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Author's Note: I thought I would focus one on Jet - I imagine there were at least a few women who would fall for a man so rugged and manly and simultaneously romantic. Words of the week were or and would. This is 200 words on the dot. I hope you guys enjoy it - and if you do, feel free to drop a line. Reviews are always loved and appreciated.

Bebop Weekly

Or and Would

Jet's pushing a trolley through the shop, ignoring all the looks. Mistakenly thinking they were due to his arms, he never noticed that the looks were admiring. (There's something about a rugged, handsome man, marked from battles, looking so sad, women thought, some sighing out loud.)

He stopped in front of vegetables – should he get cabbages or bak choy? He's always partial to bak choy but since they were having bell peppers with beef, sans beef again, it might be nice to choose something different to the usual bak choy that he gets. Or should he stick with something he knows he loves? On a whim, he grabbed some cabbages and moved on. Frowning, he pondered its importance anyway, causing more sighs to escape smitten women and one smitten man.

"Want a normal plastic bag or a lifelong one?" He looked up at the cashier – hazel eyes, ginger hair and an inviting smile.

"Normal," he replied gruffly and as he picked up his shopping, he's handed the receipt.

"It's got my number. Call me."

He looks back at her as he's leaving, thinking about how his past is now firmly in the past. Would he call her? Maybe he would.