Chapter 1

Chloe stretched out across the backseat of the impala and tried to find a comfortable way to lay as Dean drove down the dark road. They were half way to California to help a friend. All she knew about this friend was, she was a vampire slayer named Bailee. The brothers met Bailee a few months before they went to Vegas and met Chloe. Now, Bailee was having a demon problem and asked for help, so off to California they go. Chloe had never been to California, but always wanted to go. She just wasn't to sure about this Bailee girl. "What does she look like? What is she like?" She thought to herself. Chloe have never even heard of a slayer, but the brothers filled her in on what a slayer is. Supposedly,slayers are really strong and great fighters. "Guess we will see," Chloe thought to herself. Chloe sighed and sat up, she looked up front and noticed Sam had his head leaned against the window, sleeping.

She placed a hand on Dean's shoulder then whispered,"hey"

"Hey baby, i thought you would be asleep by now." He said.

She sighed again,"I tried, but i can't get comfortable. Do you think we can get a room and sleep for a few hours?"

"I was planning on driving through the night, so we get there quicker."

"Please," She begged,"I'm so tired and just want to sleep."

He sighed,"fine, I'll stop at the next town."

"Thank you so much." She said happily then kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled,"you owe me."

She laughed,"whatever baby."

Around 10 minutes later, Dean pulled into a small town and stopped at the first hotel he saw. After getting them a room, he pulled the car in front of their room.

Dean punched Sam's shoulder,"wake up man."

Sam opened his eyes and looked around,"what's going on?"

"We're stopping for the night." Dean said.

They all got out of the car, Chloe grabbed the hotel key out of Dean's hand and walked to the door. She unlocked the door and walked in, leaving the brothers outside.

"No, that's fine. We don't need your help, you can go in." Dean yelled sarcastically at her.

Sam laughed as he grabbed his bag out of the trunk, Dean rolled his eyes then grabbed his and Chloe's bag. The brothers walked into the room and found Chloe in one of the two beds, already asleep.

Dean smiled as he set their bags down on the floor, he grabbed some clothes to sleep in then quickly changed while Sam was in the bathroom changing. Once done, he pulled the blankets back and laid down beside Chloe. He threw his arm around her and cuddled up to her. Sam walked out of the bathroom and climbed into the other bed, alone. He reached over and turned the lamp off, causing the room to go pitch black. Sam laid back on the bed and closed his eyes. Within minutes, all three were fast asleep.

The next day, Chloe woke up by herself. She looked over at the other bed and saw Sam watching tv, but she didn't see Dean anywhere.

"Where's Dean?" She asked Sam as she sat up in bed.

"Gone to get some food. I think he is getting some burgers and fries." Sam said, never looking away from the tv.

Chloe stomach turned at the thought of all that fried food, she placed a hand over her mouth then quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

"Chloe? Are you ok?" Sam yelled, all he heard was her throwing up.

"Gross." He mumbled as he turned the volume up.

A few minutes later,Chloe walked out of the bathroom and sighed as she sat on the edge of Sam's bed.

Sam turned the tv off and looked at her,"Hey, are you ok?"

"I don't know." She mumbled before looking at him,"Sam, I'm late."

"Late? As in..."

"Yeah." she whispered.

"So, are you pregnant?"

"I don't know,I haven't taken a test. I haven't even told Dean yet. I don't know how he will react."

"I'm sure he'll be thrilled."

"Really?" She asked him looking hopeful.

He nodded his head,"Yes, really."

She looked at him and smiled,"Thanks, Sammy."

"No problem Lo, when Dean gets back I'll get you a test so you'll know."

Dean opened the door,carrying a bag of fast food and saw them jump,"Yeah, that's not suspicious at all."

"I've got to go get something." Sam said and headed for the door, before he walked out he winked at Chloe.

"Don't tell me your still mad about what happened at the B&B?" Chloe asked him as she stood up.

"Oh you mean when my brother professed his love for my wife? Why would i be mad about that?" He asked bitterly

"Come on, that wasn't him. It was the ghost, professing his love, not Sam. Plus i thought you were over that."

"Whatever." Dean mumbled as he sat the bag of food down on the table.

"Dean, listen to me. Your my husband, you are the one that i love. Sam is like a brother to me and he sees me like a sister. We just talk, that's it."

"Talk about what? Like just now, what were you two talking about?" He asked.

She opened her mouth then closed it when no words came out.

"Yeah, that makes me feel so much better." He said as he went to walk away.

She grabbed his arm,"Wait, Dean, it's not like that. It's not anything you're probably thinking, i just don't know how to say it. It's pretty terrifying."

"What is it?" He asked worried.

She took a deep breath,"I'm late."

"Late for what?"

She rolled her eyes,"Late, you know late, my girly thing is late."


"And I've been feeling really tired lately."


"And i just had to rush to the bathroom and throw up."She said waiting for him to catch on.

"Ok." He said,"OH...late...tired...sick...are you? are you pregnant?"

