Chapter 1

I think my world just broke apart. My best friend...Mello... he was... I can't even think about it. It certainly explained a lot, yes, but then why was he so smart? And understandable? Well to me he was.

Roger saw my perplexed expression and explained further. "His sanity's functionable, but only when he has fits is when his insanity becomes uncontrollable. Do you remember last week?"

I nodded. Last week Mello's chocolate stash had been confiscated and he had a tantrum over it. Only when he had his chocolate back he seemed to calm down. I'm not talking about a little yelling and punching, I'm talking about screaming that could break glass and flailing limbs. Mello had also screamed something like 'Make it stop!' but none of us knew what he meant. That must've been his insanity screaming, not him. My attention went back to roger but words failed me. The only thing I could manage to say was "Wh-why are you telling us this, Roger?"

Roger shifted around in his desk. He glanced at the white boy sitting on the floor next to me. Near was doing a puzzle, looking distracted but I could tell he wanted to know as much as I did. "You two know Mello best. He'd handle the news better from you, Matt. Near, no offense, would only provoke him," Roger finished.

So that was it. I had to tell Mello he was slowly going insane. Mello wouldn't take that well... I bothered to ask, "What will happen when he snaps? He'd probably throw another tantrum..."

Roger answered without hesitation. "I have a room for him. Mello would have to stay there until he's calmed down and regained his senses."

So, basically, he's gonna lock Mello up in a room by himself until the insanity goes away. How wonderful is that? I think Roger is going about this the wrong way. "I think he'd calm down more if I saw him.. I know Mello better than everyone here, he knows that."

Near doesn't let Roger answer my question. Instead he finally speaks up, "How would you tell when Mello's about to snap? When something sets him off, right?" Roger nods, so Near continues with another question. "If Mello's insane then why is he here instead of a mad house? Put simply."

"Because," Roger says growing impatient, "Mello has some mental stability left that qualifies him to be L's successor. Now go, its almost past your curfew!"

I turned and walked away with near by my side. It was quiet between us for the most part. Near was probably taking in what Roger just informed us and thinking about how it would affect things now and later. Me? Well, I just wanted to tell him and get out alive.

"Mello is going insane..." Near mumbled.

"And I have to tell him..." I finished just as I got to my room. Well, the room I shared with Mello to be exact. If he was awake I'd tell him. If he was sleeping then I would wait until tomorrow to tell him. Either way, I had to.

Near walked away to his room and I opened the door quietly to mine. "Mello...?" I whispered. Sound travels everywhere here at Wammy's House.

Mello was crashed out on his bed with a book in his hands. I can't help but smile at this. Looks like he was trying to study and ended up falling asleep. I pull the book out of his hands and place it on the night stand next to his bed. Then I pull the covers around him and turn off the light so he could sleep without the light in his face.

Tomorrow... I have to tell him tomorrow...