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#1 – Habits

Rin has some habits that Len will never understand... but can take advantage of.

Rin sighed, feeling the cool air hit her body like a breeze of wind...

Okay, who am I kidding. Yeah, no. That first sentence was just my imagination.

What? It doesn't sound wrong! ..

Does it.. ?

Urgh! Whatever. All I hear now is the shower running and the stupid comments my brain makes.

See? Like that one. It's so stupid it just called itself stupid.

And again.

… And again.

Uh.. anyways. I also hear my stomach growling...

Oh yeah, I haven't ate yet. Ah, mind as well grab a banana from the kitchen, which is like, two feet away from me.

I got up and walked to the kitchen, grabbing a banana like my brain had told me too.


Who the hell am I talking to?

Whatever. Doesn't matter, I guess. Probably just my brain being stupid again.

Anyways, I -


"Len~" I heard her call out and I gulped.


"Where are you?"

I mentally face palmed, and answered back normally (whoa, how did I do that?), "Rin, I'm in the kitchen, which is...You're right in front of me." I looked up, and I groaned, quickly turning away. "Ugh! Rin! Why do you always-"

I heard the refrigerator door open and I closed my eyes in exasperation. I heard her jug down something, before letting out a huff of air with a "Haah!"

Now I heard footsteps. Coming. Closer. And closer.

To me.

Shit. She's doing it again. Apparently this is becoming her habit now.

Shit. Dude, she better not.

I swear, I- Ugh!

"Len~" I felt her body press against mine, and my face immediately reddened. I was glad my head was still turned. "Why don't you turn around and face me?"

AHAH. Now, okay, children. I know you're probably thinkin', "Wow, is Rin trying to seduce him or something," and I will have to say: Yes, yes she is.

But she does it purposely to annoy me since she knows I hate it.

... Well, kind of hate it.

Anyways, she does it everyday, and sometimes even at random times. It's her habit now. But I'm not getting used to it. Well, okay, I am. But I'm not used to seeing her... like that.

Like what, you ask?

Er, you know. That. When you just come out of the shower, and you come out of the bathroom...

with no towels...

and no clothes...

you know right, that?


Urgh! Fine, I'll say it!


You k-know...


There, are you happy now?

But since Rin is flat, I guess it's better. Since I won't have to suffer than if she had... uh. Anyways, so yeah, when I say flat, I mean, flat. I would know, I've seen many others.


Okay, I am not a player, or a man-whore, or what everything else Rin calls me. I don't use Miku, Meiko, Luka, Neru, and a bunch of others as my sex buddy, cause if I did, my God, gross as it sounds, Rin would already have lost her virginity.

By me.

Her brother.

Which is, not possible. Nuh-uh, never, nada, zip, zero, zip-pi-di-do-da.

Okay, that last one was unnecessary but, you get my point.

But, yeah, it sounds disgusting, like, me, her brother, fucking his own sister.

That's just... no.





I mean, uh, no.


I flinched, almost jolting her off me when – wow, I was so lost in my own thoughts, I didn't even notice that she was there hugging me the whole time – she spoke. "Leeeen~!"

"Agh, what?" I replied, jumping a little.

"Turn around, won't ya?"

"Ahahaha... how about no."

I bet you all my money she's smirking right now.

Sometimes, I wonder, I WONDER, take note of the wonder; if we ever were to do things that siblings should never do, who's going to be the top?

I mean, sure, obviously me. But Rin...

Scares me sometimes.

Like a lot.

A lot. A lot.

"Ahaha," she mocked my nervous laugh, "How about," she paused, and I jerked when she pulled me closer to her.

Uggggggggggh, shit shit shit shit shit, IhopeI'mnotgettingaboner, shit shit shit shit shit.

Fuck my life.

Just when I thought it wouldn't get worse, it did. I twitched when I felt her breath against my ear. She leaned in closer and whispered, "The opposite of no?"

I bet I got a boner right there and then. BUT ANYWAYS.

I gulped, before replying, "Ahahah," yes, I repeated my nervous laugh again. "Isn't the opposite of no, still no? Just so you know."

Yeeeeah, that rhymed.

… Not that I intended it to. It just... came.

Oh, whoops. That sounded kinda wrong. It just... came.


"Let me show you what the opposite of no is."

OH GOD. That scared me like shit!

Ugh, but before I could react or reply, I felt her warm hands grab my face and turn it around, making me face her.


She knows that's the part where I break out.

I growled – and I seriously don't know why I always do that – when I saw her bare skin against my clothes. That smooth skin that I've touched so many times... And I want to touch it now.

I shoved her roughly against the refrigerator.

Fine; if that was her habit, this was mine.

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