"I don't know, i haven't taken a test. That is where Sam is going, to get one."

"Why was that terrifying to tell me?"

"Cause we haven't talked about the whole baby thing before. I didn't know where your head was at."

"Well. on one hand I'm pretty excited, i mean a baby? That awesome, but on the other hand..."

"This isn't the life for a baby." She finished for him,"Yeah, that's what i have been thinking too."

He walked up close to her and wrapped his arms around her waist,"If we are pregnant, don't worry. We will make it work, ok?"

"Ok." She said quietly as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He lightly kissed her then smiled,"A baby huh? That's really great."

"Well, we don't know for sure yet. It could just be a false alarm."

"Where the hell is Sammy with that test." Dean asked.

She laughed,"Calm down, he will be back soon."

A few minutes later Sam walked back into the hotel room with a small brown paper bag.

He handed it to Chloe,"Here is that thing you wanted."

"It's ok Sam, i told him."

"Good," Sam turned to look at Dean and smiled,"How awesome is this, a baby? You two could be having a baby."

Chloe held up the bag,"Well, guess its time to find out."

Dean gave her a quick kiss before she walked into the bathroom. A few seconds later she walked out and took a quick step back when both boys were standing in front of the door.

"Geez guys, you scared me."

"Well?" They both asked with eager smiles on their faces.

She laughed,"We won't know yet, it takes a few minutes."

"I'll go wait outside, give you two some privacy." Sam said before walking out of the door.

Once he was gone Chloe turned to Dean,"So, this is it? You ready to find out?"

" mean, yes. I just don't know how to feel if your not. I didn't think i wanted a baby till you told me, you might be pregnant."

"I know what you mean" She said with a huge smile.

He kissed her then rested his forehead against hers,"Is it time?" He whispered.

She looked at his watch,"Yeah, it's time."

He kissed her again before smiling,"Ok, I'm ready. Go look."

She took a deep breath,"Ok, here goes."

She slowly walked into the bathroom and looked at the test stick. She walked out of the bathroom hiding it against her chest and looked at Dean.

"What does it say?" He asked.

With tears in her eyes, she turned it around so he could see the big plus sign.

"Your...your preg...we're going to have a baby?" He stuttered.

She nodded and with tears falling down her smiling face. He rushed over to her and wrapped his arms around her, swinging her around the room. He sat her back down on the ground and kissed her passionately.

"I can't believe. We're going to have a baby. A baby." He yelled.

Sam rushed in the room when he heard all the noise,"Well?"

"I'm pregnant." She yelled with excitement.

Sam ran across the room to hug them both,"This is so great, I'm going to be a uncle."

"We need to celebrate." Dean said.

"I thought we needed to get to California." Chloe said.

"We can celebrate when we get there." Sam said

"Yeah, that's a...plan." Dean said.

"Alright, you two eat and I'll go take a shower. Then we'll hit the road." Chloe said as she grabbed some clean clothes and walked into the bathroom.

Sam looked at his brother,"Bailee doesn't know you got married does she?"

Dean sighed,"no, everything happened so fast i haven't had time to talk to her."

"And Chloe doesn't know about your fling with Bailee?"

Dean sighed again,"no."

"I'm glad I'm not you." Sam said laughing as he walked over to the table to eat his lunch.

"Yeah, i wish i wasn't me right now." Dean mumbled to himself.

Later on that night, they arrived in Sunnydale. Dean drove through town then turned onto Autumn Lane and parked in front of Bailee's house. They got out of the car then walked up to the front door. Dean knocked on the door then took a small step back. Sam stood beside him and Chloe stood behind the brothers. Bailee opened the door with a huge grin.

"Hey guys." She yelled as she threw herself into Dean's arms.

Dean hugged her back,"Hey Bailee."

She lightly stroked his cheek,"I have missed you so much."

Chloe rolled her eyes, already not liking this girl.

"I see you dyed your hair." Dean mumbled, changing the subject.

She ran her hands through her red hair,"yeah, brown is so boring."

Chloe looked down at her brown hair,"maybe i should change my hair." She thought to herself.

Sam cleared his throat, feeling a little uncomfortable.

Bailee looked over at him,"Sam, it's good to see you too."

"You too Bailee." Sam said.

"Well, come on in you guys." She said as she held the door open.

The boys walked in, Chloe went to take a step inside when the door slammed in her face.

"Ouch." She whispered before knocking on the door.

Bailee opened the door and looked at Chloe with a confused look on her face,"who the hell are you?"

a/n-Alright here is the first chapter of my new story. If you are not familiar with my character Bailee, then you can read my first story "Under a Harvest Moon." But, if you don't want to read it all you really need to know is, the brothers went to Sunnydale. While there they met Bailee and her watcher Grayson. The brothers helped her stop a harvest, which was a bunch of vamps trying to get their master out of hell. While helping Baliee and Dean had a little fling, then when they stopped the harvest the brothers left town. That is the short version of it lol Anyways hope you enjoyed it and hope you will review :)