Chapter 5

"...Matt? Is that you...? C'mon... Wake up..."

My eyes opened back to darkness and decided to close them again. What's the point if you still see the same thing? I turned over to my side, trying to get back to sleep. But there was a slight poking/prodding in my shoulder so I sighed and sat up. I was ready to say something to whoever woke me up, but when I saw it was Mello my face lit up. "Mello!"

"...Matt," Mello squinted at me, as if trying to confirm that I was really here for not. "It.. It is you, isn't it?"

I nodded slowly, and said to him, "Yeah its me. I'm here. You okay, Mels?"

Mello closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. "I... I don't know."

"Tell me what's wrong." As if I already didn't know what was going on. But maybe talking will make him feel better.

His eyes opened a little, glazed over looking hazy. "Near said... I was insane... That can't be true... I'm sane. R-right, Matt? But... these headaches."

"..." no response from me. Instead I change the subject, "You ate your chocolate?"

Mello nodded a little and still looked at me, expecting an answer. Shit, what do I tell him? I sigh and mutter, "Mello... Your slowly going insane. Yesterday, in class, when you attacked Near we thought you had snapped... lost it. Roger told Near and I the other day, and I wanted to tell you but... I never got the chance. I'm sorry..." I stopped when I saw Mello giving me the worst glare he could with those piercing blue eyes of his. "Um... Mello?"

"I knew it. Your one of them, Matt!"

"'One of them'?" I echoed. "Mels, what are you taking about?"

"You don't care about me!" Mello stood up and pointed at me, screaming lies. "That's why your making up this, this... This insanity excuse! That's- Aaarrruuuggghhh!" Mello broke off and clutched his head tightly, his breathing hissing through his teeth.

"Mello!" I gasped and jumped to my feet also. "Are you ok?"

But the blonde only swatted me away and continued yelling lies, "That's why I'm in here! So you, Near, and everyone can torment me! I'll never be number one!"

What is he thinking! ? "No! I'd never think that, You're my best friend. More than that to me!"

Mello glared at me, hurt and betrayal flashed through those piercing daggers. He's about to scream more lies when he grunts and drops to his knee's. Mello's pulling his hair and I can see little tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes from the pain he spoke up. An ear splitting scream escapes from his throat so I have to cover my ears. "Help me! Make it stooop! I'm gonna dieee!"

My feet take off to him and tackle him to the floor and I end up pinning him to the ground. He's hyperventilating and trying to free his hands from my grip. "Will you listen to me for a minute?" Mello glares at me a little but remains silent so I continue. "I don't hate you! I never could! I.. I..." My throat dries up so that I can't speak well.

"You what! ?" Mello demands fiercely.

I swallow my fear and refuse to let my face get red(sadly, it does). Gritting my teeth I close my eyes and say, "I love you, Mello."

"...huh?" Mello said, genuinely befuddled.

"I love you, damnit! I love how you eat your chocolate, how you do your hair, how dedicated you are to whatever you do, everything! And right now I want to know what insanity has done to the person I like! Why would I hate you if I love you? !"

Mello stammers at this, loss for words, "Y-You don't!" HE struggles against my grip on his wrist and moans, "Aaahhh.. Matt...!"


"Let go! My-My head is really hurting! These... damn headaches! Please, Matt!" Mello was practically begging.

I stared down at him, and felt something come over me. Some... possessive feeling. That I could whatever I want. Before I know it, I'm smirking and lowering myself so that I'm inches away from the blondes face. Mello turns his head away and closes his eyes tightly. "Matt, get off!"

Ignoring whatever he says, I scatter kisses all over his cheek since he's turned his head I can't reach his lips. I let go of one of his wrists and tilt his head back to face me. Mello's face is redder than mine, embarrassed. I lock my lips over his and run my free hand through his hair. Mello squirm around under me but I'm successful in holding him down, even though I kind of enjoyed how vulnerable he must have been feeling. When I break the kiss, I smirk and say to him, "Still don't believe me?"

Mello shakes his head and stammers, only making his face redder, "N-no.. I don't..."

"You leave me no choice," I give a mock sigh and move my free hand down to his pants. Slowly undid the top button then pulled the zipper down. No, don't take his pants off... I thought. Maybe something else... My hand moves to the hem of his shirt and then pull it over his head. Only then is when he calls out, "Matt!"

"Are you sure you don't believe me?" I asked him.

Mello's expression is pained for a minute, then he relaxes after a minute. His eyes open a little, no longer hazy and foggy. It looked like he could think clearer. The blue eyes dart around looking at the situation then at himself. Then his gaze moves up to me. With his free hand he wraps it around my neck and tells me, "No.. I don't." He smirks at this and continues, "I think I'm gonna need some persuading, Matt..."

I understand. And yet, I'm as confused as ever. "...Who are you and what have you done to my best friend?" I say, as befuddled as ever.

Mello and I stare into each other eyes for a minute, silently debating what to do now. His hand moves through my hair and I tense up at his touch. His hands felt cold but after a second I relaxed. The blonde says quietly, "My headache is gone."

"I smile and ask him, "What about... You know... the insanity?"

Mello could care less. He smirks and pulls me closer to himself. "Who the hell cares, lets have some fun."


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