Title: The Matchmakers

Author: jacquelin825

Rating: T for language

Pairing: Stefan/Caroline (main), Damon/Elena (and hints of Bonnie/Jeremy)

Summary: Elena is on a mission to help her two best friends, and she brings along an indifferent Damon to help her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Diaries. But as soon as it goes on sale I will be first in line to buy Paul ;D

CH 1. The Plan

They were cuddled up on the couch. Elena was reading book while Damon absentmindedly played with her hair. Every time she began to laugh Elena would proceed to tell Damon exactly why it was so funny. In her attempt in telling him about the story she would just end up giggling and gasping for air. Damon couldn't understand the words she was saying. It was adorable and he would start laughing as well.

They had been together for seven months now. The first four had been awkward and tension filled. Damon and Stefan still shared the same house and each day Elena worried if one of them had killed the other.

Stefan was cold and distant from her and Damon. She would only see him talking to Caroline, but finally three months ago Stefan had come around to their relationship. He even came to Elena and apologized for his "unbecoming" behavior. And with his apology came Stefan's blessing. He just wanted Elena to be happy and even though he would never admit this to Damon, he wanted to see his brother happy as well.

Now with three days left till school began again the cold and distant Stefan had emerged again.

"Hello, Brother" Damon said. Elena looked up from her book to see Stefan at the front door. Trying to make it out of the house undetected.

"I am going out…hunting. Should be back soon" Stefan muttered and made another motion to leave, "Hey" Elena practically shouted and Stefan stopped himself from walking out the front door.

"We should meet up at the Grill later. I'll call Bonnie and Jer. They can meet us. What do you think?" Elena pleaded. Hoping the desperate tone she was using would make Stefan say yes.

"I don't know" Stefan said coldly, "I'll think about it" He walked out the door not looking back to see Elena's hurt expression.

Damon could sense the hurt, "Don't worry about it Elena. Stefan has had an eternal bug up his ass these last 150 years"

Elena pushed herself up off the couch with a frustrated sigh, "Don't you want to know what is going on with your brother?"

"So Stefan is being broody yet again" He rolled his eyes "What else is new?"

"It's more than that. Something is eating at him, I can tell. And it's not us" Elena motioned to the two of them. "He has gotten over that and I don't see him changing his mind"

"Maybe it's Caroline" Damon mumbled to himself. "Isn't she coming back soon?"

"Caroline? What are you talking about?"

Damon remembered that Elena had no clue what he was talking about. In fact he was sworn to secrecy by none other than blondie herself .

"Oh for fuck sakes" Damon decided to stand up as well "You are not going to let this go, are you?"

"What do you think?" Elena said with a smirk

"Okay. Fine. Whatever, Stefan and Blondie…"

"Caroline" Elena interrupted "Her name is Caroline"

"Stefan and Caroline…" He corrected "…had gotten into a fight the day before she left town to visit her dad"

Elena just stood there confused looking at Damon. They were friends. Such amazing friends ever since the news about her and Damon broke out. Caroline was the only person Stefan could confide in. Caroline made it clear that she wasn't going to take sides, but asked Elena to not put her in the middle. She wanted to be there for Stefan. Elena understood.

"She left the next day" Damon finished.

"That's the day Stefan apologized to me"

Damon just smirked, "Well look at you Nancy Drew"

Now it was Elena's turn to roll her eyes "Come on! Whatever is going on between the two of them it must be eating them up. So much so that Caroline left town and Stefan….for lack of a better word…is being an ass again"

Damon couldn't help the laugh that escaped his lips.

"Caroline is coming back tomorrow. We can talk to them"

"We?" Damon questioned "There is no we" Damon leaned in and gives Elena a kiss on the cheek. "But I wish you luck"

"Damon Salvatore. You are going to help me"

"Are you trying to compel me?" Damon laughed again

"No. I am just stating fact. You love your brother, and you love me"

"Oh really, is that a fact" Damon stepped closer removing most of the space held between them.

Elena's breath hitched. It still amazed her that his eyes could still hold so much power over her body's reactions. "Yes" Elena's voice came out more raspy that she wanted it too.

"Fine" Damon says, followed by kissing her ever so gently on her other cheek "Sounds like a plan"

Elena pulled him into a hug. "Yes it does"

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