Author's Note:

SO I know this isn't what you wanted...a lame author's note. =( But I feel like I owe it to my readers to at least give an explanation for this long hiatus. As I last left you, my divorce was initialized and whatever else went along with that I had to deal with until it was finalized last summer. I was living in Texas and moved back to my home town with my three kids to Orange County, California to be with my mom and brothers and the rest of my family. My ex decided to move back here as well and make my life hell by continuing to fight in court over custody of our children - so that's been a whole year and a half of wasted money on lawyers and bullshit I've had to deal with. The good news is I still have custody of my children and whatever he does or say to the courts won't change that. It's just been a nuisance that he won't leave me the hell alone and let me live my happier life. I don't want to go into every little detail but my life has been consumed with trying to protect my children and myself. Also, as a single mom I've had to take up two jobs at times so that's preoccupied my spare time, if any. So in a compact summary, that's been my life this past year and half (and still continues), thus being the reason why I haven't update. =/ Those of you that have me as a friend on Facebook know all this, of course! =] I just lost my interest in the whole Twilight Fandom quiet frankly, I don't know if it'll ever come back as strongly as it was when I first discovered it, to be honest. I did have an urge to come back this past week and re-read the reviews you all had left me and have actually been reading my own story lol and I tell myself, "I actually wrote this? It's so good!" haha! I have a few future chapters partially written, bits and pieces of different scenes that had come to mind and wrote down last year before I lost them. I just need to finish and piece them all together. I'll have more free time now (I hope) and going over all this makes me want to start writing again but where to start and remember exactly where I wanted this story to go may be a challenge since I had to push all this fanfic stuff to the back of my mind with the real life issues going on. I can't promise when there will be an update, but hopefully I can get the creative juices flowing with ideas and put them down on paper. I appreciate you all and even some that still ask me for updates. =D


- RS54