"For Love and Loyalty"

Pairing: Sesshomaru/ Rin


Time: Modern Day


I sat there, feeling helpless for my cousin as she absorbed the dreaded news that her mother had just told her.

An arranged marriage. An arranged marriage! The words kept flowing through my mind as I stared at my cousin in shock.

Kagome just sat there, silent tears flowed down her face. I knew that she would not go against her mother's wishes. If it would help the family, then Kagome was surely to comply; even though I knew that her heart belonged to someone else.

"...And who is the person that I'm marrying Mama?" Kagome whispered.

" Kagome please understand, and don't be judgmental, because I believe..."

"Please Mama, just tell me who it is?" Kagome looked completely devastated, I don't know if there was anything else that could be worse than this.

"...Sesshomaru Taisho."

Apparently, I spoke too soon. That name just made everything extremely worse. Kagome just froze, she looked as still as statue. No emotions showed on her face, she didn't even blink for almost a minute. Then her world came crashing down. She sobbed, while all I could do was hug her and murmur words of comfort. I looked over at my Aunt, she too was silently crying. Sota was trying very hard not to cry, instead he was also trying to comfort Kagome.

"...But wh..why me ...Mama? I..I mean why ...US? And not some wealthy...Demoness? I..I don't understand?" Kagome struggled to get the words out.

My Aunt cleared her throat as all three of us waited for the question we all wanted answered.

" As all of you know, this shrine and land is our home. With it your grandfather and I were able to provide shelter, the best clothes and education for you. I was even able to provide and take in Rin when that tragic event occurred!"

That day still hurts whenever someone mentions it. However, I always recover by trying to think of the good memories that I have of my parents, even though there are very few. I continue to hold Kagome as she slowly began to recover while my Aunt continued.

"What your grandfather and I didn't tell you is that we also own, the surrounding land that borders the shrine. Together its almost about three acres."

"That's a good thing, right?" I didn't realize I had said that out loud.

"Yes, that would be a good thing." My Aunt just turned to look at me and smiled sadly, "If we didn't owe so much to be able to keep it-" she trailed off. "Let me explain from the beginning, about eight or nine years ago, I was approached by one of Lord Taisho employees. They wanted to buy the land from us because they wanted to expand their business empire. I refused countless times because the money they were offering wasn't enough for everything you needed.

"So as their response, they kept increasing the debt that we owed. They always managed to find someway to increase it, until finally I gave up. I managed to find a way to talk to Lord Taisho, begged him to take the deal he originally offered; to take the land and just give us something to live on."

"What happened Mama?" Kagome whispered.

" Instead he asked about my family, ours lives, and in the end he wished to meet you. I don't know if you remember that Christmas party we attended, you were all so young."

I vaguely remember that day. I was nine at the time, while I was still adjusting to the fact that my parents were gone, I had to move forward. I also remember speaking with this huge man with long silver hair. He kept smiling and laughing at all of my ideas and theories every time he ask me a question.

"After that day, he asked me to meet with him. He told me that I was so lucky to have such a loving family. That he knew how much our home meant to us and its history. He said that he had never seen such inspiration and determination from children, let alone from humans."

My Aunt paused and I had a feeling that we finally reached the climax of this story.

"He told me that he had come up with a contract. That he would let us keep our home but also give my children the essentials to succeed financially. In return he asked that we be part of the family... His family through an arranged marriage. That it would be good for the both of us; our family is respected among humans and it would be good politically for him. That was the only option." My Aunt looked so devastated, so lost. I could only imagine how she felt back then. "I'm soo sorry, I was trying to do what was best for you, I never thought.."

"INUYASHA! Why don't I just marry Inuyasha instead? It would still be fulfilling the contract, woul- wouldn't it?"

There was so much hope in my cousin's face, so much hope that she wouldn't have to give up her love in order to fulfill her mother's request.

But, my Aunt's face said it all. "No, honey, I- I'm sorry. I have tried to convince Lord Taisho of that arrangement. He told me that even though Inuyasha is his son, he will not be the head of the family. And once Lord Sesshomaru takes his place and married he will have control of our contract. Which means our home will be in his hands and he can choose to take everything from us if he wished."

Kagome collapsed on my shoulder and began to silently cry again. As I began to processes everything she had said, I felt so sorry for my cousin. She had so many hopes and dreams of what it would be like to finally be able to be with Inuyasha. They had declared their love and promise almost three years ago. Inuyasha wanted to be highly established and respected within the family business in order to bring Kagome in without any obstacles. Now it seemed like it was doomed. There had to be a loophole, someway to help Kagome.

One thing was for sure, from what I knew about Lord Sesshomaru, Kagome was in trouble. When he becomes head of the family, he will not hesitate to throw us all on the street. He will be in pursuit of gaining more power both financially and personally for himself and Taisho ENT if the contract wasn't followed.

I just hope we can find a way around this situation.

A|N: I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to my new beta RozTheGreat! She worked her lovely beta magic!

Also, if some scenes seem familiar its because this is loosely based on Georgette Heyer's The Convenient Marriage. I say loosely, the plot is my own! Enjoy!