyborg, the band.

There was no heart left in Gorillaz. He had cast it away with the floating island.

This place had become a prison, just like the Feel Good Inc. tower.

And Noodle was once again the dream of freedom.

Only this time, she was coming to him.